Mysterious Leo woman perplexing cancer man

  • Yes I think I'm pass the point of no return. My email caused a lot of turmult in a very young relationship and I believe she was sincerely hurt. She thought I was demanding her presence becausing I was demanding intimacy. I assured her that the only demand I was making was for her presence long enough to allow love to blossum.

    She believed my version and texted me from the airport before her holiday flight. She will be heading back to home to spend xmas with me and put this behind us. She also gave me her last name. It was a big fuss as people say Cancers are known for. I don't know any other way to get someone to treat me the way I expect or delight in being treated. I hope she can hang.

    Thanks to you all but one last favor: leoscorpion are there any tid bits or clues you can give me going forward to keep leo interested and content in this relationship??? It's hard out there in the dating game and I just want to be with her for a while if possible.

    Thanks again

  • Just going through the negatives in the chart a bit. Hopefully I've covered most previously:

    Venus - Mars

    Negative aspect: A love that is particularly based on physical understanding, a passionate love with all its negative sides: possessiveness, jealousy, aggressiveness. Such a union is unlikely to last.

    I've mentioned her possesive and selfish in my previous note. Being possessive, she is prone to jealousy almost immediately. I'm not sure how you relate to women in general: at work, strangers etc. But as soon as you notice she is jealous, do your best to explain or change the whole attitude towards women 🙂 To you it may be nothing, to her it's a big thing.

    Saturn - Uranus

    Negative aspect: Complete mutual lack of comprehension. This relationship is to be avoided, or else countless conflicts will arise.

    This one I mentioned it too. Lack of understanding. But it's not a big deal if you keep communication open. Your feelings, concern, dreams, objections, hopes, sadness - basically everything, you have to say it and act on it. She can't 'read' you, unless she is psychic. She will go with your words and actions, what she can see and hear.

    You on the other hand, can 'read' her. When in doubt, tune into your intuition regularly and focus. You might not need to do this when it comes to her feelings because she will display it or say it as it is. She is a fire sign, we don't contain anything much.

    Jupiter - Uranus

    Negative aspect: An unfavorable union, nothing in common.

    There isn't much in common between you two. But a relationship is to complete each other, so commonness is not necessary. Don't let her take control of the relationship, her masculine trait will promt her to do this without her realizing it. But at the same time, find middle ground.

    Saturn - Neptune

    Negative aspect: Unlucky union.

    Saturn rules perseverance, hard work. Neptune rules dreams, hopes. To achieve any dream or hope, you have to work hard and persevere. There are more positive aspects than negative in the chart. This shows challenges that come, can be overcome. Both of you have the same hope towards the relationship, it only takes working it out together.

    "She thought I was demanding her presence becausing I was demanding intimacy"

    Exactly. She puts her guard up due to past experience. Jumped up to leave while you were kissing, because of that. She was afraid passion would hurt her again, her past marriage might have been based on passion and look what it did to her now?

    "She believed my version and texted me from the airport before her holiday flight. She also gave me her last name.She will be heading back to home to spend xmas with me and put this behind us "

    Awesome!! You make her feel safe by saying you want love not pure passion.

    Leo is a fire sign. We like to own things. To her, you are her possession. She will do almost anything in her power for you, provided you are loyal and reliable. Reliability is a big thing for her. When you said "no' to her question 'will you be there when I comes back"

    this makes her think you are not reliable, trying to take control of her life. For a one month relationship? it's a no no. The more you know her, the more you will see that deep inside she is just a cat. She needs to feel secure, who doesn't? Once she feels secure, her selfishness/ ego will not show its ugly head anymore.

    All the best. lawdawg. Man I should be a writer, get paid for this. LOL kidding

    The universe will pay me. It always does. Bye now take care

  • You're right! You're good! I am very thankful for your analysis and thoughtful instructions. Have a good holiday and if there's anything to Karma, you're due.


  • thank you

    good to learn about cancer man from you

    take care

  • Bog bold and blinking red sign MARRIED! and them some!

