Anyone want to try? Just for fun.

  • Wenchie! you got more than one sort of right! You picked up the horse, the water, the best friend...TRUST woman!!

    This is in fun, like running laps and NONE of us should feel our abilities are lessened if we pick up on something that isn't exact:) First, we may be picking up on something from someone else posting AND psychic readings and messages rarely come across in detail like we are asking.

    Its a GREAT exercise, though and we should keep at it since exercise is what builds muscle AND abilities:)

    Let's get back to the game here!

  • Wait! I want to add something else to things you are anal about...writing thank you notes and using propper grammar. I'm trying to list things that are less generic. Obviously most people are careful to wash their hands before cooking and no one ever wants to think of themselves as reckless drivers. lol!

  • WOW Stonyeye!!!!!! You did quite well. :-))

    1. What colour eyes do I have?

    Green ... no hazel ... no green! lol!

    Yes, my eyes are pretty much green, but I do say hazel because they can be blue/green.

    2. What colour car do I drive?


    Yes, a red goes faster!!! Actually it is a V8 and I am known for driving fast! (The speeding fines did hurt though!)

    3. Can you name any of my hobbies/interests?

    Gardening. Being outdoors. Birds and nature. Knitting?

    I do like being outside and I am an avid reader and I also love to cook (for others - not for myself) and I LOVE music, always have music on.

    4. Who is Natasha, how is she connected to me?

    Ok, my first thought was your daughter but maybe that is too easy....a niece? Someone who is like a daughter to you?

    Yes, Natasha is my neice.

    5. I have a few things I am absolutely anal about, can you name any of them? your house especially. ...the kitchen and bathrooms. Washing your hands before cooking. Safe driving. Never putting anything on the dashboard of your car....(or maybe that's just me?) Being polite....thank you and please....nice manners. Responding promptly to phone calls and e-mails.

    YES...cleanliness in my house, washing my hands before cooking, I do like good manners, but I am also particularly anal about towels, curtains/blinds and pictures hanging straight. Also once my bed is made, I don't like anyone sitting or jumping (kids) on it, messing it up! And unfortunately I am back to no dishwasher, and after washing my dishes, they MUST be rinsed!!!! Oh and when I make coffee, milk has to go in before water!

    I blame it on the virgo in me....Virgo Moon & Virgo Rising Sign!!!!!

  • Hey! That's pretty cool! I'm Virgo rising too so maybe I was just tapping into things I am anal about too! I was going to put the exact same thing about making the bed but then's just my anal little thing. I also get really disturbed if a picture is hung evenb slightly crooked on the wall. Gosh, if you were a man and lived closer Wenchie, I'd suggest we go on a date! lol! If only Sigh....Just imagine...a man who cleans up after himself.

    Also, I agree with didn't give yourself enough credit on your answers. The water sports were dead on and I was just going to add that Charlotte (the cat) sad is this may actually kind of like a best friend. She is practically my shadow and follows me everywhere. She's always happy to see me and and loves me even when I'm in a foul mood. Not many humans show such unconditional love!

  • And here is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what I said...Stonyeye, look how well you did reading Wenchie!! Do you both realize we are all getting about the same number of answers right? YAY!

    Now here are your answers for me:)

    1. Your hair is light blonde....cut straight across just above the shoulders?

    ANSWER: I have longish black hair, BUT I will tell you why you are still right later:)

    2. haha! I don't know.... a goldfish? That's not really an animal is it? that was the first thing that came to mind though. Ok, how about a hamster?

    ANSWER: I did have tropical fish and did get stuck with someone else's hamster until it ate itself into an early grave. My one pet was a Tasmanian devil disguised as an adorable Pomeranian:) But your answer was still right because you picked up "pets" that did end up with me, even if they weren't mine.

    3. Pennsylvania

    ANSWER: California

    4. Hmmm.... Ok, I'm getting a strong feeling and it is that I'm not very good at this! My very first thought was The Doors.

    ANSWER: Here is something interesting. NO ONE could possibly guess the genre of music I love without giving me a minor heart attack, BUT for the last few days, a version in my favorite genre of the Doors' song "This Is the End" has been in my head pretty consistently. SO right on a very deep level!

    5. You are 5'4 with blonde, straight, medium length hair. Green eyes. Fair skin. Curvy. In your early 30's.

    ANSWER: In my precious dreams! LOL. You know I'm a brunette, I'm a gangly 5'8" and my eyes are not the gorgeous green you got. BUT!!!! I have ALWAYS joked that, somewhere inside me I am either an Ultimate Fighting wrestler, kicking a s s all over the place, or a petite, blond with blue or green eyes:)

    This is VERY good and important lesson for all of us in giving and receiving reading! Think about that:)

    Ok, let me have it. Was I in any way shape or form close on any of those OR so way off that it is funny. I don't imagine people are going to start posting and asking for psychic help from Stonyeye! 🙂

  • Two Virgo rising and me a born Virgo...all three of us with anal tendencies. We should be able to drive everyone crazy or whip them into shape.

