For anyone with psychic abilities, please respond!

  • I have been seeing a guy for 5 months, still talking, but it has not been a serious relationship. We do work together, and he is higher up than I am right now. His birthdate is July 22, 1983. His name starts with "P".

    Anyway, things have been a little nervewracking with this man, which is one reason why things haven't gotten serious amongst other reasons. Monday night at work, when I got there and went up to look at the board at our line, to look at this week's schedule, there was nothing there but the regular papers. I was a little early, so I went to the breakroom and got a pop. I was gone 10 mins at the most, 5 mins to walk each way. When I got back there was several photo copied papers that had "p"'s senior picture on it tacked up to the board and all on the desk. All the same picture, but just everywhere. This guy is 27, so this picture is old, and he was also very heavy back then and is definitly not now, I thought it was a joke, except some things seem strange about it. How would anyone at our job have access to that picture? Why were there so many copies, and who did it? This was a wallet photo blown up to 5x7, the copy was not that good either. It was not taken as a joke by him either. can anyone tell me what the meaning of this is? and possibly who did it, not expecting a name, just what is this about?

    Thank you!!

  • How would anyone at our job have access to that picture? You still seem to understand in your dreams what is going on. Some leading figure has access.

    Why were there so many copies? Because it was meant for some other place.

    and who did it? Someone creating power for the fulfillment of his wishes having nothing to do with his very being.

    what is the meaning of this? It is a demonstration of strength.

    and possibly who did it, not expecting a name, just what is this about? I thought it a wonderful idea. He seems to have a crush on you. It is his way to approach you in a defensive way, remaining in the hide.

    But nothing really significant has come out of it.

  • Some correction: Not "I thought it a wonderful idea", but "HE thought it a wonderful idea".

  • I am so sorry but I do not understand what you mean at all. This was against him, nothing to do with me. I do not see where this has anything to do with anyone having a crush on me. If it was meant for some other place than why tack the picture up on all four corners, 2 of them on the board, and a bunch on the table. I am looking for more specifics on the motive of the joke against him. All in fun, which is a little odd, or someone pissed off at him?

  • when the guy that watches over our line came up and seen the copies, he text "p" and then immediatly started taking them down and putting them up out where noone else saw them! So, I do not think "p" did this to himself, you have me very confused.

  • Neither all in fun nor someone pissed off at him.

    This was against him, very right, but everything to do with you, see above. You may not see where this has anything to do with anyone having a crush on you, but, as I wrote, he thought it a beautiful idea.

    The first idea was to spread it, but then he got cold feet.

    The motive of the joke was just to create this irritation you have got.

    Only those who are ready to become nobodies are able to love.

  • who is this? how does he know anything about me and "P"? WE REALLY do not have anything to do with eachother at work anymore. how can I figure out who this is?

    This seems very odd to me!

  • It has nothing to do with you . It was an inside joke--someone snickering. Here you have a someone who is an athority "higher up" and someone said to someone else who works there hey I know him and it was in highschool--and they exchanged stories had a laugh because it brought him down a peg or two and it was meant to be a joke that would somehow belittle the man. It's comman in house job humour. In my youth I worked several manufacturing jobs--being on line and just another body over worked and underpaid and just a number. Moral is low without hi jinks and practical jokes--often at the expense of the management. It really was just a harmless prank and nobody is messing with you other than possibly wondering if you had any idea who your favorite boss once was. The picture came from an aquaintence of an employee.

  • oh, I see... I was thinking that too when I first saw it. Just wondering why so many copies, and stuff. Also, he is not right in some things he does, so I was also wondering if someone was not trying to expose him a bit b/c they would have to have gotten personal to have been around that picture. I am sure that picture is embarrassing to him now.

  • PS--you had said you didn't want a name but then I read you do want to know. More pictures will be showing up in odd places. Listen close in the breakroom. There's useually some truth to the rumour mill.

  • Glad you got it. Karma is a funny thing isn't it?

  • what do you mean Blmoon? rumors about Patrick and how he is acting? why more pictures? what is the purpose, to make people make fun of him? is this to do anything with me or not?

    is this karma against him or a pure joke to make people laugh? please help me!! I am not in the breakroom hardly...

  • who is it?

  • Hi, I don't really see what the big deal is. Probably someone who has known him. On the negative side might be someone who wants you to know that someone else has known him but I don't think so. Sounds like something one of the guys did. What does he think...

  • I mean by breakroom to put yourself around the employee gossip mill--every place has one. It is not directed at you although people are aware of your relationship. It is a joke meant to put him in his place and yes he ticked someone off but it's just stupid stuff and he sowed a seed that came back to bite him. I know you want answers right now but you are going to have to let this play out. It's as if this has opened a can of worms for you--as if you have some unexpressed fears about this relationship that are being brought to the surface. I have nothing else to tell you. But I'm sure your answers will come.

  • how do people know about us?? can you please tell me if this will harm me with my job?

  • or do you mean that people think he is having relations with more than one girl at the work place?

  • Your anxiety over this is too intense for me to keep up--nothing personal but I cannot absorb anymore without extending myself too much. I know you want relief right now but it's not happening outside yourself no one has a magic wand to wave this away.--you must redirect these fears into a constructive energy--get busy doing something else. No your job is not on the line. But perhaps it's something to think about once this blows over. Why you would even worry about such a thing unless you have crossed a line you could regret. Don't let this ruin the Holiday Season. Peace.

  • Wickedmoon,

    I'm getting that its a female who did it and Blmoon is right that it was meant to embarrass or take him down a notch or two.

    This won't effect you in your job if you don't get involved in it. You are too concerned with this whole thing and I think its because you're so afraid that your relationship with him will come to light and damage your position at work. Don't let an irrational fear take over you and cause you to make things happen that make your fears a reality. Stay away from the situation and see how it plays out without doing anything to get yourself mixed up in it.

    If you really think about it, I feel you will realize that you have your own ideas as to who did this or the possible reasons. Deep down, you have the answers.

    Blessing and Light

  • I totally understand, and in between responding, I am working on homework. The reason I have a lot of anxiety over this is the behavior he has been demonstrating has kinda not been right in a professional manner. I have been having this gut feeling, intuition if you call it saying to me that something is about to go down with him. To stay away from him, and not attract any attention between him and I. I got this feeling for a reason I know, so I have followed it and pretty much have been trying to get on with things I have going on. Let him take himself down so to say. I just find it weird or my intuition was right on that now this picture thing happened and what you are saying by people talking. I was looking for someone to help me clarify this, and you have helped. have a great holiday, don't mean to stress you out.

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