Would like insight on my Pisces man

  • All of my past commited relationships have been with Aquarius men, and they have never worked out. I actually feel now that I have found Mr. Right who is a Pisces one minute he is telling me he loves me and we are getting along and life is good, then the next minute, I'm getting the silent treatment, and he stays out all night this has only happened two times, and it's always when his hanging out with his friend. I do have some trust issue from the past, and I try to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm also a realist, and my gut is telling me that he has been unfaithful. We have never talked about the last all nighter, he acts like nothing ever happened and I haven't brought it up, why for a couple of reasons, I tend to avoid confrontation, I might hear something I don't want to hear. Another things acts as though he is jealous, but says he's only joking. He will say that I'm a light switch (on and off), but I think he is the light switch.

  • If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.

  • I am dating a Pisces guy and its very complicated. I've been advised to take charge but not in a direct way. So I told him I needed a break. He was very hurt by this. We didn't see each other for six weeks. Then he text me and I responded. We are starting to see each other again but it is slow going and I don't know if he trust me yet. Pisces men are strange. They are possesive at times and get their feelings hurt, yet they don't want a woman who is to clingy or controlling. You have have to balance firmness with sensitivity and you have to be attentive but not to clingy. Its a lot of work and I don't know if I'm up to it. I recently met a very nice Gemini guy....

  • loyalcancerlady,

    it is important that you trust your intuition if you have doubts. Or at least proceed with caution.

    I have had a relationship with 2 different pisces men and they do seem to be relationship bi-polar for lack of a better phrase. Hot one moment and cold the next. It may be for different reasons, I guess it depends of the individual.

    As a general rule all the pisces men (friends, bf's, family etc) that I have know have been jealous in their relationships.(but that does not mean they are all that way, just the ones I have known) Especially the 2 I had relationships with. But then again I am a fire sign and enjoy socializing with people and I don't think they can relate to people that are quite a bit different than they are. I admit that I don't really understand them either lol.

    To their credit though, I find them all to have very big hearts and they do care deeply. I think that is one of the things that drives them to be jealous or guarded.

    My best advice would be to trust your gut. Your own intuition is the strongest tool that you have. if you don't listen to it and later on down the road you come to find out it was 100% correct then you'll kick yourself for not trusting in your own instincts. (been down that road myself)

    I wish you the best in however it all turns out.

  • Leonessa,

    That is a pretty good description. I agree, they are a lot of work. And for people that are up to the challenge and can deal with some of the Pisces ways then Kudos to them! 🙂

    I personally can't deal with the not trusting issue and as a Sag it drives me nuts!

    Also, I try to be sensitive to peoples feelings but Pisces just seems to be too sensitive and they can get caught up in their own way of thinking and perceptions, which may not even be the reality of what is happening within the relationship.

    Gemini's are nice...they tend to be more trusting than Pisces and a little easier going. (which is better for us fire signs 🙂

  • Leonessa, Hi im too dating a pisces guy and the description you gave almost fits him too. He hasnt cheated on me. He is insecure and jealous tho. When he gets sad and he wants to talk and you speak and if it isnt want he wants to hear then you get yelled at or he makes an issue of what you just said. Hes a good man in all other things but the insecurity and jealousy and trust, i just dont know. Im thinking about a break too and we have talked about it before and he says"" they arent no second chance with me" so what do you do? Right now his dad is in hospital and will be rest of the week of christmas so im tryin to find the right time to "break". Since hes in a "i dont know what to do" mood i dont dare talk to him because he cant handle life crisis. Ive been through making death choice for my late husband and i was there when my dad died. Maybe its easier for the woman to handle crisis like loved one in hospitals? Sometimes i think we are better off being single.

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