Karma and how it affects our lives

  • Our family has been one to have to struggle often for years and years over the dumbest things. Sometimes "bad luck" seems to cloak us and follow us to hunt us down almost. I'm not trying to be negative just want to get my point across. I will be the first to admit my life has not been without faults or mistakes but none of which I thought could be life altering for generations. However it makes me pose this question, is karma kicking my butt? Or am I the recipient from the mistakes of another, perhaps generations ago? I'm not truly sure I want to hear the answers. And as much as I am trying to keep a positive outlook in spite of present circumstances I wonder often, what did I do to cause this to be my destiny? I only hope it is the proverbial bump in the road, of which there have been many. I welcome your insights and ask for your prayers.

  • Under the surface of everyone's lives exhists trials and tribulations unseen by others. Bad luck and tradjedy often strike seemingly all at once in the most unfair ways. It does not mean you are being punished for something. It is human nature to want a reason for bad events. To want answers does not garantee getting them. I believe we all choose our lives before birth. We choose events and challenges that will help us evolve to a higher conciesness. It is the essence of free will to take a bad hand and play it in our favour. Sometimes there is a faithful letting go we must give into when we are in the thick of turmoil--let go of the big WHY and put all our faith into something bigger than ourselves. It's the ultimate lesson in living in the moment and taking resposabilty for our own grateful hapiness. It realy is all we have in our control as we can't control everything that happens around us. Loved ones die, illness strikes, people betray us, money can disapear. If indeed you are tested more than usuall you are meant to turn the tables by letting go of the WHY ME thinking and move on to how can I survive intack through this and what is the lesson I can learn that will keep me capable of joy no matter what happens. You seem to be on the right track. Don't expect it will be easy all the time. It is work. Like any form of sel improvement you will get better at it. Let the darker days pass on their own--sometimes your just too tired to be strong. Repeat--this too shall pass.

  • Great response Blmoon. Everything is about letting go it seems.

    I especially liked the part "what is the lesson I can learn that will keep me capable of joy no matter what happens." I guess I needed to hear that. My prayers have been for patience, acceptance and fortitude. I seem to be going thru a low energy period. Pushing myself to do the holiday stuff on top of my general stuff.I've been angered easily irritable and not wanting to do it all. The preverbial try and get things done quickly and not enjoying it.I have not been in the moment. I know this too shall pass. I need an attitude shake up and a energy boost. I know the cold has something to do w/ it, I don't have a car and it takes some energy to ride my bike to my jobs and the xtra shopping etc. Any suggestions to help me shift into gratitude? I've read a lot of your responses to folks and appreciate your heartfelt perspective.



  • Thank you both for your responses. It is nice to see the perspective that this too shall pass and it's not only me. I knew that but man it sure is good to hear it. On a more personal note as you or others reading this have felt this way that you are somehow being targeted by things beyond your control has it run in lengthy cycles?

    Ours seems to be in it's third year or so now on this go around and the journey hasn't been an enjoyable one. But you are right I did take the perspective that these things occurred to benefit me somehow I just don't know in all circumstances in what way. I suppose time will tell. I appreciate the feedback.

  • Shift in gratirude? Best advice I found that really works and is simple--can do it as you drift off to sleep just start whispering outloud--your greatful list for the moment---little stuff we take for granted every day on to the really big things. I start with I am grateful for my comfy bed--(somewhere someone is on a cold floor or worse!) then I really take the moment to feel my bed--then grateful for my pillow--my blanket--my room and my air conditioning on a hot night or get to the really important yet forgotten graces like I am greatful for my toes--feel your perfect toes--and greatful for two legs that work--eyes that still can see--and on and on untill you drift into sleep. It puts you more in the moment and your energy changes and is less trapped in the past or fear of the future. It helped me after I lost a child. When the past is too painful and the future too scary finding something to celebrate in the moment is key to surviving the worst of times. What a great topic for the Christmas season. Thirty years ago I lost a sister in an automobile accident the day after Christmas. For years the sights and sounds of Christmas made me ill! I went through the motions for my young children. And now Christmas is one of my favorite times! I really do up the lights outside and it is so joyful to pull into my drive and see the HAPPY lights. I love decorating the tree! It is really joyful now. There is always the possibility for Grace on just the other side of sorrow. Holiday Blessing!

