Im really confused about things!

  • I was told by a "medium" that i had a astral period of good fortune coming to me starting today but in order for them to tell me anything i have to pay a small price. now im confused because they keep sending me urgent messages stating that i need to act now and that they know im going thru financial struggles.....okay so if they know that why not help me out until i can get the good fortune they promising me i will recieve. i just want to know if anything good will happen for me as she has said in regards to finances and love.....will i have something worth being happy about....another thing i was told was that i had a negative entity surrounding that true.....wht are these gifts that i have that i feel can and should be used for good? 8-20-1982 16:18pm richmond,va

  • You have no astral period of good fortune coming to you starting today.

    If they know that why not help you out until you can get the good fortune they promising you you will recieve? They pretend to be traditional feeing restricted by that.

    Nothing good will happen for you as she has said in regards to finances and love.

    will you have something worth being happy about? No.

    another thing you was told was that you had a negative entity surrounding that true? NO.

    what are these gifts that you have that you feel can and should be used for good? It is your inner light, your intuition, that can lead you on your path, on your own way, if you are able to trust it and if you are willing to follow it.

    You are psychic and it is surprising to see how unaware you are of your gift. You need responsibility to truth. You must learn to find a system of truth that you can believe in and live your life by. Once attained, there is no limit to how much good you can do in the world. As long you have not yet found your path you can be the biggest worrier and procrastinator. You have a responsibility to maintain inner balance and peaceful communications with those in your life. You often attain financial affluence and have inherent protection over your life. Love is important to you. You make a good wife and mother. Once you tap into your hidden reserves and your natural intuition is recognized, you find your life guided and protected from the highest sources possible.

    This can be and usually is a very positive time until mid January 2010. But you can make more or less out of it, depending upon how you handle it. In most ways it represents a period of culmination in your life, and you will be tempted to expand beyond any reasonable limit. There is no question that you have a good chance for success in any one of a number of endeavors at this time and, within reason, you should pursue them. However, you should not restrict yourself solely to material and physical growth now. Even if you don't have all the material goods that you want, you should turn your attention to spiritual and inner needs. Ultimately, nothing satisfies like satisfaction. Objects that you acquire, possessions, money, and even social prestige are merely devices to make you feel that you have satisfaction. They are not the state of satisfaction itself. It is your inner difficulties that make your life less than it could be, even if you have corresponding problems in the material world. You must look for the solutions within yourself, and this time represents a turning point, where you should begin to look for the answers.

    Under this influence, the tendency is to go after everything that you want in the material world without caring especially about whoever is in your way, to gather as much stuff as you can and indulge yourself in what you want. Then, as the influence subsides, you may feel that this effort has failed, leaving your life as empty as it was before.

    Do not be arrogant toward others or assume that you have everything right. Through meaningful encounters with others, especially intimate one-to-one encounters, you can find out which way you should go at this time. Work with another person and think in terms of mutual growth. By trying to achieve goals set by both of you and by trying to be a twosome, you each will become more conscious of what you are as an individual. If you can recognize the real meaning of this influence in terms of your own life, this can be an extremely productive and growth-oriented time, a period that will always have meaning for you.

  • Thank you for the reading. I did not believe in what the meduim said but I needed to know why she wanted to get in contact with me. You have confirmed what I was already feeling. I have been trying to focus my energy on spiritual growth but feel like my mind is racing a mile a minute. I am having a hard time focusing on getting to that place. I do not know how to let the outside forces knock me off track because I feel i have to be there to support others. i just want to get myslef together spiritually because i feel that is my calling. I also think that i am trying too hard to focus on the psychic abilities that i do have......sometimes i think that i am wrong about them until something happens and its like hey i am here.....then there are times when i want to become that side of me and nothing happens. I slightly understand what you have said but at the same time confused because i dont know where to go from here.....can you please help me some more....i hope i am not being worsesome or a bother...

  • I have mediums contacting me all the time and I just ignore them. They always want you to PAY something so in my mind that means they are just after what they can get. I've done horoscopes on my on FOR FREE because what I wrote was out of a book that I got from a bookstore. There's no way I would charge somebody for something that did not come out of my Brain!! You Got It!!

