What I'm Thankful For

  • I am grateful and thankful for the gifts of healing I have that enabled me to heal a brain tumour and become a 'new and improved model'

  • I am so thankful for to be alive today. A little over a year my life went through major lost. I lost everything love job belongings selfrespect. And i almost took my life over it. What i did learn that i had the power to carry on and suceed. What all that i went through gave me the ability to help other people pick up the pieces and walk with them through there misshaps. Also it has made me very humble. And today i am very thankful for my new life.

  • I am grateful and happy that the cosmos is conspiring to bring all good things my way! I am open to receiving my highest good from the source of all things real....call it God...Supreme Intelligence...I call it Pure Love. I also lost everything over the past three years...home to a fire...divorced after 28 years (my choice) and financial ruin, etc. I have since fallen in "love" twice with unavailable men who struggle with issues that did not allow them the freedom to be present for me as I needed them to be. I struggled through anger, resentment, loss and grief, deep sadness and depression, but am now on the other side. My encouragement to all who have suffered loss...wait it out....allow yourself to grieve...and search for the true source of your life...inner life....and you will find it it....waiting to comfort you. That has been my experience.

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