Require Help Re Aquarius Male Please

  • I am currently with a 42 year old aquarius guy who refuses to settle (commit/marriage etc etc). Does anyone know how I can get him to settle?

    We both love each other dearly but his refusal to settle is causing a lot of problems between us, I try remaining patient but he see's right through it.

    Help Please

  • How you can get him to settle? Go for a ride. Make a journey, visit someone, follow your impulses, and then he will see, that he cannot take you for granted.

    But unless you have a breakdown, you can´t have a breakthrough.

    Man has created a world of no and he has become engaged in his own world, and he has forgotten the world of the trees, the world of the rivers, the world of the mountains and the stars. There they don’t know of any noun, they have not heard about nouns; they know only verbs. Everything is a process. God is not a thing but a process.

  • Oh my! You poor thing, lol ! I wouldn't wish an Aquarian male on anyone, hahhaa! My father, myself and my son all are born under this wonderful sign --- I feel for you!

    Hans' first paragraph says it all ---- make him unsure of you, do not make him your whole world. This is the way to get him a little shaken. My Mom did this when they were dating & it worked. She said the heck with him and went out to a party she wanted to go to and he didn't want to go. She was having a great time and he came in and kept trying to get her attention. She sort of ignored him and continued having a great time. It got his attention and that never happened again. Aquarians hate to admit to jealousy, but anyone who has dealt with one knows it is there, carefully concealed behind that seemingly unruffled facade. Good luck!

  • I tried the 'going out without him' stint, he wasn't happy about it but was thrilled when I returned to him (didn't change anything though).

    We have been separated due to distance (I've had to temporarily move to another town due to a family member being ill), we have been apart for over a month now and will continue to be for another couple of weeks. Perhaps I'm on the right path (so to speak)?!

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