Are we soulmates?

  • I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 months and things are almost perfect. He's a Pisces and I'm a Cancer. My birth date is June 26, 1993 (6-26-93) and his is March 10, 1991. We understand each other and complement each other. Things have been a little tough lately, though. Can anyone see if we are soulmates? Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi! I don't know if you are soulmates BUT one of my best friends is a Pisces and I am a Cancer and we get along like milk and cookies!

    hope that helped.

  • Thanks, moonbeauty! I find I get along with many Pisces, too.

  • Pisces and Cancers are a very compatible combo'. Like moonbeauty put it, "milk and cookies." Or another good one..."like peas and carrots." I think you get the picture...right?

  • Hello...I am Cancer, also!

    "Soul Mate" does not necessarily mean, without challenges. Sometimes that is precisely what brings two people together in order to help one another grow. Therefore, it could be a good thing...depends on how you look at it...

    Stay positive!

  • Thank you, vanillaskies and atirro42. I agree that all soul mate relationships have challenges. Thanks!

  • Soulmates....I have met many friendship and love..I believe soulmates aren'y always just of the romantic or marrying kind; however, always around the 3 month mark people start to evaluate the relationship and think do I want to continue this journey, so the fact that you are having troubles now is very natural and most relationships hit this point. Mine did and we are now even closer and going past the six month mark and am prepared for some more bumps as we continue together. This is natural in the decision making of continuing and reevaluating the relationship. For some reason these month markers are decision making times to see if you want or need what you have and if it what you want or need to continue. These are also the times you want to feed the relationship with fun and laughter because they seem to be the most stressful. I am thankful we made it past the 3 month mark. We both decided to continue and being much closer are now creating bonds within the rest of the family. Keep your chin up and don't worry for it can cause more stress on a stressful situation. Keep it light hearted and fun and you will see this through. My true love ticker is a little broken and at times wonder if anything is supposed to be forever, but with this new thinking - thanks to a divorce - I am learning to appreciate whatever I have and enjoy each moment instead of worrying whether or not it will work. It is right now and that is what matters.

  • could someone tell me how to delete the places i have been thanks in advance

  • Soulmates? The answer to that question will depend upon why you asked. If you asked because Pices has convinced the that you two are then NO. Pisces are always in search of their soulmate. They believe in this quest with all their being and they may peg you as such until you by being you prove otherwise. Also, it you ever question whether you are their soulmate to them then you're off the list again.

    It you asked because you seem to have a spritual and deep connectiveness with this Pisces then maybe you could be. But it's not your sun signs that will determine this but your human interactions. There must be a place for nuturing and growth, trust and devotion, unspoken and unbreakable love and hope. Just a few of the ingredients you should look for.

  • Thanks, Ariesice. I agree it is so important to live in today and not always look back or forward...that's definitely something I need to work on!

    lawdawg, you bring up an interesting point. I do feel like my Pisces and I have a deep connection, and no, he hasn't mentioned soulmates. I am interested as to whether our signs are compatible, but I agree that human interactions are just as important if not more so than astrological charts. Thanks for your input!

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