  • Blmoon that's a good idea. I guess in my own way I've sort of done that shifting but not as diligently as I could. I'll try to improve on that. In spite of many challenges in the last few years I still feel oddly positive that somehow I'm where I'm supposed to be and the guidance of where to go next just has not come my way yet. Sometimes that makes me nervous. Like I said we've sort of felt targeted in away so I keep waiting for the "what next" maybe I just need to settle for the "what is" instead. Thanks again for your viewpoint.

  • RC

    we are all here on the physical world to learn and move forward

    the universe throws us life challenges for us to overcome and learn from it

    how we deal with them, is what matters

    you have to live your life in positivity and balance

    in balance, because nothing can go far without it

    nurture your physical and your psyche in any way you can

    the psyche is your link to universe guidance

    never let this link rot or unhealthy, for without guidance you will always make mistakes in life

    and you won't know how to deal with life challenges hence you keep failing and lose hope

    live in positivity, because the univers returns us what we send out

    it is not out there to punish us, it is out there to teach us

    refrain from negativity, anger/despair/wishing others bad luck/jealousy/revenge/lies/denials and dwelling in the past

    all these will be returned to you if you send them out

    revenge is not necessary, since if someone wrongs you, the universe will send them back what they send out. it's the same fo everybody.

    living in lies and denials will not move you forward anywhere, neither dwelling in the past

    make a fresh start. to start fresh is to start clean.

    open the door to the past, learn from it. your rights and wrong.

    There is no single person always right, we all have our shares of wrongs

    Make amends when necessary and possible

    then from now on, base your actions/words/thoughts on love and tolerance

    starting everything is always hard, but don't give up

    there is no one person always lucky

    maybe they are living easy life in this life time,

    but in the next or the past, it;s not the case

    because to the universe we are all equal

    all lessons have to be learned and experienced, plain and simple

    whenever you find yourself being negative, turn inward and tell yourself This too shall pass

    repeatedly until you regain calmness and control

    if you find yourself being or will be negative to someone who wrongs you, stop and withdraw

    change your tone and say "I am a human being like you. You have to treat me like one"

    repeat until the other person gets it. If they don't, leave it to the universe. It will take care of it. again, what we send out is what we get back.

    Then remember your goals in life and channel your energy to achieve them

    Don't fret if you fail now and then, keep trying. It will get better by practice.

    Reprogram your thoughts, make an affirmation you can say any time, out loud or in mind

    such as "I will live in balance and positivity. I believe the universe will provide me the help I need" or make your own. Like everything else, it will get better by practice

    If you need help to overcome nervousness/ anxiety, get Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, homeopathy shop has it.

    many of us do not know how much negativity can hurt

    they send this out all the time, yelling, cursing, wishing bad things happen, casting harmful spells etc none of these ever solve problems permanently

    instead it has caused more miseries to themselves and to the ones they send negativity to

    to themselves, because the universe returns it to them

    to others that they send it to

    all these, on top of life challenges the universe send all of us

    life has become unbearable to many and the universe keeps getting the blame

    in everything, the change has to start from within

    our future is our own making. choose to live.

    there is no life in negativity. positivity supports life.

    yours, your family, your career, your children, your relationship, your future and theirs

    let me know if you need info about protection/cleansing/nurturing psyche

    bye now and may the universe shares you its abundance

  • need to add:

    open the door to the past, learn from it. your rights and wrong.

    then close it. never dwell in it. if you do, past hurts will keep cpming back and drain you.

    take care.

  • leoscorpion, I feel like you are so right. A part of me has a hard time forgiving myself for past regrets or wrongs. And I think by not letting go of that, that I have somehow held myself back and it is very draining.

    I've managed against the odds to feel more positive about a lot of things. So I am fighting the negativity to keep it at a distance or out of my life. That makes me feel much better overall. I have one person in my life who seems to be consumed with negativity and angry at the world and me personally for no apparent reason. I've tried to help her see that things are not as bad as she makes them out to be. That negativity is very draining and a constant source of conflict. I find myself not wanting to be confrontational so I try to ignore it or not bring about an argument about it. But I realize later that by not wanting to upset her further I am taking on the hurt/harm myself a bit. I catch myself mumbling about why do you have to be so negative and I know that is having an affect on me. Even though I try not to absorb it myself. I was similarly negative in my youth and wonder if this isn't karmically revisiting me somehow. What are your thoughts on that?

  • I wanted to thank you one & all for responding to my inquiries here. As the new year approaches I want to start on a good footing and not have anyone feel ignored or unimportant. During the holidays we all get busy with other endeavors but I wanted you to know I very much appreciate your input.. Have a safe, happy & healthy new year.

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