For anyone with psychic abilities, please respond!

  • oh, do you know if the photo was put anywhere else besides my work line???

  • Thank you for calming down. I now can see a positive note. Two people who know--one has been spurned by him--feels she was had, is more furious with him than you but you do not want to get caught up in this crossfire. The other person who suspects wants to help you. You have an ali from a distance--someone likes you very much--is protective of you and they kinda see themselves in you---they've seen it coming. Been wishing you get out of harms way and you've felt that. You do have good intuition--but not when your fears take over. Stay calm and follow your intuitions.

  • can you tell me Blmoon if she is an ex girlfriend of his, or someone that he had a fling with like me? how do these people know about us? is she someone that I know, or maybe not. he hasn't been on me for about a month. why is this coming out now, when he is on that blonde? do i know the guy who is trying to help me? so I take it that the photos were only on my line then? I have calmed down a lot, thanks to you, Leoscorpion also feels that it is a male that may have feelings for me. this is so weird...

  • will patrick find out who is doing this? will I find out who is trying to help me?

  • oh, i know what else has me wondering, did the person who is trying to help me put the photo up, or the person who is mad at him? i think it has to be her. you also said there is more to come out of this?

  • so you also went from this being just a joke at a work place with now seeing that it does have something to do with me? I read your first post with what you are telling me now, and it seems that it's about me and him and some girl mad and before it is something that happens at work. please help me understand this...

  • No it is not aimed at you. That issue is seperate than the two people who know about you and him--you asked who knows about you two. You had asked me but I had to pull back because your energy was too anxious for me. After reading your later post and feeling your clamness the answer came to me--- the two people who know. You are still trying to figure out who put the pictures up. It wil come out give it a rest. The pictures were totaly meant for him. A joke with a sharp point attached. It was meant to humiliate him.

  • PS--now stck a fork in me I'm done!

  • ok, from what I am gathering from all this, just to let you know, not trying to hound you too much, just not exactly gifted like you are 🙂

    probably a girl is upset and feels she was scorned by him, most likely it was some sort of sexual relations and she is seeking revenge. She knows about me and him, but she is mad at him and not me. whew!! the guy is trying to let me know what a scumbag that I am messing with. He is trying to let me know so that I do not get drug down with him. by him knowing that this has been coming, she has probably been getting more and more upset about this and wanted to do something to "show" him! ok.

    or it's not an issue about me and him seeing eachother makes me confused about your last post.

    that also, she is not done, there will be more photos, and more stuff come out, and it be revealed who is doing this.

    I need to stay away from it as much as possible, which I am.

    the photo was humilating so I get that part.

    i'm just trying to figure this out for my own benefit.

  • -ignore it leo men are very passionate warm and tender the person who did it isn't a nice person at all they're trying to get you not to love this man you know how you feel about him don't let go of that!!!

  • whitewitch1970>what do you mean? I care for him and I feel in my heart that he cares for me, but there have been obsticles as to why we are not committed to eachother. but, what do you see for me and him?

  • Expression is life; repression is suicide.

    For all information is borrowed. It is like a bird trying to fly with borrowed wings.

  • what?

  • This is no relationship. There is not togetherness, just emotional coldness, dancing around the gold calve.

    If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinion for or against.

    Do not want to exclude anything from your life. Your life has to be inclusive. It has to comprehend all the stars and the sky and the earth. It is not a path of renouncing the world.

  • why wont he completely let me go? he has came to me the last couple times. He does not want me to believe that there is another woman, he swears there's only me, besides his other girl that I do know about. why care what I think, why care if I'm upset, why care to console me, text me back, tell me he is not mad at me no matter what I do. why hold onto me when he doesn't want me?

  • why wont he completely let you go? Because he is seeking for harmony.

    why care what you think, why care if you're upset, why care to console you, text you back, tell you he is not mad at you no matter what you do. why hold onto you when he doesn't want you? Because he wants all what he can get, as his possessions, until all will break down and what remains for him will be nothing. It is a big ego trip, a big balloon, bound to burst someday.

    Once your eye is completely clean, clean of all the dust, once it becomes a pure mirror, it reflects that which is. And that is truth and truth liberates, but it has to be your own. My truth cannot liberate you. There is only one possibility of liberation, that is your own truth. And all that you have to do is to create a dispassionate eye.

    These foolish ideas have to be changed, but it is very difficult to change them.

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