A reading for my mother, please help.

  • My mother has been in constant mental and emotional abuse by my father for almost two decades. I would like to know if she will find the courage to let go of this sick relationship to find peace and happiness. My father is a scorpion and he's very possessive. He wont let her go out alone and he's extremely jelouse. He abuses her metally and emotionaly every single day and Im just tired of seen her suffer. He makes our lives misserable. It could be anything, a chart reading, tarot reading, psychic, prayers anything that could tell me if she's going to the happiness she deserves. She's a very sensitive woman and it kills me seen her suffer. Please help my mother out.

    Her innitials are G.S.G

    DOB: 07/081972 - 12:00 pm

    Place of Birth: Acayucan, Mexico

    Peace and Love to the World!

  • Sunnycapgirl,

    I feel like there is more going on in this relationship than even you know. I feel your mother has an inner core of dark sorrow and grief within her, a sense of resigned helplessness. I see her with her head bent, looking down, empty and defeated while all this goes on around her. The life has practically been beaten out of her and her sorrows are great. She feels torn by your anger at her suffering in silence and the abuse she lives with. As if its all too much and she can't take anymore. But she doesn't always lie there and play dead. She has her moments of spitting fire, too.

    Does she sometimes snap back at those who try to push her to leave him? Does she shut people out or abruptly end conversations, distance herself for a time?

    I see you looking on angry and frustrated yourself. I feel like some of your anger is directed towards her for not taking the help she's been offered and leaving him. There is also anger in you for other things you know, other things he has done or have happened. I sense a lot of rage in your father and an even greater measure of fear.

    I sense infidelity of some kind and it isn't a well kept secret but its never been acknowledged.

    There is a LOT more here than what you've said, isn't there?

    What you need to know is that your mother has not been completely broken. She is a lot stronger than you realize and SHE knows it. The strength will eventually build up for her to put a stop to this but you have got to stop pushing her into a corner about it. Right now, she is tired of his abuse and everyone else pushing so she's going to dig her heels in and show all of you. Its her sort of passive aggressive way of standing up for herself.

    You have to stop pushing her to do what you want her to do. I feel like a big part of you wants her to leave him to assuage your own anger towards him. But this is her struggle, her story, not yours in the end. You have to be gentle and kindly tell her once in a while what a beautiful, strong, wonderful woman you think she is and how sad for her you are that she chooses to live a life not worthy of her. Leave him out of it and leave it at that.

    Its terribly hard, I know. I wish I could do something to make her and ALL women who suffer abuse value themselves enough to put a stop to it, but we can't control others. They have their own paths. We can only pray and support, guiding them lovingly as best we can, until they choose their own path out of it.

    I don't see her getting out of this very soon, but she will eventually. I don't know when, but it this situation will change.

    Blessings and Light

  • I'm bumping this in case anyone else can add or help:)

  • hisbablove

    I thank you so very very deeply for the reading.

    Everything you've said I believe is %100 right. I don't know what to say. I just realized what i have been doing and I feel so bad. I thought that by pushing her I was actually making her stronger but i was totally wrong. And you're right, there's a lot more that i didnt mentioned. I can't believe i was so blind. LIke you said, it is her strugle, her own story, not mine. And yes there is deep seated anger toward my father but not just that. I sometimes wished he was a better man to give him all the love i wish i could give him. I WILL totally stop pushing her now. I dont understand why didnt i see that. I even feel guilty for some of her suffering. I will give her my love and support more then ever and I will guide her and pray for her.

    About the infidelity, I didnt know about that. My father thinks that my mother is always cheating on him but is just his own insecurity because I know for certain that my mother is the most loyal person i know. His insecurity might come because he might be the one who cheated or is cheating. I can't believe it. I don't want to metion to my mother because I believe that lies always come to the surface by themselves. I will let everything go by itself. Whatever wrong he has done the universe will take charge of it. I want to thank you again for opening my eyes hisbablove and giving me hopes that my mother will be ok on her own. Many blessing and thank you again.

    Love and Peace to The World!

  • You are so very welcome! And thank you for the validation. It helps me a great deal to get that and I can then help others more, so you did a very good deed from which others will benefit by being so considerate and gracious:)

    Don't feel guilty at all! about your mother You did what anyone would do when we see a person suffering needlessly and believe we know how to get them out of it. Please don't beat yourself up about the love that prompted you to try and help your mother in the only ways you knew how. What kind of person would you have been to do nothing at all? You're a wonderful, caring person and have a lot to be proud of yourself for. It takes a great deal of wisdom and honesty to admit that some of your feelings were also about you, and your own hurts. Most people would flat out deny it and insist that was untrue. Be proud of your own courage and depth of understanding because it is outstanding.

    You don't have to share the rest, where I sensed that there was more to the story. Just look at it in terms of the whole picture and align your thinking with everything, all the facts in mind. It isn't important that I know them. It's important that you look at everything in the picture and see clearly so you can act clearly.

    Very wise to leave the infidelity bits out of it and leave it work itself out. No, your mother wasn't unfaithful:) we already knew that. But there is no need or place for you to get involved there. It just came through to me and I passed it on. You and I know that there are somethings we can't drag into the light if it isn't our place to do so:)

    I know a part of you might think that, if you got her to leave him your anger and hurt at his cruelty and what you see as his rejection of you and YOUR love as well, might be assuaged. But it won't. That is totally up to you to let go of. You aren't at his mercy but if you maintain this seed of anger and disappointment, he will always have an element of control and hurt over you, as well.