  • Lol! Oh hisbablove! You are very kind to give me such credit! I was waaayyy off! 🙂 That's ok though. As you said, this exercise is strengthening our psychic muscles and it's good to practice in such an encouraging environment.

    Wow, I never would have pictured you with black hair. Well, it's good to put a description to the name. Now, I can picture you a bit when I read your posts. You lucky thing! You always thought there was a petite blonde inside somewhere and I always wished I could pull off exotic, glossy, jet black hair. I even tried dark hair after my most recent break up (you know...wash that man right out of your hair and all). Anyway, it looked just terrible! One of my friends burst out laughing when she saw me. So then, I had to die my hair about twenty times to get it back to its natural shade and big surprise here, i burned the front of my hair off and had these ridiculous spiky bangs that I am still trying to grow out! At least they lay flat now and don't just stick out of my head like a porcupine. Ug. that drove me and my Virgo tendencies CRAZY! Funny we all have so much Virgo-ness! 🙂

    So now I'm really curious...what is your favorite music genre?

    Well, anyway, thank you for being so encouraging!

  • Oops.....Not black hair but brunette....Regardless, I so wish I could pull off darker hair!

  • Oh sorry hisbablove...I must be tired....just read again and I read correctly the first time. Guess it's time for someone to go to bed!

  • very interesting!

    i dont want to post my answers,cuz i peeked a little (afeter)! lol! but i was pretty acurate.

    so heres a few questions if any one wants to try.

    1. what is my eye color

    2. how many children do i have

    3. where was i born

    4. what are my talents

  • lilcrazy,

    you have green eyes,4 children, born in masachuettes, you love sports

  • anyone want to try my questions?? What color hair do i have? What color are my eyes? Where do I live? Where was i born? What month was I born in?

  • Stonyeye, You DID pick up on things when you were answering my questions! No lie! You actually went past the outer, more superficial things and read right into the core of the person you were reading. Think about it! I was genuinely surprised, especially with your picking up on The Doors. That was VERY impressive.

    You did VERY well and you also came up with a fantastic way for us to work on our gifts, not just reading others, but the MOST important part; that of receiving and understanding the messages we are given. Its one thing to get a message, its another to UNDERSTAND the message correctly. Its like reading a book and not understanding a single word of it, it would be pointless.

    I really hope we can keep this going, both the reading and the understanding. This has to be the most productive thread I have been on here.

    Blessings and Light

  • Hisbablove,

    I did your questions without looking at the answers first. I came up with that you had dark hair, dark eyes, that you had a gerbil and that you liked listening to Jamaican music and i cant think of the other question you asked about. But I got some of them right. I have always had some kind of psychic abilities or ituitive abilities.

  • HI Motherof 3200920:)

    You did get a lot of the questions right, so GOOD FOR YOU! The fact that any of us can answer ANY of these very specific questions is proof enough of the gifts we have since psychic readings usually go to the ESSENCE of a person or question, not the exterior. To get some the exterior is very rare and means a lot in terms of ability. I'm not going to answer the music one yet, for my own curiosity because its such a hard one to get, I want to see if it comes through at all. I will tell you that your answer is not far off because my music often does elements of Caribbean or island flavor in it:)

    I haven't intentionally ignored your questions but since I've been reading heavily for a few on here, I'm not yet able to clear my mind enough to focus. One thing I think I'm getting from you is that your talents lie in the creative fields, not the scientific.

    Isn't this a GREAT topic?!

  • motherof3- really good! i have green eyes, 4 children, born in san antonio, i HATE sports! lol!

  • lilcrazy, Really. that is tooo funny!!! You hate sports??? you are a man right?

  • Hisbablove,

    What do you mean by saying i have creative talents not scientific??

  • Well, thanks very much hisbablove. You are very supportive and I really appreciate that. It can be daunting to put yourself out there like this but when people respond with so much encouragement ,the process seems a little less intimidating. I'm so glad you all have participated in this. It's fun and a good practice. I'm going to try lilcrazy and Motherof3200920 now!

  • Oops. Sorry lilcrazy. I accidentally saw your answers as I was scanning up the page for your questions.

    Ok Motherof3 now for yours!

    What color hair do i have? coppery brown

    What color are my eyes? brown

    Where do I live? Indiana

    Where was i born? North Carolina? Washington also popped into my mind!

    What month was I born in? This may be too easy since I know you are a gemini! lol!

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