Future Career Move

  • I am having an extremely difficult time with my boss and am wanting to move jobs preferrably in government. I was just wondering if anyone has any insight into how this will transpire and will it be next month?

    thanks, love and light

  • I'm not a pshychic but do have very strong intuition. I believe you will end up going for and getting the job you want. Once you start sending out resumes and talking to people, the ball will get rolling. It always seems to me that the more you put out into the universe, you eventually get lots of interesting stuff back. It may take sending out 10 or even 20 resumes but the right job will come up. I'd start out by making a committment to send one application or resume out per day for as long as it takes to get a job interview and offer. Even send in to places that may not be top on your list. You may get an unexpected offer for a position you've never considered but might end up really enjoying. I say GO FIOR IT and expect for what you want to happen. the universe will reward you for putting your persistance I believe it will happen within a month or two. I believe it also because you will make it happen. Good luck and let us know when you get your dream job!

  • Thanks Stonyeye! I actually had an offer this morning but I have not given notice at my current place of employment - they will start working on it as soon as I have a definite date to leave here!!!!! You are sooo right and thank you for your words of encouragement - I needed them!!!

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