Mysterious Leo woman perplexing cancer man

  • Yeah, I'm out of my element as a single guy. I can't get impatient; however, women can tell desperation a mile away and it turns them off! Anyway, I think when i become content just being with me someone will appear.

    No, you did not hurt my feelings. I understand that people don't get Cancers. But it they took the time they would have the full attention of a very softhearted caring person. I think that's the part that's most missed by other sign when valuing Cancers.

    I still don't know if she will make it back for xmas. She's looking into flights. Hope so.

    You take care yourself, really good conversing with you. I don't converse with many adults as I using working at home alone.

    Bye Leoscorpion

  • lawdawg

    You are right.

    "become content just being with me someone will appear"

    I hope for the best though, I always do.

    and if you want to have some fun, maybe show off your photo

    no face, don't worry and don't be shy 🙂 will be good to see a Cancer man's pic there

    they have a leo and a virgo already

  • Looks like you were right all alone leoscorpion. I was able to use my sources to determine that it is definitely a domestic violence issue with the ex. Has caused a lot of pain and fear. Man to have to go hundreds of miles to get away from someone must be hard.

    Thanks for your insight. I would have came off like a heel it I had question her intergity. Wow huge mistake avoided.


  • lawdawg

    innocent till proven guilty

    I am prejudice too. but then again I don't work in your field.

    hahah Cancer man. you really are something 🙂 love does this to you eh?

    you know I once have a close friend Cancer man. he has a crush on a girl. one day he saw her driving a nice car. and he told me she has a sugar daddy. I'm like 'dude, she could be rich'

    seriously, you guys are funny. that girl wasn't rich, though, it turns out she is one big spender. of course she might end up needing sugar daddy, but then again, at the time she didn't have one!

    by the way, how about making it up to the ladies? you said you are attractive.

    how about showing off some? no face, no vulgarity, no worries... the link is above your post

  • I only read the first page an your last entry. To be honest, I saw it as deception and was thinking if she was at a point of asking you to wait... then refusing to tell you her name.. something big was being hidden. Even though now you think it's about abuse, the fact that she didn't offer any details/reassurance as to why she couldn't say, is concerning. Sure, it makes sense, if she's hiding from an abuser... But please remember that you also said she goes missing from you as well. I just get a fishy feeling. Also, running from an abuser and not being able to be honest by sharing the basics like, "look, my ex scares me so I'm hiding and would rather not share my last name yet."... Well, she has a lot of healing to do that can't be fixed just by experiencing good love (from a good mad like you). Healing, OR there are other secrets.. Sorry, just my gut feeling and wanting you to be prepared for either emotional drama or finding out she's hiding something else.

  • Yeah, I hear you. Don't know what to make of this one. I've been out of the game so long, I don't know what is normal in this e-dating environment. We got together over Christmas and had a great, intimate time. Explored each other's heads and bodies. I connected with her on so many levels.

    She explained the abuse and it is real. My intuition tells me that she is very afraid of this guy and i believe she is running not so much from fear of physical violence as it is for fear of giving into him.

    I admit, however, the abuse does not explain her disappearing and non-communication. She left on Saturday night and told me to call her the next day. i sent her a nice email and also left a message on her voicemail. Nothing! not a peep. So I don't know what to think. Do you think this is some type of test to see if I am clingy or to make my heart grow fonder? So I'm not pouring my heart out as of yet.

    My problem is that now I don't know how to proceed with my dating life. Am I being a jerk and unfaithful by continuing to pursue other women? I know she values fidelity; however, this disappearing act and lack of communication doesn't give me a lot to hang my hat on. I enjoy her so do I have to totally give her up or take what she is willing and able to give.

  • Lawdawg

    Now that you know it was abuse and she did spend holidays with you

    I don't think she is testing you, more likely she has other problems she is not telling you

    I think it's something related to her family or she is not ready to settle with you yet

    It is kind of rare actually that a Leo not communicative with their loved one

    after spending time together

    but in the forum it's the other way around, Cancer males not communicating LOL

    anyway I'm glad at least you get to spend holidays with her and find out more about her past

  • Yeah, she had to leave on New Year day for a project implementation meeting out of state. She was gone until Jan. 18th and came by my house straight from the airport. We had a wonderful evening and she left the next morning.

