Anyone want to try? Just for fun.

  • ok try me

    1. what is my profession? Personal trainer, although i would love to be a doctor i actually had a pychic tell me i was one in a past life

    2. what is my pets name?Martini

    3. What color is my hair? Dark Brown

    4. What is my loves name? brett

    5. If i could be anywhere in the world where would it be? a beach

    this is fun

    .....good job anyways guys !! 🙂 its fun...... ok what is the car i would like to own right now? chance to redeem yourself

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  • Oddly enough I am trying to explore a bit because I had someone come into my life this year (last year) and he seemed to have awakened something in me. Until now I only picked up HIS emotions, vibrations, and the same dreams! etc but it got stronger once he stopped coming around. Of course I am sitting here with my 6 yr old singing and I was on the phone.. no wonder I was Thank you for sharing tho Witchone.. Maybe I should try with less distractions huh? lol

  • A Lexus..:)

  • I almost said a beach heavens25 but thats what I would say for me so I didnt go with

  • Redeem ourselves? Hey we got the medical connection and VirgoJ at least got the right initial of your pet and I got the colour if not the shade right and well ok we were pretty rubbish otherwise. But hey, I notice you aren't taking a guess at my question! 😉

    Oh and my answer is a porshe or ferrari. Or maybe a panther? Tho I could be 'projecting' there.

  • whats your question again witchone?

  • VirgoJ, I truly think you should. Believe me, there was stuff you answered that made sense to me. I'm afraid I'd rather not explain more as this is a public site. Sorry.

  • no problem my dear. I totally understand. 🙂 I appreciate you sharing!

  • My question VirgoJ was - who is the person who is texting me and what are we talking about (more to the point, what am I being bossy about)?

  • it would be a lxus SUV! ok witchone you are talking to a guy friend who you have feelings for i right? or a long lost friend

  • oh thats right... please tell me you are not bossing your I so have a habit of which explains why I dont have a current mate..:) Do you by chance have black hair??

  • heavens25 a Lexus SUV??? really? wow!

  • Lol Heaven, I am talking to a guy friend who I love totally though we are not romantically or sexually linked. What we were talking about though was rather more exciting to me in a sense though it has really nothing to do with me.

  • Actually VirgoJ, I was in a sense! As I just answered Heaven, I was talking to a male friend. We aren't and never have been 'a couple' but we are so very close. Anyway I was ahem giving him some advice. Some might call it being bossy..............;-)

  • This has been interesting..:) I live in a small town and there really isn't anyone here to try fun stuff like this with.

  • VirgoJ,

    I live in a largish town not far from a capital city. Yet still there isn't easily anyone to try this kind of stuff with 'cos it's too risky in a sense with peeps we know. I'm not sure if 'risky' is the right word - I kept thinking scary, but I know that wasn't right.

  • I understand. People think its creepy and odd. Its like me having this awesome connection with my guy friend but can't tell him.. "oh hey I dream about what is gonna happen in your life" he would feel very invaded I am afraid. 😞 Trust me at first I was a little taken by it myself.

  • Oh I so know what you mean!

    Sorry me dear, I must say goodnight - it's stupid o'clock here and I must get some shut eye. Take care and I hope to catch up with you later.

    Bright blessings

  • Yes I am headed to bed as well.:) Its been fun!

    Bright blessings as well.

    sleep well

  • Hi Stoneye, O.K. i made you wait long enough,LOL, here are my answers,,,,

    1. What kind of car do i own? I own a white with black pin stripe design down the sides, Cheavy Exstrem Blazer....

    2. How many children do i have? 5,,, (4) Girls and (1) Boy.....

    3. Two major things will take place this year in my life? A very long awaited divorce will be final and i will be moving to a new house soon.....

    4. In march i will be going to what state to see my sister? Alabama...

    This was fun, many blessings,love & light 🙂

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