  • BLmoon

    I would leave it to lawdawg to decide.

    he has got her last name now.

    he is an attorney so he can check on her

    I believe his intuition, and he said she is not fake to him.

    he will find out whether she is filing for divorce or already divorced

  • Actually, I was going to pass on what I saw! Just keep it to myself. But then read hisbabloves post and chimed in before even read anything else. Of course he'll decide--like anything I could say would change a thing in his mind! Just wanted hisbablove to know I saw the same thing, what she's looking to score--and I hope we are wrong but you are right on--he can take care of himself! Wishing you the best lawdog. Glad to hear you cleared things up and are happy now.

  • thanks for sharing BLmoon

    you truly are gifted I've seen your readings quite a lot

  • Blmoon,

    I wanted to validate what you got and thank you for your open heart and open mind. Lawdawg knows what he knows and, as his post said, he feels he is past the point of no return and "just wants to be with her for a while if possible." We have no reason to worry about him since he knows what he is doing and what his heart tells him to do. Whether we are wrong or not is irrelevant.

    You ARE truly gifted and I respect very much your ability to give the messages you get and the wisdom to know when to let go and let the chips fall where they may. I have only gotten the first half right but I, at least, don't delude myself into thinking my every word and thought is a pearl of wisdom, which is why I try so hard to get others to see the way to their own answers but get so bothered when they don't.'

    Libraslair might go nuts trying to teach me to give the message and just let go, so congratulate yourself on both your gift of giving messages and your wisdom in leaving it at that.

    Blessings and Light

  • Yeah, her status is still an open question. I'm not totally convinced that she is free, whether that be legally or emotionally. I have been through the e-dating ringer and am sick of dating flops for the winter. This leo woman fascinates me and if I can date her down while keeping my wits about me that would be great.

    I know I can fall for this lady and get hurt but unlike typical cancerian natives, I won't allow by fear of being hurt to keep in me in my shell. Hell if I healed from a 30 marriage, I can heal from a winter affiar if it goes bad.

    I still have a problem with the non-contact while on the road. Like I've emailed her twice since yesterday morning and have not hear any response. Don't know if it's because she's a focus workacoholic or not. But I recently dated a Virgo that was the same way. She put work first and worked 16 hours a day.

    I will see if my trust is misplaced.

    Thanks all

  • Lawdawg

    This is your first thread :

    "At first, I thought ok she left what she says was a 20 year marry and her husband would not leave her alone. So she move from LA to Seattle to get away from him."

    You didn't write 'her ex' but you wrote 'her husband'. It could be mistypo, of course. But it's too much of a typo, if you know what I mean. Your intuition already tells you this, you really don't need anyone else to tell you. Listen to your intuition. You have used it a lot, being an attorney 🙂 In fact it could be your intuition that prompted you to get her last name. You might miss a bit here and there, but nobody's perfect.

    I can't tell you she is filing for divorce or already divorced. But I have no doubt she is falling for you, and the man she is/was married to, she has no feelings for him anymore. The marriage already ended and she moved away, so it is more like separated life. This is why she can spend Christmas with anybody she wants without her husband (or her son) disagreeing. If she is still married, there is nothing wrong going on and still living under the same roof, they will definitely react against her spending christmas somewhere else, don't you think? And she chose to spend it with you. You definitely have her, inside and out. Whatever it is, emotionally she is no longer married. She gave her last name, another clue she is into you. Last name is not important to her, but she gives it out anyway, simply because that's what you want. You have the resources to check on her, I would you let you decide that. But you can get her to tell you everything, this Christmas. Word it carefully, remember she goes with what you say and do, she doesn't 'read' you out of what she hears and sees. Build it slowly, so she doesn't get defensive too fast. Oh well, what am I saying? Cancers know how 🙂

    It sounds odd but I'm still happy for you as if there is nothing to be concerned about. I have to say though, Mars retro in Leo will delay progress in relationship (for leos, not cancers). Any wonderful development won't happen until March. The retro starts Dec 20. if she already filed or will file this winter, she won't hear anything until Spring. About the work hours, yeah when it comes to work, she is workaholic. It's all in the description I wrote. Not all Leos are like that, of course, but the element she was born in, contributes to it.

