Would like a reading for guidance

  • as i search for a new job and a new place in life, please tell me if i will be successful and not have to struggle all the time........i am a scorpio.......born oct 24, 1956 thanks for your help and advice

  • You will be successful and not have to struggle all the time.

    Once your eye is completely clean, clean of all the dust, once it becomes a pure mirror, it reflects that which is. And that is truth and truth liberates, but it has to be your own. There is only one possibility of liberation, that is your own truth. And all that you have to do is to create a dispassionate eye.

  • hy, good evening.

    one day someone said to me that i have the third eye.

    i don't know what that means. would you be kind please to explain me?


  • When your eyes start changing, a new vision hast started arising in you. In the East they have called it the third eye. It is symbolic. It is not that there is a third eye somewhere inside. A few foolish people even have tried to dissect dead bodies to find out where the third eye is. It is not anything physiological; it is only a metaphor. "Third eye" simply means a new kind of seeing.

    It takes a little time for that new kind of seeing to arise but it arises.


  • Your way is blocked.

    Never commit the same mistake again and again, that’s true—invent new mistakes every day. Be creative. Risk in new ways. And that’s what taoism is all about: to be risky, to live dangerously, to live without security and safety. To be tremendously in love with life is what taoism is.

  • hanswolfgang, do you see anything with me and my wife...10-23-61/09-17-76 is there a chance for this relationship to bloom????

  • dumastic,

    I see something with you and your wife. Sudden and unexpected change is coming.

    There is certainly a chance for this relationship to bloom.

    Either you will be exposed to spiritual knowledge, which is knowledge that leads one back to the self, or you will be challenged to let go of mental attitudes and beliefs that are keeping you trapped on lower levels of thought. The lowest side is negative thinking. The highest side is mental and spiritual revelation, expanded consciousness. How it manifests for you will depend upon your ability to elevate your thinking.

    Start with bliss. The old religious approach was to start with contentment. And they used to say—and it has been said in many scriptures of the world—that the contented person is blissful. Just the opposite is true: the blissful person is contented. And one who is not blissful, his contentment is bogus. So start by being blissful.

    The fear of transformation is just like the fear of death. It is a death, because the old will have to go and the new will come into being. You will be there no more, something totally unknown to you will be born out of you. The new cannot become a continuity with the old. The old must be discontinued. The old must go. Only then can the new come into being. The new is not an outgrowth of the old, the new is not continuous with it -- the new is totally new. And it comes only when the old dies. There is a gap between the old and the new -- that gap gives you the fear. You are afraid. You want to be transformed but simultaneously you want to remain the old. This is the deception. You want to grow, but you want to remain you. Then growth is impossible; then you can only deceive; then you can go on thinking and dreaming that something is happening, but nothing will happen because the basic point has been missed.

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