Anyone want to try? Just for fun.

  • I'll post some questions...

    Stoneyeye... here goes....

    1. What am I terrified of? This absolutely petrifies me and has been my biggest fear for as long as I can remember. People dressed up as things like clowns or apes..... dont know why that popped in but it did.... that or spiders or snakes

    2. What car do I drive? black SUV or jeep

    3. What is my favorite city in the world? Chicago

    4. I am currently totally addicted to this type of dessert....can you guess what it is? Jelly and icecream

  • Hi, I am new here today..this looks like so much fun...have to try....

    Ok, here goes...

    1. Being under ground or water ?

    2. Fast and possibly

    3. Rome


  • Hi livelifewell, glad you joined in! Add some questions of your own if you'd like.

    Here are my answers....

    1. Being inside a pitch dark room. (you were right on Patricia!)

    2. A Ford Escape (yes an SUV Daisyfairy) Official color is called "sage" it's a very light almost white silver color. (your first thought on the color was right livelifewell) Not all that fast though. Only a 4 cylendar but saves on fuel!

    3. London

    4. Frozen yogurt. The flavor called "tart". Have to have one every night! New Year's Resolution broken within the first day.

    Hey patricialibra, I really want to know the answers to your questions! Too much suspense. 🙂

  • hahaha..daisyfairy! People dressed up as clowns or apes ARE kind of creepy!

  • Hi Stonyeye,

    I saw this thread when you first started it and when I read your question about 'Lisa' I thought of a sheep! Well, I guess if you squinted through half closed eyes, a poodle might look like a sheep....................

  • lol! Yes, Witchone! We always used to say that she did look like a big sheep in the winter! Hope you're well. Has the snow melted yet?

  • No it hasn't melted yet and more is forecast. Can't believe we've had snow outside for four weeks except for during the actual festive period when everyone would have loved it. Rain washed it away late Christmas eve and it started again Jan 5th! An I was so excited thinking the children were going to have there first ever 'white Christmas'. Ah well........

  • Ok here are my questions for anyone that would like to try :

    1: I trained hard for many years for my first career, what was it ?

    2. What can I see from my kitchen window on a daily basis?

    3. What colour are my eyes

    4. Which single fear would I like to conquer over all others

  • What the heck - I'll tell you the first things that came into my head LLW

    1. Cook/chef

    2. Cows

    3. Green

    4. Fear of moths or something like that.

  • Ok goes....

    1. therapist

    2. hummingbirds eating from a feeder. I also got ... sheep?

    3. green

    4. fear of heights especially flying.

  • Hi, witchone

    My first career was as a classical dancer...retired and hung up my shoes 10 yrs ago

    From my window I see Deer, Pheasant and Sheep.. YEAY..

    My eyes are Green...YEAY..

    Fear to overcome is Pregnancy..wierd one I know.....

  • Ok llw...

    1: I trained hard for many years for my first career, what was it ? Nurse

    2. What can I see from my kitchen window on a daily basis? garden with a large tree... lots of leaves in summer

    3. What colour are my eyes green with brown flecks

    4. Which single fear would I like to conquer over all others claustaphobia.... havent spelled that right i dont think... either way fear of enclosed/confined spaces

    Stoneyeye... they are creepy!! but not my fear... thankfully! will leave answers to mine for another wee while incase theres any more answers!

  • Hello again Stoneye,

    my answers were:

    Classical dancer

    Deer, Pheasant and Sheep...yeay

    Green ..yeay

    fear of pregnancy....

    2 out of four..impressed...and great fun 🙂

  • Hi Daisyfairy,

    good to meet you, I have posted my answers now and yes my eyes are green and do have some brown flecks. I'll have a go at yours too....

  • Hi Daisyfairy; here goes lol

    Dream house...Romantic like a log chalet or cottage

    Terrified of Birds

    Like to travel to Egypt

    Type of books...non fiction....Historical Drama

  • Ok heres the answers guys... well done... some were very close!

    1. I would love to live in a cottage with a huge garden, lots of trees! not too succluded though and I would love a wrap around porch with a swing! (theres the romantic side LLW! lol)

    2. My big fear is dogs... im petrified... no idea why, completely irrational!

    3. I would love to travel to Russia or Japan ( Patricia, I live in Ireland and Ive been to Italy and loved it so you def picked up on something there!)

    4. I love fantasy books... escapism at its best! 😄

  • LLW - I should have just said 'animal' lol. This is fun, I'm going to post some questions now and see what peeps come up with;

    A lot of peeps know me by a nickname (not witchone) - can you tell me the initial?

    I'm about to have major work done in my home - any guesses what?

    I am thinking about a particular friend - can you guess their sign?

    There is something special about the date of my daughters birthday - what is it?

    What, if any, pets do I have?

  • Hello all...:)

    This seems like fun so I guess I will give it a try.

    Witchone..... nickname inital B

    major work done in your home.. bathroom remodel?

    your friends sign.. Scorpio?

    daughters birthday.... July 4th

    those were the first answers that popped into my head.

  • 1. What is my natural hair color and texture?

    Brown sleek

    2. Lisa was a beloved family pet when I was growing up. What kind of animal was she? What did she look like?

    A cat Orange, black and white with green eyes, fluffy and attention seeking

    3. When I look out the window of my bedroom, what do I see?

    Buildings, tall

    4. I have lived in two different countries besides my own. Can you name them?

    Canada, Germany, may be Swiss or Austria, somewhere in Europe deutch

    5. This one is kind of tough .... I suffer from

    and if I could find the cure, I would be very very happy!


    If anyone wants to try and answer these, i'll let you know how close you are. I will not judge anyone! I am trying to better develop my intuition as well so if you want to ask me questions in turn, I'll put myself out there and try too!

  • Hi Lis1,

    heres some questions about me if you want to try..

    I grew up in what state??

    I have a pet... what is it?

    I took a special trip this year. Can you tell me something about it?

    I dream about the same person ALOT. Can you tell me their name or Inital?

    I take medication everyday for......?

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