    Bye now. I hope the best for you two.

  • You know it's silly but I don't really think it's another man. I mean, i didn't mention it but I think it's important now. I met her on when her picture and profile showed up in my email. Nobody that having an out and out affair would do so by joining a e-mating service.

    I guess my fear was that maybe I was not the only match. You would be surprise at how people are using e-harmony and to get weekend hook-ups. It's getting so you can tell the players without a score card.

    Anyway, I think that saying husband vs. ex-husband says more about me. As I still refer to my ex-wife as my wife in conversations with strangers. Something about ex that won't roll off my tongue. If I do like you say and use my intuition. I sense that she is very lonely and very afraid of her state of loneliness. It is uncomfortable to her and she did not prepare to be alone at this time in her life. Same here, starting over at this age is spooky.

    As for the lack of communication, it's probably my need for attention. I wrote her so why hasn't she wrote back??? Well I'm an attorney. When not in court, I in front of the computer most of the time doing research and writting briefs. She's has to interact with people in meeting and doing presentation in different cities all over the country. I admit I don't really know. But I don't want to let my fears and rush to judgment cause me to lose this woman. I am captivated.

  • LOL you're so funny. One minute I thought you were down, then the next you are up.

    I can sense your jealousy. you think she is out there with someone else, not working.

    what you describe, that's what project implementator does.

    meeting after meeting, presentation, research, communication, following up, reports, analysis ..

    I had to meet one for small business. he travels around the world, to meet suppliers

    what project? marketing, communication, scientific ..??

    and you don't say ex, even if it's legally correct?

    this is just so confusing LOL if it's true she is your ex why don't you just say it as it is

    man I never had headache in this forum before and I'm not even involved with you

    and so many threads about Cancer men here LOL now I know what these ladies go through

  • Well Cancers are a ball of emotions. Highs and Lows. But for the most part I have been able to narrow my mood swings within a tighter range as I have aged. I've had that problem for most of my life. I would say something with Cancerian emotions and the other person would assign the emotion onto me instead of the object that i am directing toward. It's really frustrating because women end up thinking I'm a lot more in love than I am and they are hurt when that level of love is never expressed.

    Anyway, no not jealousy over that exactly. I don't know her well enough to be jealous of her actions. She wasn't exacting sitting around waiting for me to come alone. Let say, however, she is dating others. I wouldn't understand then why she would put me through the Leave it to Beaver dating protocol. That would be misrepresentation. That would also make all of that I want you as my mann stuff so sort of line. Hope not, but she never talks like that when we are together. It really just friendly with that just met undertones.

    She gets project managers in the information technology field on implementation schedules I guess. I will give you another Cancerian secret. Because we are so emotional, we use a lot of hyperbole. We will say, "I'm a one woman's man" Which we mean, that we will normally be faithful unless something goes wrong in our relationship. However, we say it with such emotional sincerity the other person may believe that we are physically incapable of having an affair. OK, way off the subject.

    Oh, the ex thing. Cancers hate to lose anything that was in a sense theirs. Be it that nickel they saved with the Indian head from childhood or their soap on a rope the never used. But especially to lose a love one. Family is a prize possession. It is the center of the Cancerian universe. A Cancer without a family to share is probably using less that 50 of his cosmic and maybe genetic makeup. So ex is a bad word. When it's legally necessary then they will comply but not a minute sooner.

  • Interesting. so ex is a bad word. I mean I hate losing things too but when it comes to relationship, there are 2 adults involved. I can't say the other party 'stole' my spouse, because really this other woman can only have him if he wants to be with her. So maybe losing things I hate it and can;t forget, but if it's a spouse, I'd rather leave him in the past and look for another.

