Has anyone experienced this sort of thing?

  • Hi everyone, I was showing my Husband how to meditate with the heart chakra, starting with the rose bud in the chest, seeing in your mind the pink light surrounding the chest area, then imagining the rose opening up continuously to one thousand pedals, when we were doing this I cupped my hands around his chest and opened my hands in front of his face, I visualized capturing the rose essence, he opened his eyes and told me that there was a very strong smell of a sweet rose in the room, then I explained to him what I did, we were both amazed. I did this once before, I said to him a couple of years ago lets see if I can create the smell of a tomatoe in the middle of my cupped hands, and I did, the scent was unmistakable, a fresh tomatoe such as just being plucked off the vine. Can any one maybe explain what happened,because it may have been some kind of suggestive telepathy, or hypnosis, if that was the case then why would this happen when his eyes were closed during the rose incident.

  • There are many things like this that can happen during meditation. That is because meditation is real; something is really happening. It is not just for play. When two people do this together, there is a communication between the two that is as i even the two are one. That is not necessarily good, but may bring some experiences like this. The reason that I say it is not necessary good, is that one need to understand the purpose of meditation. The purpose should in my own view be inner healing. So what may be right for one person, may be wrong for another. That is why people should not use will in attempt to become healed, but rather release will. When the will is let go of, a new kind of calmness arises. The calmness where the mind and heart is still. I am sure this is the purpose of any meditation.

    Anyway, I dont see anything bad in this happening. I dont mean that.But I would not advice you to do this as a habit, since you obviously were controlling his meditation at the time. That is not advicable to do on a regular basis.

    You could say that this is a kind of manipulation of senses, where you are manipulating (controlling) his experience in the meditation. Seems that you have a strong ability to create emotions in others, or at least in him. Could be because you are so close from before, since you are a married couple.

    Interesting that you could do such a thing, though. It is good that your husband is willing to follow your advices in order to gain inner stillness. Many men would not do such a thing. Many men would feel negative towards that.

    Wish you the best.

    Hanged Woman

  • What about the tomatoe incident?

  • The tomatoe incident was not meditating , but I felt a magical happy kind of creativeness with in me.

  • Hi TheHangedWoman, thank you for responding, I think that I have a deep connection with nature, I have sat on the beach with my husband and we were discussing things and I asked the birds to give me a sign if I was correct in what I thought in connection to our conversation, I said if I am correct then I would like to see the birds fly in a circle over my head, within seconds this happened, this is one of many incidents in my life since child hood. My grandfather and uncle opened all of the trancindental meditation centers in Canada, but I was not allowed to study it because of my families belief systems. I am looking for a teacher who can help me in a positive way since I am not interested in any one feeding my fears any longer.

  • TheHangedWoman, I really appreciate your answer, don't want to sound ungrateful,I am wondering if you or any one can teach me about why or how these things work and how I can use this ability to help others and understand that I am not alone in this.Thank you. This is not easy for me to share, since I have had negative feed back all of my life from people who do not understand. Blessings to you and yours.

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