I'm a Scorpio and I have an interest in a Sag...

  • I was wondering, would this work out if I were to pursue something with them?

    I've never had such a strong attraction and admiration for a Sag before so was wondering what the deal is?

  • sag will drive you crazy, they wont be controlled. Tons of fun though!, as long as you keep a very very loose rein

  • It is true. I am in the same situation: I am a Scorpio and I have been with a Sag. It really isn't easy and he does drive me crazy because he doesn't know what he wants. It can work, but you have to be patient and give them a lot of space. Think of them like horses. Horses need to run free, but they always come home. You just have to make them feel like you are their home, and they will come back, guaranteed. My Sag told me that...

  • absolutly! we are actually very loyal! : )

  • Yes, they are very loyal, and that is what I LOVE about them! They are also VERY entertaining, intelligent, optimistic, and spontaneous. They will definitely change the way you see things.

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