    It will definitely be painful, hard to heal from the past, hurting my pride and all. I wouldn't forgive him either, over my dead body sort of thing. I guess in my case, an ex is an enemy.

    "However, we say it with such emotional sincerity the other person may believe that we are physically incapable of having an affair."

    I think this rings true for men in general. I don't know women. I did tell hubby I will have an affair if he has one. But then one day I was suspicious he was having one, and yet I couldn't seem to have an affair to hurt him back. So I guess I can't LOL he didn't have one, but I think it was close. I will though hunt this woman down if the affair ever happens, but not necessarily have an affair myself. I believe that if a relationship is not happy one, we should work it out. If all else fails, we have to get out of it, before starting new one. So you mean you can be emotionally happy but still physically have an affair??

    "she never talks like that when we are together"

    She is now possessive of you. Another sign she is falling for you. We scare men all the time with this possessiveness 🙂 but what they don't know is that if you are hers, she will do anything for you. Not right away and not without ego fight, but soon enough. My husband and I are in a marriage long enough for him to know this, and so he choose me over this whoever homewrecker. I used to quarrel people who call him stupid etc. When he has problems with his employer I kept pushing him to find a lawyer. I never bought anything new for myself for 5 years, yeah seriously, and cut down our expenses to basic (with all the quarrels with some companies over contracts). I defend him against my family too, misunderstanding get big. It's over now. But he gets the idea. Wouldn't you do anything for love? because she would.

    You're not jealous, not sure if it's a good thing. If you are not jealous then you are not in love.

    Am I right? Or is this what you mean by this :

    " It's really frustrating because women end up thinking I'm a lot more in love than I am and they are hurt when that level of love is never expressed. "

    Wow she has a cool job - and hectic schedule of course. No wonder the 16 hrs work. What about your job? what do you do if there is no legal case? or is there hardly time for yourself?

    No worries. I'm not spreading Cancer secret LOL. I can't live with time bomb so no Cancer man for me. I'm in my 30s, and most Cancer men in the threads here are about that I think.

    Sure if they are older, it must get better, like everyone else. Phew I'm glad I'm not with one.

  • We have our problems but we are not all bad. Cancer can make a woman feel that there is no other women in the world. He can hold her in a way that melts away all fear and self-doubt. There will be no lonely days or nights if the Cancer is in love because he will shower her with emotions that warms the heart and fuels the eternel flames of love.

    Cancer are very prosperous as signs go and very generous so he will flower her with material things and she will have a open checkbook before her. My ex-wife, did not work at all. I paid for two undergraduate degrees, a law degree and all she had to do was sit at home and study. See never shopped for food, or cooked and rarely cleaned the house. I reviewed and edited every paper in undergrad and graduate school. Also, until we parted I reviewed all of her briefs and even emails to important clients. I did this because she came from poor beginnings and she was driven to get her education. My job was to give her whatever level of support she needed to achieve that goal and she did. To this day she would not admit that without my support she would never have gotten into law school let alone graduate.

    I mean that sometimes people say they will never have an affair but have no idea what going on in the recesses of their psyche. I am a student of Karl Jung the Psychologist. His theory which form the foundation for psycho-analysis after Freud fell from fame, speak of the tenancy for the psyche to rebell against our more cherished aims. We deprive ourselves of something that is a need or want and we plant it deep in our subconcious where it festers and grows until it eventually finds expression on it's own. Like the mid-life crisis effect. Or the preacher who runs off with the deacon's wife. Jung says that such suppressed desires if not understood via dream analysis, meditation, or artistic pursuits find self-expression against the consious will. Therefore, we all are capable of affairs the conditions to evoke that act just has not ocurred.

