Anyone want to try? Just for fun.

  • oh welll.... looks like ill have to keep practicin.... laithano i'll try yours

    faverite holiday movie? Miracle on 34th Street

    faverite type of commody? black/dark humour

    faverite romance movie? The Notebook

    perfict date idea? somewhere different... but also likes movie dates

    my type of dream home? im seeing an old style white wooden house with a porch that wraps right around and a beautigul garden

    how'd i do??

  • 1. What is my natural hair color and texture? medium brown, curly

    2. Lisa was a beloved family pet when I was growing up. What kind of animal was she? What did she look like? rabbit,multi colored

    3. When I look out the window of my bedroom, what do I see? first thing that came to mind was water of some sort with vines

    4. I have lived in two different countries besides my own. Can you name them? no

    5. This one is kind of tough .... I suffer from

    and if I could find the cure, I would be very very happy! does it have to do with some kind of blood disorder?

    I enjoyed this, thanks for posting 🙂 thought I would give it a go...Happy New Year

  • Hi ALL, o.k. can you guess mine?

    1: What kind of car,ext. do i own?

    2:How many children do i have?

    3:Two major things will take place for me this year,what are they?

    4:In march i'm going to visit my sister,where am i going?

    Good- Luck and Many Blessings For The New Year 🙂

  • Helbells,

    Hair color=Black

    Passion=Arts or Atiques

    Siblings= 1 a Brother

    Animals mother keeps=Goats or Sheep

    Many Blessings 🙂

  • Laithano,

    Favorite holiday movie= Miricle on 34th

    Favorite type of comdy= Stand up comidians

    Favorite romance movie=Sleepless in seattle OR My best friends wedding

    Perfect date idea= A babysitter, then dinner,a movie and maybe a long walk...

    My type of dream home=A cute little farm house,with a wrap around porch with a swing on it, a pond to go fishing in with a nice big tree next to it with a tire swing in it...

    Many Blessings 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi all,

    Happy New Year! The answers to my questions:

    what colour is my hair? - blonde

    what's my passion (I also work in the field)? - i work in film distribution and adore film - many said art, so that was right on the money

    how many siblings do i have? - this was a bit of a trick question (couldn't figure out what to ask) - i don't really have any brothers or sisters

    which animals does my mom keep (a lot of them)? - dogs is correct

    sagiqueen, how is your mother doing? x

  • Hi PatriciaLibra, I'll try your questions...

    1: What kind of car,ext. do i own? a Mercury, forest green color

    2:How many children do i have? 2

    3:Two major things will take place for me this year,what are they? Marriage? A new job or move?

    4:In march i'm going to visit my sister,where am i going? Ok, I keep getting three different answers. I know this is cheating but... Arkansas, Oklahoma or Minnesota?

    Good- Luck and Many Blessings For The New Year 🙂 Happy New year to you too! I hope it will be a wonderful year!

  • Stoneye,

    Hi, thank-you for trying,I was begimg to think i had the pleuge or something there for a min.,no one was answering,lol.

    well its close but,well I did use to own a Mercury Cougar,Forest Green but i returned it to the dealer because the frame was cracked,3 yrs.ago. but that is great that you picked up on that.

    i'm going to see if someone else is gonna give it a guess,if not i'll post the answers tomorr. thanks again for playing,it's enlightning for one spirit.

    Many Blessings,Light & Love:-)

  • Hi Patricia, Cool! At least I was kind of close on one of them. Can't wait to hear the rest! Hope you're having a wonderful start to the new year! x

  • Patricia Im going to five this a go but im not very good at it!

    1: What kind of car,ext. do i own? a red honda or volvo

    2:How many children do i have? none

    3:Two major things will take place for me this year,what are they? you're pregnant and going to have a baby and you're moving to a new home

    4:In march i'm going to visit my sister,where am i going? Wisconsin?

    how'd I do?? 😄

  • This post is deleted!

  • Daisyfairy,

    Hi, you were so close,maybe even right,i will let you know.

    thank-you for givin a go at it,this is fun....

    many blessings,light & love 🙂

  • Laithano,

    Hi and also Thank-You for trying,you were very close on answer 4...

    many blessings,light & love:-)

  • helbells....

    YAY! I got one correct with the dogs 🙂

    Mom has finally left the hospital and is not at a rehab facility to get physical therapy.

    Its hard to imagine that she needs all that and she just turned 60!

    Its really important to keep up with any health issues as they arise. Another life lesson.

    I have been away from here for a few days and missed a lot...I will just squeeze back into the flow...LOL

    Hope everyone is having a great New Year!!

  • Patricia... Im delighted to hear I got some right!! First time for everything! Maybe the practice is workin!!

    Going to post some more questions about me if people want to try and answer....

    1. What does my dream house look like??

    2. What am I terrified of??

    3. What country would I like to travel to next??

    4. What kind of books do I like to read??

    Hopefully someone else will post some for me to try too!!!

  • Hi daisyfairy, How are you? I'll try your last questions. here goes....

    1. Colonial? Lots of brick? Hmmm...not even sure what colonial looks like exactly but that's what came to mind!

    2. spiders

    3. Australia

    4. mystery

  • I'll post some questions...

    1. What am I terrified of? This absolutely petrifies me and has been my biggest fear for as long as I can remember.

    2. What car do I drive?

    3. What is my favorite city in the world?

    4. I am currently totally addicted to this type of dessert....can you guess what it is?

  • Hi DaisyFairy,

    Great,o.k. i'm gonna give it a try but so far i have not been very good at this,i guess i'm a better animal empath,lol all thought i pick up on some people things,still working on it too...

    1)Your dream house? O.K. this is gonna sound crazy but maybe it has something to do with your name?---- A cute little cottage,with vines and lots of flowers and bird feeders and tall trees all around,hmm i can almost hear the birds...

    2)Terrified of? This can be a tricky one indeed.----heights?

    3)Were would you like to travel to next?

    Ierland or also itily comes to mind...

    4)Books you like to read?---- Spirtual,anything that gives good info.on more insight...

    O.K. well i hope i gave you a good laugh,but this is really fun guessing...

    Many Blessings,Love & Light 🙂

  • Stonyeye,

    Hi, I would like to give it a try too,but plz. remember i'm not very good at this,but it does help us think harder and deeper.

    1. Terrified of? The pitch black darkness...

    2)Car you drive? At first i thought VW BETTLE then for some reason a Red SUV came to me...

    3)Favorite city? Boston...

    1. Favorite dessert? Something like a canoli or cream puff kind of thing....

    Many Blessings,Love & Light 🙂

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