Any one else need to share about negative teachers?

  • Please go to the does any one have the book called Tarot made easy. I have shared this experience with all of you to see if anyone else has felt anger in this kind of situation. I am not interested in hearing a lecture on how I brought this on myself because that is a load of you know what, I am sharing with others who need to vent as well but felt to intimidated to do so, thank you.

  • You can find my lengthy post on the tarot forum, called does any one have the book called tarot made easy, please only share what you have been through, and no negative comments directed towards me please, I am angry enough and don't need any more fluffy impressions.

  • Sorry I had a meltdown but needed to get this off my chest before it caused my health to decline from the anger, I would still like to help any one through if you are feeling an injustice like mine or any other. Bless you all and remember we are all human and sometimes if anger is buried too deeply and not released it can sound like I did today.

  • Yes, that attitude is a trend now, especially when dealing with the less than gifted and enlightened. These not so talented people will often resort to this line of thinking when they don't have the answer. Most often its not so simple as 'what did you do to bring this about'. Very often we are surrounded by people who are inundated with negative energies and become inundated themselves. You are probably getting a sense of needing a purging of this useless energy which no longer serves you, as you may be evolving more quickly than some of your teachers. Frustration is the usual response to this. Not making any judgements toward you here though.

  • Virqoqirl137,Thank you, you may never know how much your words mean to me, I have kept this in for sooo long and your understanding is profound, I am forever grateful, and words cannot express this enough. I finally feel healed and YOU are the healer that I was searching for.Bless all of your life times past present and future.

  • Hi again Virqoqirl137, I have proof that you are the one that would help me, I had a dream on Dec,4th and posted it on HealingWaters sight for " All that are experienced PLZ read my cards, we have 7 pages of conversation now. During the conversation I told her that I had a dream of a pretty lady about 25 with long healthy dark hair who is about 5'5 in height , in the dream she was smiling at me. In our conversations the pointer is usually shaking just like it is now, this only happens when I talk with HealingWater and the same for her pointer as well, there is definitly a connection between us as you have proven in your healing words of wisdom. If you would like to check out this dream of you, you can find it on that tarot sight and maybe HealingWater can confirm it for you. Thank you again and I now can sleep restfully. Love to you and yours.And Mega Big Huggs!

  • Virgogirl137,Merry Christmas or what ever you believe in and thank you for the healing.

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