Taurus Women and Libra Men

  • I am a Taurus woman and I seem to attract Libra men. They are always drawn to me and I can be my fixed, opinionated Taurus self and they keep coming! I even have a male cousin who is not interested in me romantically but he has always been very protective of me. Should I explore a relationship with a Libra man. So far I have kept them in the "friends zone" because I am very free with them, good or bad. Is this a good match? I have had great friendships with at least two Libras and they want to take the friendship to another level but I've been skeptical. They are often "ladies men" who don't reveal a lot about themselves to other women but I know a lot of there deepest secrets through the friendships that we have developed.

    Does anybody have any insight to this relationship?

  • I don't have good experience with them but that's just me.

    I am married to a Cap for almost 9 years and never have a problem with him from the start of dating aside from that his ambition can get in the way of us spending time together, but he is loyal and emotionally stable which is a good thing when my temper kicks in

    Astrology is good to know in general, but experience and upbringing shape personality

    You said they reveal themselves to you but not to other women, so it might be safe enough to be romantic with them now that you know things they don't always reveal

    I think it's a good thing to be friends before going further anyway

  • Invovled with a Libra man and its hard they play their cards close to their hearts and I sometimes wonder if he is worth it but when we are together all those thoughts leave but I have always felt like we were meant to be I dont know why when we met it was like we knew each other for years, trust is a issue with me but slowly getting over that ...if u dont have trust then why be with them right...

  • The only advice I can offer, my ex husband is a Libra. When we got along, it was great. but when we didn't it was horrible. And we seemed to not get along more than anything else. His sense of needing equaility and balance drove me insane. Simply bc life does not always work that way. it's a give and take.

  • taurus7

    "Simply bc life does not always work that way. it's a give and take. "


  • Libra men are alot like libra woman and as a libra woman i can tell u that we libras migth seem outwards but we are truthfully quite ''secretive'' we like to keep all our emotions to ourselves and we will tell u everything if we feel that you are the one that we can trust. If you want him to tell u everything, you have to trust him first.We libras actually feel very insecure and the truth is we are only flirting with others cuz if our partners break our heart it'll make it easier to move on and dun worry libras think it is cute when their partners are jealous and being jealous juz shows that you care about them. And lastly dun be afraid to take your relationship to the next level with him cuz believe me if you make him fall in love with you they will forever be loyal and give you their everything like their heart and listen to you in all the matters

    So if you do go out with him then good luck : )

    But juz an extra point with ANY LIBRA, you must be completely sincere cuz most libra are really sensetive and they will know if you are giving your whole heart or juz half of it.

    Have a great time with your libra male 🙂

  • Sorry for my slow response. My ex always needed order and to have everything mapped out. The bills, the money, the plan. Sometimes, kids mess up those plans. Example, I was pregnant with our 2nd child, a son, that would mean a girl and a boy for us. After he was born, I had a hard pregnancy with him, we talked and decided that 2 was good for us. Due to my personal reproductive issues, I told him I just could not have my tube tied, so he volunteered to have a vasectomy. Well it was scheduled and lo and behold, I became pregnant with our 3rd child.

    That really messed up his "plan". He held that over my head for 10 years. It was not my choice to have another child. it just happened. I accepted it and laughed it off, saying...we only THINK we are in control...but we aren't. But once again, she did not "fit" into his master plan. Our lives changed drastically after she was born. But it was a good change. It was, but he refused to see it. It was sad.

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