Anyone want to try? Just for fun.

  • I am dying to give you some feed back..:) let me know when you are done ok?

  • Oh, I am done

  • ok you did a beautiful job my dear! 🙂 Theres alot so give me a minute to type it all

  • First of all... A rollercoaster.. oh how true that is! lol This man is the strongest soulmate connection I have encountered so far. When I met him he hated being alone to the point he would sleep around ALOT! He has a bit of bi-polar and is now on anti depressents. That reason alone has made him angry..:( He always tried to do the right thing.. always messed it up. Usually cheated on everyone he dated cuz he gets bored etc. Falls in love like he changes his

    We became best friends and I taught him how to be alone, and he taught me how to be softer and more gentle where he is concerned especially. He was a weakness for me and yep part of me resented him for that because I couldn't tell him no... to the point I felt used at times.

    we had a falling out and we still miss each other. We had shared dreams and knew what the other one was thinking by just a glance. We were BOTH scared of being IN LOVE with one another because it was just too powerful and we tried to avoid hurting each other which in turn made us deny our feelings to each other.. kinda a

    He taught me unconditional love.... I showed him what unconditional loves is..:) It was a VERY cool blend and tho our falling out was extremely painful we both learned alot from our time together!

  • Theres alot more to it but you did GREAT! 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

  • Thanks for your feedback.

    Rooster twin or Rooster Libra or

    Snake Aqua, Twin or Libra

    are the best for you.

    The relations have to be equal for you

  • I have NO idea what those mean... but I do know I can't do a one-sided relationship thats for sure. I knew that reading would be complicated and you did so good with it! I am so impressed! 🙂 I am normally outspoken which is what drew him to me yet he required me to be softer. Also he is a small staured man but his presence for me was huge.. I could feel his energy before I could see him.

  • ok try me

    1. what is my profession?

    2. what is my pets name?

    3. What color is my hair?

    4. What is my loves name?

    5. If i could be anywhere in the world where would it be?

    this is fun

  • ok...

    profession.. a nurse

    pet name.. Murray

    your hair.. Blonde

    Loves name... Matthew

    if you could be anywhere in the world... Alaska

  • Hi heavens25,


    1. what is my profession? - A) Funnily enough, I wanted to say Doctor so given VirgoJ's response - I'll go with something medical

    2. what is my pets name? - A) Bruno

    3. What color is my hair? - A) Light brown

    4. What is my loves name? - A) David

    5. If i could be anywhere in the world where would it be? A) with David? 😉 Failing that - England.

    shrug I never said I was any good.


  • lol witchone,

    I get the picture of florence nighting gale so I said

  • Actually VirgoJ, I shall be watching your answers with interest. For reasons I won't go into at the moment, I think in a way you are 'picking things up' but muddling the message somehow.

    witchone sits in the corner looking mysterious..............(and with a bit of luck, keeping her bouche fermez)

  • oh leave it to me to muddle things Must be the way my mind 🙂 Now you have me curious.. hmmmmmm

  • one more try 😉

  • Is that your way of telling us we got it totally wrong heavens25? If so I'll change things to the opposite of what I said...............

    btw here is one for you (and anyone who wants to have ago)

    Who is the person who is texting me and what are we talking about (more to the point, what am I being bossy about)?

  • *VJ just sits here looking and being curious now..:)

  • Sorry VirgoJ but actually some of your answers have been very intersting...............

  • Witchone.. lol your talking to your daughter??

  • now I am interested in how my answers have been 🙂

  • No. Though yet again you are picking up on something and muddling the message. All joking aside, maybe you should expore this because you are actually getting things right, but out of context. Or at the wrong time. In this instance I will tell you that though I'm not talking to my daughter now, I have spent most of the night discussing her worries/feelings etc with her. And naturally, she and our convo is still very much in my mind.

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