Cancer woman wants here Pisces back

  • It is he that always described our relationship as beautiful.

    But lately we have fought a lot, I notice especially when he under a lot of external stress-he distances from me, I adore this man and would do anything to have him back in my arms, Unlike many Pisces men I read about he never abused me or treated me badly, he is my angel. But the arguments have become too much for us both, we have been together seven months, and madly in love the entire time. He broke up with me four months ago (Again due to major stress in his life) but called me everyday in tears and came back after a week, this time I sense it is more serious, he has been stressed out due to moving and is feeling like a failure. Again he distanced from me and I tried to cling. he was snappy everyday. I finally lost it too and we had the worst argument of our lives, he became aggressive and screamed at me, scared me and I threw him out. He has only contacted me since to say he is sorry and can't go on.

    Now he is more distant than ever and says he cannot hurt me anymore and he hates himself. I love him so much and will do whatever it takes to work things out between us.

    He is barely making contact with me and I am giving him space, less than a month ago he asked me if I would consider marrying him, and I said yes, he said he was saving for a ring, less than a week ago he told my two year old to call him "Daddy" I know he loves me and I am broken in pieces, please tell me how to bring him back, he is the love of my life, but he is in a total shame spiral.

    I am going to an event where he is performing on friday, he doesn't know I am still going but it was planned when we were together, how do I play this? its a public event but he will be with all his friends. I am going crazy without him he was my world and I know I was his, he told me so one day before we broke up

    HELP!I AM broken!

  • ladyunlucky----I am a pisces female, we yes, we are very emotional! Sounds like you have had your ups and downs with this guy, and that;s okay. It sounds like he is very willing to marry you, but remember that pisces are fragile and we hurt easy. Usually, we are also very jealous, so it is good that you have not been seeing other men since your time apart. I think he really respects that, and is ready to settle down.

    sometimes (or at least with me) I need my space to think, or to enter my dream world in order to escape reality......if he distances himself it should be for this reason, but all the better if he lets you in!

    If you see him at this event it might be a good idea to charm him with compliments, and keep supporting him! Pisces love this! Don't get too emotional because it may stress him out. Remember, keep happy and things will work out for you

    All the best,

  • Danno, thank you so much for responding, as you can tell, I am desperate. I have been so cruel to this man, all because of my insecurities and my caner shell, he was married once before, to a women he loved as a friend, I became jealous and hurt him because of it, we have said the most unkind things to each other. He has totally disappeared off the radar he isn't active on facebook or speaking to friends, that I know of, he has not cancelled his relationship status online- I'm waiting to see if he can, he has completley withdrawn, and being without him had made me realise every mistake I have made...He gave so much, love kindness and devotion, he took on my children and wanted to be my husband.

    Now I know his heart is broken, on friday morning he left me, he says he hates how I shut down (when I am hurt from the stuff he says) he says he walks away furious and can't understand why he is still madly in love with me, he begged me to hug him (on friday) and I wouldn't because I was upset, so he forced me in to a hug, how sad is that? I love him so much and want to hold him with every thing I have, but he is gone, distant, and not contacting me. What do I do?

    I am going to show up on friday because I missed his last gig (cos he had a bad throat and I didn't think he was singing-he did) and he was crushed. so I am going to show my support, this man was everything I ever wished for and I was too stupid to see it, I pushed him away.

    What do I do? right now I am giving him space but if he came back I would learn from my mstakes and love him with all my heart. I was a good girlfriend (he says the best) I loved the things he loves from day one, I cooked for him, held him, and even baby'd him when he was sick, I gave him everything he could ever want in the bedroom. I know he is in love but right now, his head is ruling and he doesn't think we can work. At the beginning of the break up I told him how I love him and that I would do anything, he just told me he can't.

    I am in hell every moment he is gone, I have gone nuts spoiling him for Christmas and just want him here. I love him with all my heart and I know he loves me but he has shut down.

    Thank you for your response, it means so much!

  • Also I have not cheated on him and never would but he is the most jealous man I know (although he says its only with me) and he introduced me to an online male friend from another country and we talked a lot in the week before he left (totally innocent) but I know it bothered him, I can't contact him he has made it clear he needs to be alone.

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