Felling lost...need advice

  • im reaching out to anyone that will listen,im trying to get away from a man ive been with for 3 yrs,hes born on 11/22/70..displaying very few sag traits and only the negitive scorpio ones. i love this man very much,but,he is full of mistrust and suspicion always..and also has some serious anger problems,,to say its been a rollercoaster ride is an understatement...please any words of encouragement would greatly needed and appreciated

  • Hopelesssagforlife

    hello , sounds like you are having a difficult time right now, do you have a support system?

    Why can't you leave?

    I hope you have the resources that you need to be safe!

    Best to you!

  • Hopelesssag, I'm a bit drained today but was drawn to your post. I will try to see if I get anything for you when I'm more focused. In the meantime, know you are not being ignored and there are MANY wonderful people here to help and encourage you.

    Sit tight, we are all here doing the same work:)

    In the meantime, I send you Light to surround and protect you and my heartfelt blessings.

  • hopelesssag

    not trying to be nosey. I hope you don't look at life the way your name is

    I've been there and I can't call that 'living' so I really hope you don't live that way

    is he causing you this misery? does he get to the point being violent at you?

    by all means, don't stay. your life will be in danger if you let it continue.

    if he isn't violent, and you still want to work things out

    let me know his time and location of birth, be specific. city and state.

    or if you don't have it, let me know your dob. I'll pull out something after ritual tonight

  • Hi Sag4life,

    Your path has become barren and you need to be prepared to take risks, the risks that will lead you onto your new and higher path. In order to reclaim your dreams - whether personal, or for relationship - you must first let go of what does not serve in your life. To close the doors to the past makes way for new ones to open. This is what is being asked of you at this time. With Mercury about to go retrograde, it makes perfect sense to look into the practical steps you need to take to step away from disfunction (and to see where lay the roots of disfuncion in your experience) and to step into a higher vision and version of your self.

    Have faith in your ability to heal and to realize (make real) your true potential. You are being guided by the wisdom of the Ancients. : )


    in love and light,

    Ahliyah xoxo

  • hello Hopelesssagforlife

    Not sure I would be of help -- not a physic or an expert.... just wanted to say and maybe this is being a bit wishy washy... but if u love him ..try to talk to him heart to heart and if he doesn't at least try to hear or try to change... don't waste u're love on him. Right now u're sad and there is a dark energy surrounding u're post... the person u are with is supposed to make u smile and laugh...maybe not all the time (I was with my guy for about 4 years...2 of those were great...and the other were just a heart shreader... and yet I felt drwn to him and still somewhat do..though we no longer talk...n probably never will again).As bad as being too close felt....b/c of the uncertainty ... and as much as I miss him at times....and despite the pull that I think, now maybe be just me....things r a little better...now that we are apart in very sense of the word.

    I am not sure if my reply will help, but i though I could relate to a part of it and though my writng back would help till the gifted guides can get back to you with a better and probably more concreate reply of what is going on. I hope u feel somewhat better.I feel like u're stuck in a dark dungeoun...hold on.listen to u're heart,give it a try at a heartfelt talk and either stick with it or walk away.I hope this helps--and I am sorry if i was too brash. night,and may hisbablove's light keep u warm I think I felt a warm tinkle when I read the part of light in her reply.May kind spirits guide u're soul and keep u're heart warm and strong 🙂

  • hello all...

    I had just joined and had come by to see if anyone could offer some insight but read Hopelesssagforlife's post and thought I too would reply in the hope of conving some comfort.

    Her's dilema sounds a lot more pressing than mine....I would greatly appreciate anyone's impute when u guys get the chance.Thank you.

    Here my qs: I though I have always felt a magnetic pull towards jun/07/1987 after a while not sure if that was real or just me and felt on my part alone...in the begining I felt like I could fall into him and I would still be o.k--I said so--didn't get a reply though lol-- i am 09/16/1987--I was wondering if anyone had any input on that sort of thing.

    Also was curious if anone could pick up anything from 02/14/86 and 9/16/87= time was travling at the speed of light now...it's frozen at pause ....

    would greatly apprecite imputs...Thanks a lot

  • my dob is 12/09/69 born in waterbury conn.....his is 11/22/70 born in mobile,al ..sorry,no birth times

  • thanks for ur reply,any correspondence is welcomed right now..ive been away from him for 5 days now and its very difficult,talking to someone thats been thru something similar really help...again,thank,you

  • hopeless

    Sun - Mercury

    Positive aspect: Good understanding between the two persons and intellectual interests in common, the same type of curiosity. They are made to go well together, to appreciate each other.

    Sun - Neptune

    Negative aspect: They will be greatly attracted by each other, not necessarily physically. With the problems of everyday life, this love will vanish and each will no longer understand what they found so attractive in the other.

    Mercury - Pluto

    Negative aspect: This union is not to be recommended, it can be destructive and dangerous.

    Short and simple chart. Intelectually you are good together, but emotionally it's not long lasting. You are charming but complex. You can be affectionate but also capable of destructive action., whether it is to yourself or to others. You tend to have no control on your passion therefore you often lead stormy passionate life, falling for danger, that leads to disastrous love life.

