Help with a Reading

  • Hi.

    I've been doing Tarot for little over a year, and I usually can get a fairly clear interpretation. However, I recently cast the cards (Celtic Cross) and I'm not quite sure how to interpret them. Any interpretations would be appreciated:

    Card 1 - Wheel of Fortune

    Card 2 - The Chariot

    Card 3 (root of the issue / distant past) - Page of Coins, reversed

    Card 4 (recent past influence) - The Moon

    Card 5 (best outcome / ultimate destiny / perceived best outcome) - Two of Coins

    Card 6 (recent future influence) - Ace of Wands, reversed

    Card 7 (the questioner) - Five of Coins

    Card 8 (environmental influence) - King of Wands, reversed

    Card 9 (hopes / desires / fears) - Two of Cups

    Card 10 (ultimate outcome) - The Star, reversed

    Any help would be appreciated 🙂

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