    Here's where things went really bad. Ok, she had been out of town for 18 days then I didn't see her on Tuesday. I emailed her at 11:00 am for a date for dinner and a movie but she said she had a date with her roomate. I called her of Thursday to get together that day or Friday but she said she had made previous plans. She says she did not know I wanted to go out with her. She saids she never assumes anything and since we did not have plans she as a planner made some of her own. I said that it was funny that it never occured to her to make plans with me. Given she had been gone so long if she cared I would think I would rate over roommates and friends.

    Well that was it for me. I emailed her and told her that I could not be in a relationship with her when she put so little effort in seeing me. I said "I'm out"... That supposively hurt her to the core according to her and the thought that was really cruel. I know Cancer's are moody, but cut me some slack here. I see her after Thanksgiving and she's gone until XMas. I see her from Xmas to New Year and she's gone until MLK day on the 18th. Then she blows into town, wham, bam, thank you sir and then she puts me off for a week. Was I wrong? Being a typical Cancer? Or, was this actually a relationship asking for a merciful death???

  • Lawdawg

    It is kind of strange I mean if she loves you she can't stand not communicating with you, not seeing you etc. but this is just Leo in general, so I really can't tell for each individual especially someone with her past. She really needs to get over her past hurt, or she will not be able to commit to anyone or have a serious relationship anymore.

    maybe she also feels pressured that you want to see her more often. she travels a lot, it doesn't seem her schedule is light at all. I read that Cancer is a homebody, well we are not. You are emotional and intuitive, well we are not, at least not in the same degree as you are. She won't able to deal with your emotional outburst, she will most likely call it emotional blackmail. It's not the first email where you demanded her to spend time with you, am I right?

    You already sent that email, saying you are out. She will probably bend to your request this time but sooner or later she will get tired of it and bail out. Maybe it's good idea to take your time off from each other. Give her time to heal and reschedule, so that she can set up time for herself - which may include you (or not, because you are out?) .

  • I know, but how does she get away with demanding that we be exclusive if she is not going to be there for some of my needs. She wrote me while she was on the road and said that she had told an old flame that she was in a new relationship with me. Then see writes me and says "tell me your mine" because she did not want to take things for granted. I'm thinking this means we are on the same page. We are together.

    Why does she get to dictate when, where, how we spend time together? Isn't a relationship about face time. I could take her bouncing in and out of my life on her work excursions if we defined the relationship less exclusively. Or, she reciprocated with time and intimacy when she returns. As is, if I was caught with my hands in the cookie jar I'd be a heel and a cheat. I've been cheated on bad and just don't want to be that person. I know the pain that can cause. She was only to be home for two weeks before her next out of town assignment. So only giving me one day, then a week of no contact seem odd doesn't it?

    I guess it's over anyway. You are right, I did say I was out so I guess that is that. I just think this was an impossible situation for me. The one good thing is I won't be suffering the next time she hits the road for parts unknown. The bad part is she is very passionate and loveable one on one. She's just doesn't seem to think about my feelings or how her actions affect me. When would you let someone go who wasn't given you enough face time? Don't you think her saying she made previous plans for her first week back for Wed, Thur, and Friday night was a slap in the face?

    I ended it but I'm not happy. I just felt that to let her treat me that way was making me a victim. She gets to do her job, fly into town for some good loving, then visit with her friend and off again. I get a brief encounter and I'm stuck with emptiness for the next several weeks. Doesn't see proportionate.

  • Lawdawg

    Seems like she is not making relationship a priority, maybe because of her past or she is just enjoying her career and her travel. Whatever it is, she needs to really sort out her priorities.

    We do love ourselves, and when uncontrolled, we become selfish - embracing all the limelights and ignore everyone else. Yeah maybe it's for the best that you split up for now. She is definitely possessive, but the way she is treating you seems like her possessiveness is getting out of hand.

    She needs to do some inner work, doesn't seem she is balanced, all material and career pursuit taking all her time. I know for sure she loves you, she wants you to be there for her, but she is not always there for you. No, it doesn't sound proportionate to me either.

    "I ended it but I'm not happy."

    This is normal. You went through divorce yourself, and it was 30 yrs of marriage. Must be difficult. Give yourself time to heal. Everyone goes through that, regardless the age.

    The chart I did was based on her age which might not be her real age. At this point it doesn't matter, but if you still want to know, I'll see what I can do. I would need actual birth date (mm/dd/yy), time of birth, and location of birth. Your source should have it handy. Or, if you feel like it, I can do yours. Would need your birth date (mm/dd/yy), time of birth, and location of birth.

    Bye now gotta sleep

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