    Jealousy is really a selfish act. It is feed by our ego not our heart. I can understand on a purely intellectual and biological level the need that she may have to be involved with others. The commitment with her was not here when these act manifested. So, I would be arrogant to be jealous that her world did not emcompass me, before me. I would never say this in public but I don't believe that love gives us the right to control somebody else's body. I say I love her and she reciprocates, therefore, all of her love, lust and emotions must be governed by that fact. If she slips or deviates from that promise to let me govern her biology it is betrayal. It's hard being human, just ask Tiger Woods. Why in the world would a hunter-gatherer want to be extremely rich, handsome and famous if it was not to be desired and to conquer. It's biological. Could he have control it maybe... And he's a Capricorn for god's sake, one of the most faithful signs in the zodiac.

    Ok 30, have a great life. Remember it's not quantity, it's quality. Love does not conquer all, people do. Love can but seldom lasts forever and there is no storm in nature that lasts forever.

  • yeah I was surprised with Tiger Woods but maybe I shouldn't. I was wondering how he managed to stay faithful, being rich and famous like that. Oh well, now it's all clear he is not.

    Jealousy is negative, in terms of energy. I don't know Jung though, so maybe he doesn't say anything about the concept of energy and the universe. I don't like sending negative energy out, but then again, I am only human. If I feel my husband is paying an attention to another woman, I of course will be jealous. It's not betrayal until he does it physically though. There is no way we can contain energy, but we can channel it to something else other than negative.

    I guess to each their own. I believe if two people say they love each other, they belong to each other, be it physically/emotionally. I can't say I never lust anyone, of course I have 🙂 I'm a Leo. But I wouldn't say I love someone and give my body to another for lust. That just doesn't make sense, since the body would belong the one I love. It's not his because he said he loves me, but because I love him. Of course, if he said he loves me and his body is not mine, I won't bother continuing with the relationship. It's not equal, plus to me he is lying.

    I think most Leos females think this way. at least I hope. or else they will all be sleeping around in the name of lust LOL what a mess! Your wife didn't clean the house, cook or shop? I didn't have to, but I want to. Because I think it's not fair my husband works hard and I don't do anything. We are equal in the relationship, that is how I see it. But if you can afford a maid or cook, she won't bother learning how to cook and all that. Makes sense.

    Yeah this year has been great year for me and the universe has more in store for me in 2010. I left my original religion, nothing bad about it, I was baptized in it when I was young so it wasn't my choice. I now choose to walk the path the universe tells me to. It feels great, finding my path. I will be 35 next year, wish I found my path earlier, but better late than never 🙂

    Bye now off to bed.

  • Just up and thinking. That thing about jealousy. Everbody's jealous it's just when or why. About fidelity i also agree. I'm a poster child. No, never had a maid or keeper. I did it so that she could pursue her dream. Because i loved her...

  • Oh, I wish you well in your new pursuit. I feel it does and will serve you well. As my intuition tells me you are an enlighten soul...

  • I just got up. Weekend is all housechores day for me.

    Thanks for the well wish. It is where the universe wants me to go.

    Maybe this sounds weird to you 🙂 but yeah we do have a conversation now and then

    I wish you well too lawdawg. You really sound like you have a heart of gold.

    Due to my past experiences I didn't believe there is such a person

    But I was proven wrong quite a few times. My hubby and those I met truly walk in spiritual path.

    I'd like to believe you do too. I have heard a few lawyers do apply spiritual teachings in their practice. Not joking. I'll find out their names, you might actually know them.

    My past is in the past. I'm trying to close the doors, one by one.

    It isn't easy sometimes I vent 🙂

    I hope you will find someone you deserve lawdawg

    I still feel there is nothing to be concerned about this Leo woman

    although it's hard for us to get over possessiveness and selfishness and past hurts

    her work schedule too, can get in the way I'd imagine

    But your intuition will tell you what you need to know

    Sorry if I said anything about Cancer men that hurt you

    I actually think you guys are both funny and scary

    I never ever have trust issue with you guys, it wasn't romantic though so maybe it's different

    thanks for your info about them though that's really nice of you

    Hope you're ready for romantic dinner :):) not too far now 🙂

    tell us how it goes, if it's Ok for you of course

    take care !

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