Anyone who can talk to the deceased or spirit guides, HELP!

  • My mom has been dreaming alot about her family, most of which is deceased. We dream things in my family and they come true or warn us of things that might happen. She suffers with immense guilt that she did not do enough for everyone when they were alive, and can't move on. I need to know if my grandmom is a guide, and if she is helping send dreams, or if she could be contacted to give my mom peace. She carries her death around her neck like the weight of doom. i think my uncle is trying to send her a message from behind bc his son was shown sitting at a bar really depressed, and my mom tried to console him . We have not had contact with them in a few years. I am shortening her description of it, but it sounded like one of those type of dreams that we sometimes have. The other one was about my cousin, who she was left feeling really angry and my cousin ruined my fathers truck and the way she acted reminded my mom of the past with me a little bc it upset her so much and it didn't make sense, and she was with a strange man and group. i have knowledge that my cousin was running with a man, I don't what is going to happen, but it happened around a dinner table, and we are going to dinner with them tuesday. Please someone shed some light, oh , and this cousin's mom is the daughter of her deceased sister. She never dreams frequently like this and maybe I can help her have some much needed peace that she deserves about why she is dreaming all of this stuff like crazy so suddenly. Please help, Please.

  • Your mom is very depressed. It's hard to seperate what's real and whats part of her distorted perspective. The dream of consoling a depressed nephew is actually your uncle telling her she needs help with her depression--the message was for you as well and it is why you feel it so urgently--the need to help her--she does need a complete physical--I see a blood sugar issue as well and some symptons she is hiding from you. Your mom has issues with holding in anger--this is so hard on her health as she gets older. She swallows her negative emotions--feels very guilty after being angry with someone. She has a distorted view of what can happen if she expresses anger or disapointment towards loved ones--like something bad will happen then it will be her fault. Of course the more she holds down the lid the more chance of exploding and overreacting and really feeling worse or turning it inside herself. She is very isolated right now. Don't let her withdraw so much--she needs to find a positive group of other ladies who she can vent with without feeling bad about herself. It's hard to do this when your depressed so you will need some help with this. It could be that with the blood sugar issue stabilizing it might help the emotional issues. All the dreams are in effort for her to accept that there is a problem and she needs to take care of herself better. Sorry I can't give you more right now--I'm tired and done for the night. Pray before sleep for answers. Write your dreams down and read them back out loud as they make more sense sometimes when we hear our own words.

  • Thank you for replying. Does this blood sugar issue have to do with alcoholism? What other symptoms is she hiding? I have tried to get her to come back to AA, even though as far as I know she is sober and she is reluctant. I don't know how to do it. I can't get her to go to a doctor either. She is a very powerful hurtful person when she is angry, u have that right. So much so that Id rather lie than be honest when doing things she does not approve of bc of the hellabalou that goes on when I am. She is not going to want to listen to me in the future less so bc I am going to make my own choices about things she is rigid about and it is going to drive a wedge between us. I don't know how to get her to go where she needs to go.

  • Now I pick up more on you than her. Th hugeness of your obsticle. In her state you are in no win situation. Because of her anger issues comunication between you or anyone who matters is doomed. Her cycle of inapropriate and misdirected rage is a reality you must always consider because you really do have to protect yourself more. Alcoholics often have sugar issues. In fact alchohol is a potent sugar rush and people who quit often do binge on sugar to compensate. I really feel it's more----borderline diabetes. This woman has so much bottled up rage---started early on so I'm seeing a difficult childhood. And she just kept gathering it. It's a terrible cycle bottling up ---exploding--the self loathing and guilt . She needs a psychiatric evaluation but I don't see it happening . There may be a time in the future if she does not get a physical with all the bloodwork she could end up in the hospital for fainting and if that happens you should tell the doctor treating her you've been concerned for some time and tell him she's very depressed--that gets their attention and he will probably send someone in to talk to her and she might just be receptive enough and scared enough to take some advice. Don't woryy too much about this as she will get some warning signs before anything scary happens health wise. She'l have a wake up call--those aren't always so bad. Many loved ones on the other side are whispering in her ear everynight. You need to really take care of yourself now as well. It is what it is. You can't change her. You can only change yourself by not getting sucked into her life. The AA would help exactly for the reason I mentioned earlier that she needs to just hang out with other people---just so she can learn to vent constructively. Spirit says right now letting go is ok. Do something you've wanted to do for a long time. You're inner child needs attention. This is a time for mothering yourself.

  • Are those same relatives the ones whispering in my ears lately when I dream things about the same person, and the events play out in reality? what do they want from me, if it is? thank you for telling me about my mother. As usual, it all boils down to being powerless over others lol. I am going to try to pray for her and turn her over to my higher powers that be like u said. but it is hard, bc I am her only child but I cant carry her forever.Thank u again.

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