Anyone want to try? Just for fun.

  • Hi daisyfairy, You were correct. I do have two cats. The other animal is not small like a guinea pig or hamster though.

    Also, it was pretty insightful of you to guess psychiatrist for what job I'd really like because I actually had thought at one time that I would like to be a counselor or psychiatrist. Friends have told me I would be good at that but that's not my real dream.

    Do you want to try again and see if something new pops up?

  • habibi1 .... hmmm...

    How old am I? 36

    I have three _____ jobs

    My totem animal is: fox

    What color is my car? navy blue

    anywhere near??

    stoneyeye... ill give it another go...

    2 cats and a dog

    2 brothers

    and occupation... ??.... communications is poppin into my head

    as for dream job.... your own business i think but not sure doing what

  • answers to mine were...

    what pet do i have? 2 gorgeous cats

    do i like christmas? YES!

    how many siblings have i? 2

    how many people in my household? 2

    what car do i drive? PEUGEOT 206

  • Hi Daisyfairy,

    Her are the answers to my other questions.....

    The three animals are 2 cats and a horse.

    I have one brother

    Good job! You are right..... I was a communications major in college and did some publicity work in the past but am currently a teacher. My dream job is to be a veterinarian!

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  • laithano



    fav drink......tea

    side job not pd for ......babysitting

    fav cross

  • laithano

    how many children do i have? 2

    my passion? handicraft7knitting?

    my fav drink? coffee

    my side job that im not paid for? something to do with animals

    my fav jewlery? bracelet

  • here are some more.....

    which sibling am I the closest to?

    what are the sexes of my child/children?

    what color and type of car do I drive?

    what is my favorite vacation spot outside of the USA?

    what is one of my favorite numbers? (I have 3)

  • sagiqueen

    which sibling am I the closest to? younger sister

    what are the sexes of my child/children? you have a son?

    what color and type of car do I drive? small red car

    what is my favorite vacation spot outside of the USA? India

    what is one of my favorite numbers? (I have 3) 13, 5, 7

    i sometimes know things intuitively but i've never done this before, hope you don't mind if i play along...:)

  • Not at all helbells, it is very fun to do and also gives us all a chance to try to hone any skills we may have!

    I will answer the questions in a bit but can tell you that on two of them you are almost spot on..

  • also feel free to post your own questions for everyone else to try answering...

  • NO WAY! can't wait for your answers:)

    ok so my questions

    what colour is my hair?

    what's my passion (I also work in the field)?

    how many siblings do i have?

    which animals does my mom keep (a lot of them)?

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  • helbells

    redish brown hair

    passion for art

    2 siblings


  • the answers to my ?'s are:

    I am closest to my sister who is just over a year older than me. (u were correct on the sister part)

    I have two daughters

    My car is a black Bonneville (bigger car)

    my favorite vacation spot outside the US is. Grand Bahama Island

    my favorite #'s are 4,7,13 (you were almost right on with those)

    answer to helsbells ?'s

    hair is brown

    passion/work is cooking

    you have 2 siblings

    and your mom I think has dogs

    Mind you I am not very good at this but am looking forward to all the practice I can get 🙂

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  • Hi Laithano, I'll try your new questions...

    faverite holiday movie? A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life

    faverite type of commody? I don't know...something with very British humor.

    faverite romance movie? Pretty Woman, Love Actually

    perfict date idea? Picnic

    my type of dream home? House on the water among trees with lots of windows. I am picturing a house that was built buy a famous architect. The house is famous too but can't think of the architect's name or location of the house right now. I'll have to google it and see if I can post the image here.

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  • Hi Daisyfairy -

    You were not so close 😉 But, heh, maybe I just don't give out very strong vibes:

    How old am I? 36. That was a good age but now, I'm 43

    I have three _____ jobs. Yuck, one is enough. I have 3 rats.

    My totem animal is: fox I lke foxes, but not a totem.. blackbird

    What color is my car? navy blue. I used to have a navy blue ford escort. Now I have a red honda.

    That's kinda fun...

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