Captain, please assist with your insights on this Aries.......

  • Hello Captain,

    Met K. the Aries (04-12-1952) 18 yrs. ago and the attraction was immediate. I loved listening to him, we could talk about anything and everything for hours, he was kind, handsome and fun to be with. The relationship was long distance ended after about 10 months on good terms and we each went on with our own life. Last year September we reconnected. I found him through the net he was still working for the same company. I emailed him and later we talked on the phone catching up (17 yrs. of happenings), all was friendly and innocent. The phone calls became more frequent and we met face to face and it was as if time and space all fell away.

    Daily phone call from him, weeks went by and I was in love and he said he loved me. I'd travel to see him we talked about me moving to his area. In January I drove to see him when I got into a terrible accident, drove my convertible off the cliff, rolled the car several times, totalled the car but I survived, walked away didn't want an Ambulance. I had A Lot of Angels watching over me. K. droves hours to come get me from the accident site, cried but kept saying he was so glad, I was ok, he wouldn't want to be without me.

    He wanted to be with me on my birthday Jan. 16th and I drove to see him, my car packed with my stuff to bring to the storage unit we rented as I was going to look for a place to live while I was there, stressful trip for me as it was same road the accident occured. When I finally got there, something felt off ........ and then it happened ........... I was left at the curb. He wouldn't talk to me just said "I am sorry" ....... it has been months now but he is always in my thoughts unable to leave it behind.

    What happened?

    If you have any insights to share with me, I would really appreciate it!


  • ME, there is a tendency here for you to idolise your Aries friend unduly for his dynamism and exciting ideas. In your weakness for hero worship, you tend to sell yourself short, making unfavourable comparisons between yourself and others. An inferiority complex that may be the result of harmful scripts learned in childhood can surface. But, though you can be hard on yourself, you are not needy of other people's approval, whereas your friend has a deep need to be told that he has made a difference in someone's (many people's) life. Your friend will benefit more than you in this relationship because of your grounding and stable energies, although he will encourage you to take chances in advancing your career rather than getting stuck in a boring or repetitive job. But there will come a time when he finds you too grounded and stable and will go off to find the adventurous life he craves.

    Friendship is about the best that you can get from this matchup. Your Aries friend will run from anything that threatens to cut off his freedom or stifle his pioneering spirit. You will tend to be much more solitary than your friend in this relationship. Issues of control and dominance may cause friction and problems here. The past cycle of meeting up, having an exciting time, then parting again is repeated here.

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