    You both have strong character, both tend to impose yourself on another but more so he does due to his tremendous willpower and energy . Both are ambitious but he is more inclined to achieve professional success than relationship success. He finds it hard to make himself loved or love others because he tend to believe that suffering is important to achieve purity, therefore unless he feels the love is pure or true, he will stay detached. Both are intelligent, but his is more lucid, nothing much can be hidden from him.

    For such a short chart, the ratio of negatives and positives is obvious. He is idealist, everything you do is open to criticism, including s exual matters. You both will do well work for humanitarian purpose because even though he doesn't care much of love life, he does have genuine care for those less fortunate that he will make it a priority to fulfill their needs rather than satisfying yours or his.

    This relationship will take a whole lot to work on. Nothing is impossible though, but you two have to sit down and really want to work it out.

    Hope this helps. the chart is based on planetary position the day you were born. Some things may not be accurate. Find what rings true and work it out if you still want to be together.

  • My friend some risks are worth taking. I promise, if your mind becomes made, to close this door another one will open. Possiblities are endless. Putting your life on hold, for negativity, brings negativity. Please remember. I hope you can let your self become happy again. I am open to talking more if you ever need someones, un-bias opinion.

  • HopelessSag, my analysis shows that perhaps you have not been the only one who suffered in this relationship. There are always two sides to everything and perhaps you can be hard to live with sometimes, too.

    The focus of this relationship is a struggle to break free from the restrictions that it imposes on its partners, who want to act independently. I have to wonder why you two ever became involved in the first place. There is something about this relationship that ensnares you both. Perhaps it is the high level of truthfulness and integrity that neither of you is likely to find elsewhere. Despite this (or perhaps because of it) the relationship can well generate mutual disapproval between its partners. Normally you are the dominant partner in this combination, simply because you see things in your own peculiar manner and are unable to let go of, or even modify, your expectations. Your partner may first try to please, then later rebel against such attitudes, but in the end he must define his own values, free of any attempt to adapt to or rebel against the relationship's often idealistic stance. In a love affair, you may exert power over your partner, threatening or actually withholding your love. In such situations, your partner is likely to give his all, but ultimately wind up frustrated and unhappy. Marriage between you two is unlikely to be successful unless you can limit your power games and act with more sympathy and kindness. Friendships will be more balanced. Both of you can maintain your independence from the relationship and yet contribute positively to it. ADVICE: Work towards mutual acceptance through greater understanding. Examine your disapproval. Open your heart.

    HopelessSag, you are discriminating, devoted, sensitive and funny, but you do have a tendency to be self-pitying. You often feel misunderstood, unappreciated or otherwise outside the mainstream of life. You must work hard to overcome your deep-seated feelings of mistrust and alienation in order to succeed. Look within yourself to ease your anxiety and lack of self-worth - no one else can do that for you. Use your wonderful sense of humour to help you. Controlling feelings of aggression and not allowing yourself to be driven by a need to be accepted but by a more authentic sense of self can aid your higher development. You have an ability to establish bonds of true intimacy with those you trust. If you can give your all for love, then no doubt you will be loved in return. Remain true to your heart's calling. You crave affection and emotional support but can be aloof and withdrawn sometimes. Sacrifice is part of your lifepath and although it pains you, you have a need to put your causes, religion, or principles above your personal needs and those of others, which may put an end to love affairs and marriages. Try to avoid worry and relax. Just let things be.

    Your partner may suffer from a need to feel superior. It will be hard for him to trust or reveal his real nature and creative talents to either himself or the world. But he must permit himself the occasional show of neediness or vulnerability. He both protects and defends his sensitive nature and can be prickly, non-sharing and secretive. Fortunately his irreverent streak should save him from taking his own and other people's failings too seriously. Self-review and objective assessment might not be his strong point but there is a lot in his rather volatile nature that requires close scrutiny. He has a tendency to build up resentments that can result in explosive and often destructive displays of temper. Also, he can have some very judgmental and hypercritical attitudes. If he can come to understand that many of his more obvious problems are not so much the result of bad intentions as the product pf poor planning and presentation, then this revolutionary can discover ways to reach the hearts and minds of those around him. He can be quite attractive to others with his cloaked manner and enigmatic style but he needs to be encouraged to be more open and sharing and direct in his approach. He is apt to have few intimate relationships and may even become quite dependent on or possessive and jealous of these people. He will no doubt have to learn some hard lessons about nonattachment.

  • Dear hopless4life,

    Hope is all I have and I can share it if you wish to.When you say you love him, do you really mean it ? I have been married to an Aries and I am a Cancer.It's like mixing water and oil. I mixed it very well putting Love in it and make the most testy curry. What I want to tell you is, love him just the way he is and the rest give it to God and He will take care of everything.Trust God and ask him for guidance and you will see and feel how powerful is his Mercy. Love you from my heart.Wish you good luck and I'll prey for you.God bless you both.

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