Wondering about aquarius & virgo compatibility

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    I've been reading so many posts the past few weeks and finally decided to join in to ask some questions myself. I am an Aquarius who is starting a relationship with a Virgo. Most things I've read say this is a bad match based only on the sun sign aspects. Of course sun signs are not everything there is and I am interested if anyone has some insight. I am 2/15/79 and he is 9/19/81.

  • Hi! The Captain is doing analysis of couples. Look under compatibility analysis and add your DOB's. He's doing a good job -- just be patient --- i think he's up to 29 pgs. Also, he started another thread , umm, something about individual ??? It has to do with particular birth weeks were you may find compatibility. I wish this site allowed me to check while typing a reply ... I'll get back to ya!

  • augagirl --- the second thread that the captain started is titled your ideal partner. good luck!

  • You can not always go by the sun signs, you really have to match the natal charts to be sure. The moon signs are also very important as these are keys to personality. I'm a virgo with strong mental traits but I have my moon sign in cancer which makes me emotional in my personality. Because of this I relate well to many cancer people.

  • Thanks all! I will post this on the thread The Captain is responding to.

    Virgogirl37>>That does make you quite unique for a virgo! Course I believe we are all unique creatures. My rising sign is in Virgo, so i think this greatly contributes to the instant understanding of my Virgo guy. But then I guess this makes me even more emotionally detached sometimes. Yet, with him, I feel comfortable to let go and show my emotional side, which I do not feel comfortable doing with any other person other than my mother. He just has this innate knowing of me I have never experienced before.

  • Auqagirl Hey I'm a fellow aqua with 2 of my best girl friends as virgos. i appreciate the way they ground me and i bring to their lives a little wackiness ~ good all around. this is a general analysis for you and your virgo and you are correct in the cross-over aspect of planets ---- it does give each of you a sense of knowing what is going on with the other.

    Both of you will like the concept of not having to work so hard at explaining things to the other. It will be more of a sensing without actually speaking words aloud. Because of this it will be difficult for other people to understand your attraction to each other. Communication with each other is important so make sure you verbally express feelings. This will be something neither of you may like doing but it is neccessary for stopping any misunderstandings before they escalate. Guard against " turning cold" ~ both of you. Mutual understanding and appreciation will guide you. Overall, this could be a very important relationship.

    Aqua ~ with birth times you could find out more ... as you know already ~~ There's Always More

    : )) Best wishes!

  • Laie4>>>Thank you for your post. I appreciate hearing from others, and especially another aqua since seldom do I feel understood. The one thing that has surprised me with my virgo is how much we communicate our feelings towards each other with ease. I never liked doing this with other guys, it just felt weird and too mushy, like a chore. But with him I feel the need to say how I really feel, good and bad, and to my liking he does the same. He has an incredible grounding effect on me, which as we know, us aquas need someone to pull us back out of the clouds in order to realize we are on earth...lol. I like my space away from people and usually get severely bored being around others too much. Yet I have not become bored with him, he intrigues me more and more each day and i want nothing more than to spend as much time around him as our lives allow. I am just trying to go with the flow of things without too much contemplation, all too common with aquas and virgos.

    Oh yeah, I saw the Captains threads but it says to go to a website. I tried this but it locked up my computer.

  • Hi Aquagirl! Isn't it wonderful to have someone in your life like that? Not have to really EXPLAIN everything in depth where you sometimes almost feel like its a fake emotion! You too probably have similiar temperments, connecting a little better mentally. I too get "bored" around too many people and would so much rather spend time with a really, good, friend or two. What I typed above was a a simple look at the 2 of you based on dob.

    I didn't know The Captain had started a web site. Too funny he had said he was thinking about it. I posted an analysis for my daughter and her bf. The bf has the same date as you only in 83'. He's a keeper & it yours is too!

  • oops, just re-read ---not dob, just month & day.

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