    I know also that a tiny part of you feels like if she leaves him and you leave with her, if he loses everyone and you all turn your backs on him, he might realize what he lost in losing her AND you and maybe even change, be the man you wish he was so you could love him and have his love, too. But recognize that you CAN love him, without his changing or realizing anything. You can love him because YOU have great love IN you and that love doesn't have anything to do with anyone or depend on anything. You don't love him for who or what he is, as unkind and selfish as he is. You love him because you are a loving person who can love despite the faults of those you love. That doesn't mean you have to have a relationship with him or allow him to have any impact or meaning in your life. It means you can love and let go of him so you can be free yourself. Free from the anger, the wishing, the hurt, the disappointment. Free of him.

    I wish you all the very best as you continue to grow in your own courage and insights. You are strong, compassionate, and more than able to overcome this and be happy and free in your own life. You will be more than fine:)

    Know that there are many here who are more than happy to help you along the way.

    Blessings and Love to you:)

  • I cannot thank you enough. It is as if you're reading me like a map. Every feeling and thought. Thank you for all the kind words and wonderful love. I will follow every word you're telling me with the determination to make a difference in me and others. I will let go because i know i can! I will love without expecting anything or trying to change anyone. I feel so blessed to have found such wonderful people like you. I love this place, it brings me so much peace and love. I wish i could repay you back. I send you lots of love and blessings. God bless you with his infinite love.

  • You don't have to thank me, though your sweet wishes and kind blessings are more than thanks enough. I really appreciate your good thoughts and prayers and wish the same for you many times over. You don't owe me anything at all, hon. The greatest return I can have in this gift I've been given is to be a help to others. You have given me that and I thank you wholeheartedly.

    I am so very, very happy that you have begun to free yourself from the hold this had on you and am touched that I was able to help you open up to the courage, love, and strength you always had in you.

    You WILL make a difference in yourself and the world. Those are not just kind words, my friend. Do you know how many people I and others read for that lack the clarity and insight you have shown in how clearly you have received and understood the messages given to you? Congratulate yourself and honor the great wisdom within you. You have it in you to great things for yourself and others. Believe and know that. I am very impressed with you.

    I agree that this is a place of great love and support full of wonderful people. You are one of them:)

    Please never hesitate to contact me anytime and DO keep in touch. I am happy to help you any way I can and really do want to know how you're doing.

    God bless you with infinite blessings, as well. You absolutely deserve all that and more.

  • Your words are so inspiriting they fill me with joy and strength. I wish I could help others like you do. For some reason I believe that I will someday, I am barely discovery the path that God wants me to follow and I know I will be able to help others. I thank you again and again. I will keep in touch and one day I will tell you great news! You know, since I was little I always wanted to make a difference in the world and now I see it clearly, I know how I will accomplish this, with God’s help of course and from wonderful people like you. I wish you lots of love, happiness, peace and harmony. May God keep you strong and wonderful, safe and healthy. Infinite blessing for you too. 😄

    Love and Peace To The World!

  • You have really amazed and moved me with your kindness, Suncappygirl. What you have said was more heartfelt and beautifully sweet than what most people I am even close to have said to me.

    It is beyond rare that we read for someone who has the wisdom to fully understand the message they are given, so that was a thrill enough for me, BUT to have someone so kind and generously encouraging is something I can say we may never get. It isn't that NO ONE appreciates the messages, because they do. Its more that it is often taken for granted that we simply pull these things out of thin air and its so easy to do. Worse yet, its often the case and VERY difficult for the reader to know that the person we read for is NOT open, and rejecting most of what they are getting without even trying to understand it.

    I'm telling you all this because I have a strong sense that you would want to develop your own gifts and I want you to be prepared for what that might mean. It is exhausting on every level, frustrating, and often very painful just for the reasons I gave you here. It is also a huge blessing, a life altering thing, and one of the most fulfilling, intensely profound things you can ever experience. You DO have gifts and abilities yet to be discovered. I encourage you to wait, pray, think, and move slowly down this path of self discovery you have just barely begun. You will have the ability to make huge differences in people's lives and the world around you. The light inside you is like a tiny flame that is getting bigger and brighter. In the right time and in the right way, it will burst forward and light the way for so much more. But be careful to remember that this is YOUR light first and shouldn't be burned out for others so you end up in the dark yourself and unable to help anyone. Don't expend all yourself and your energy trying to be that light. Its already there. Think of your inner self, that light, like a candle in your hand that you don't want to go out. You hold it out,lighting the way and letting others share in it, but you always protect the flame so it doesn't get blown out by the winds around it or others threatening it.

    The best way to help others is to remember yourself, preserve that light within you so you can extend it to others without its ever fading or going out.

    I am very happy that you have begun and are WILLING to discover your path in life. Most people won't even do that much, thinking they already have all the answers. You're very wise and courageous. Keep that a part of you because those who think they have all the answers are always the ones who both know nothing and learn nothing.

    You have already told me great news:) That you are strengthened, joyous, and open to discovery is wonderful news! You will and HAVE helped others already, by opening up to your SELF, you've done a lot. You are a very sweet, loving, and open soul. I'm very grateful to have met you.

    Your sincere prayers for me and good wishes are a precious, wonderful gift and I send you the same many times over. May all good things, all God's many blessings and gifts be yours always.

    Now go conquer the world, don't just save it:):)

    Blessings and Love to you!

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