My cappy birth chart

  • I just got this: Sun in capricorn; moon in aquarius; mercury in capricorn; venus in sagittarius; mars in capricorn; jupiter in capricorn; sautrn in Virgo; uranus in gemini; neptune in libra; pluto in leo; ascendant in cancer; midheaven in aries.

    What do they all mean?

  • I am Sun in Capricorn; Moon in Pisces; Mercury in Aquarius; Venus in Aquarius; Mars in Sagittarius; Jupiter in Virgo/Leo; Saturn in Sagittarius; Uranus in Leo; Neptune in Scorpio; Pluto in Leo; Ascendant in Aquarius; I forget the midheaven. What they mean is that I have a lot of different personality traits other than my main sign of Capricorn.

    Like a Capricorn I am a hard worker and dependable. I believe in saving money and not spending it all at one time (wouldn't you agree?). I have a great sense of humor but I do not like confrontations!! How are you as a Capricorn? Then we will go from there!!

  • Hi Casper,

    I work hard, ambitious, very much involved in art and education. I am frugal but i spend on things I value. I don't really enjoy a whole lot of parties but I organize them for my friends and family. I don't mind being alone but once in a while I like company. I am devoted to my relationship but I expect him to be devoted to me, as well. I think I am generous but I give only to those who deserve help. I have a great self discipline. I am sincere.

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