  • missleolady

    don't believe anyone that asks you money upfront

    and nurturing your psyche is not as hard as you think

    go with spiritual exercise, yoga and meditation I recommend them

    you can google them, many are free, let me know if you need a link

    read spiritual books or videos, many are made to enlighten others, pick the ones interest you

    I once paid a psychic for a love reading, he said I am arrogant

    then he said he can help if I pay certain amount of money for protection

    I didn't pay LOL I wouldn't pay to be called another name

    for that I can get it for free

  • I will pull out a chart for you later tonight

    I'm just having a snack now

  • Hey, Leoscorp

    How about one for me ??? Good news please, just left my heart on the white flowers thread in divination.



  • Summer

    I went to your thread I have no clue and I don't like flowers much

    I don't mind getting one now and then but I don't keep any in the house

    the psychics here might be able to help you

    I can pull a chart to help you understand yourself but not your dreams

    if you still want one, let me know again DOB, birth time, birth location

    I will do it tomorrow night with missleo's

  • Don't worry, I didnt mean to for you to interpret the dream, what I ment it's that it's been rough the past few days. I just mentioned the thread so you would know why I need some good news 😃

    DOB 09/15/1971

    Time 1:16 pm

    Place , Jersey city, New Jersey, USA

    No rush, whenever you get a chance.


  • missleolady27

    how to let the outside forces knock you off track: by being on the wrong track following your mind the outside forces have to knock off, just to remind you, that you are going in the wrong direction.

    Where to go from here: Stay and remain in this situation. If you can relax nevertheless you will understand.

    But a relocation or at least a journey would be good for you.

    You do need more receptivity. Receptivity simply means dropping the garbage that you go on carrying in your head. And much garbage is there, utterly useless. The mind means the past. Now the past is no more of any use; it has happened, and it is never going to happen again, because in reality nothing ever repeats...

    Our minds are continously magnifying. That´s how the ego exists. We magnify our virtues, we magnify our sins, we magnify everything. We make much fuss about nothing, much ado about nothing.

    By the way: you are not being worsesome or a bother.

  • missleo

    your chart will be tomorrow

    I forgot about your chart 🙂 but it will be tomorrow for sure

    by the way

    Happy holidays to everyone

    from me and my dear Cap hubby

    hope only the best for you all in 2010

  • Sun in Leo

    She is masterful, likes authority, aspires towards an ideal. A little too pretentious and always wanting things. She likes to give advice. She is honest, frank, loyal, open and sincere.

    pride, vanity, arrogance, presumption and disdain of others.

    Moon in Virgo

    She has a very good memory. Scientific or medical studies preferred above all others. She is humble and moderate, calm and reserved. Emotional discipline. She is willing to help, devoted and gentle.

    servile nature, frequent changes of occupation, gets annoyed, upset, worries. She is too shy.

    Mercury in Virgo

    She discusses, deduces and judges. She reasons logically and accurately.

    she is easily irritable and nervous. She tells off and criticizes. She is impulsive and manic.

    Venus in Leo

    Sincere, frank and warm affections. She is full of tenderness. High hopes of love. She likes to live and satisfy her passions to the full. Protects and makes friends with those who can be useful.

    excess in pleasure and amusements. Haughty, boastful, pretentious: she is affected, and seduces for the sake of seducing to prove to herself that she is attractive (this gets worse with age).

    Mars in Scorpio

    Aggressiveness can lead to a fight against society, the family, injustice in general and can sometimes be very violent. She can be the leader of an organization or a union, but the aggressiveness can be directed towards self-destruction if it does not have an outlet. The latter is by no means certain, as it is difficult to contain without snapping.

    passion, rage, fanaticism, quarrels.

    Jupiter in Scorpio

    She is provocative, brusque, offensive. Very pretentious and opinionated, with lots of authority and ambition. Possibility of a large family.

    immoderate sensual appetite. Pretension, disdain, insolence.

    Saturn in Libra

    Recognized for her seriousness, moral qualities. She is respectable, conscientious.

    not open to new ideas.

    Uranus in Sagittarius

    She is shy, delicate but proud, bold and lively.

    Neptune in Sagittarius

    Likes long voyages, things foreign, water.

    Pluto in Libra

    Brings changes.

    Moon in IX

    Highly imaginative. Prolonged studies, is intuitive. Professionally successful abroad, or in import-export or as a diplomat. Contact with foreigners. Long journeys. Ability to learn foreign languages.

    Mercury in IX

    Her thirst for knowledge is never satisfied. She is full of mental activity. She undertakes exhaustive studies, always studying for pleasure. Likes journeys to faraway places, and can go to live abroad.

    Venus in VIII

    Not frightened by the unknown, death.

    Mars in X

    She devotes lots of energy to work, which continues till a great age. She is a dedicated worker, not afraid of getting down to it. She improves her living conditions. She can complete long-term tasks. She is easily excitable, gets upset and in the same vein criticizes even herself.

    Jupiter in X

    She cannot adapt to a humdrum or an uncertain life. She likes comfort. She can move towards a managerial position, of prestige. Her success follows on from that of the parents or in her home town.

    Saturn in X

    Her up-bringing is rigorous, severe. Her professional life is all-important. She is serious, methodical, persevering. She wants to have power, to succeed and has all the necessary qualities to achieve this objective, by taking one step at a time.

    Uranus in XI

    Her freedom is important to her, even with regard to friends. These are extravagant, original, intellectual. They are not from the same background and have a different up-bringing.

    Neptune in XII

    She likes isolation, a withdrawn life, dreams and meditation. She has little desire for action.

    Ascendant in Sagittarius

    She will have an intellectual profession. Teaching, research, philosophy, mathematics. Children will be a source of happiness and pride.

    House II in Aquarius

    Success in professional life won't take place without the help of friends and protectors. While she might earn enormous amounts, she can lose as much if not even more.

    House III in Pisces

    Ideas are somewhat changeable, and her humor as well. Travel, sea voyages or work connected with the sea.

    House IV in Aries

    Lots of authority within the family. She knows how to take the destiny of the family in hand. She is very energetic, very strong, knowing how to cope with life's setbacks.

    House VI in Gemini

    Good secretary, or equally good sales rep. Weak point: the nerves, sometimes also the lungs.

    House VIII in Leo

    Have regular check-ups on the heart and arteries.

    House IX in Virgo

    She is devoted to all causes that bring comfort or help to people in difficulty.

    House X in Libra

    Contacts of all kinds will lead to social success, professional, through marriage etc... Likes society life, friendships that could help professionally. Sometimes jobs connected with justice, but always involved with important and influential people.

    House XI in Scorpio

    Adores to debate endlessly with friends who don't share her ideas. The discussion can lead to words, even a certain verbal violence.

    Mars - Jupiter

    She has a good sense of organization, she is jovial, frank and sincere. She is full of dynamism and over-abundant energy. She loves life and takes all it has to offer. She likes sports and the outdoor life. She is successful professionally

    Saturn - Midheaven

    She is ambitious, but in a calculated, well-balanced way. She perseveres, is serious, orderly. She climbs the ladder slowly but surely: if need be, she is willing to change her ideas. She is wise and experienced.

    Venus - Mars

    While she is passionate, she likes carnal desires and voluptuousness above all. She goes to excess, is unfaithful and often unsatisfied. Serious family quarrels in view.

    Sun - Neptune

    She has a fertile imagination, is full of inspiration, and very emotional - all qualities that she uses on the professional level. She likes the Arts, beauty.

    Sun - Pluto

    She is aware of the goal to be achieved. She is strong, and always picks herself up after a setback.

    Saturn - Pluto

    She perseveres, achieves her projects through hard work.

    Sun - Uranus

    Her independence and need for liberty are all-important. She does not accept constraints or barriers. Mainly extravagant eccentricity.

    Neptune - Ascendant

    She has strange relationships. She is easily influenced, very sensitive and emotional.

    Venus - Jupiter

    She is nonchalant, pretentious, full of self-importance. She likes what is beautiful and sometimes ostentatious, and spends lots of money for the sake of appearances. She likes to please and has numerous amorous adventures. She is unfaithful and undergoes tribulations in love.

    Moon - Neptune

    She lacks firmness, she is weak and lazy. She likes to live in a dream, in the imaginary.

    Mercury - Neptune

    She makes errors of judgement, and lacks sincerity. She lets things happen, and is happy in her dreamworld. Confronted by reality, she is hesitant, incapable of being tested and falls back into her imaginary world. She might become a drug-taker.

    Venus - Uranus

    independent in love. Her love life is rich, but with passing love affairs. She tires quickly and is scared of losing her liberty. If she marries, she will regret it. She has that little something that attracts the opposite sex: she likes amorous adventures, she is romantic. She is the eternal lover and, of course, is unfaithful if she has a serious relationship. She likes art, anything new.

    Pluto - Ascendant

    She has will-power and ambition, and likes to have her own way.

    Pluto - Midheaven

    She uses all her energy to succeed professionally. She has a good sense of organization and authority.

    Jupiter - Pluto

    She likes to direct, is intelligent and is an organizer of the first order.

    This chart shows many things about your physical side, not much of the psyche and spiritual. Your passion is extremely strong, mentioned many times and with Mars in Scorpio this is a sure thing. Passion in everything, not only in bed. in Leo, fire is somewhat confined. This means you have it in you to control it and probably have succeeded so far.

    This is the one i found about your spiritual side:

    Neptune in XII She likes isolation, a withdrawn life, dreams and meditation

    Try to have a routine meditation as a start to nurture your psyche. Then once you have developed a comfortable schedule and routine, you can add Kundalini yoga and various spiritual exercises of your liking.

    You have all you need to succeed in the physical and material life, but all this won't last if you don't balance it with healthy spiritual life. You fell for a scam while your psyche warned you not to fall for it. Nurture your psyche, we all are born with physical and psyche ability. But many people emphasize one and not both, therefore they do not reap the benefit of balanced life which is healthy physical life and having guidance for the future.

  • Leoscorpion,

    Re: go with spiritual exercise, yoga and meditation I recommend them

    you can google them, many are free, let me know if you need a link

    read spiritual books or videos, many are made to enlighten others, pick the ones interest you

    Could you please recommend a link for a beginner? I would much appreciate any guidance in directing to a place to begin. Thanks 😃

  • This post is deleted!

  • I wan to thank you both for your insights. I am going to take the advice that you both have given me and apply it to my studying. I do have a long way to go but i will get there. once again thanks because i really appreciate being able to get answers from people who understand me and not have to worry about someone telling me to not trust them because they may try to use you and they are not good and so on. I always felt alone liek i didnt belong because of hearing things like this. i know what i need to do now and i will get started on finding my place.........i have this person who enters my thoughts becuase of me letting her in my life too intuition has been telling me not to trust her but me being stubborn decided to find out why. needless to say i have found out and now wish to get away from this person. she claims to have these gifts....she asks me about my issues and i tell her but she wont discuss that makes me wuestion her.....her birthday is 3-14-1982.....i want her to leave me alone because i feel alot of evil and negative around her.....i see things in her and around her that i dont like.....she asks too many questions about me and the things she does has me feeling like im being stalked.....i am praying against her because i want it to end but i feel there is more i can do......she wants to know too much about my privte life and sometimes i think she gets too invovled in my private affairs like becoming friend with males that i get invovled with....this is a major problem....any suggestions on what i should do....anyone who could help me....please.....this entity is causing more problems than it should.....she acts as if she can feel what i do and she has told me that she can enter in my mind.....i dont believe her because i feel that what surrounds her is i right or am i being paranoid.....things i am feeling about her dont seem right and it is boggling my mind to the point of anxiety

  • Leoscorp

    I hate to join in on the charts request, but really enjoyed the one you posted. Would it be to much to ask to have one done for myself? I am very curious. Also, how do you get a hold of these charts. This may sound crazy, but I have paid for psychic help. It did help me to understand certain situations. I'm just impatient and usaully know already, though. birthdate is 04/01/75, 6:00pm...does that help?

  • missleo

    if she is in your mind, psychic Hans or BLmoon would've seen it

    don't fall for this scare tactics

    if you are scared, you are vulnerable and so your defense is actually down

    this is when she will enter you,

    promise me you won't let her, stand up and get your defense back up

    stop any contact with her. emails, phone, avoid her and tell your family/friends

    I can help you protect and cleanse spiritually

    but the physical stalking, you need family or legal help to stop that

    and maybe you need to see a physician

    you don't sound healthy physically either

    I know a spell to get rid of something like this

    but you are not in condition to call this power

    I can't tell you the spell sorry

    you have to go with affirmations and prayer

  • sure aries

    but need birth location, specity city/town and state

    will do it when I can

  • Missleolady,

    I feel you have met my mother...I'm noy trying to be funny either...this is the sort of thing she does, but on a religious level...

  • Thank you, thank you. Birth city is anderson, IN..of course, when you can..:)

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