• I'm slowly coming into my gift and asked befor about why i was seeing specks of white,gold,orange,and yellow.and learned that it was because i'm devloping my gift more,o.k.

    now today ,i was feeling tired in the afternoon,it was quite so i layed down to catch some zzzzz's and was thinking about my boyfriend,we had just had words and he stormed out the door,so i was asking myself why this was happening now?and if he's unhappy with his life then why does he not go and look for a life that he will be happy with?

    and all of a sudden this very bright PURPLE light came to first i wanted to look away but it was very powerful,drawing me in,so i looked at it in awe and all i was thinking was will he ever find true happiness,that will last a life time?will he ever be the father that i know he is longing to be?and will he ever not have to struggle so much and work so hard?

    the only answer i got was this awsome purple light,and i do not know what it means?

    if anyone can help,i sure am grateful.

    peace,blessings,light & love 🙂

  • It means: The point of power is NOW. Remain in the here and now. Spontaneous and innocent like children. Be more playful Life is a play.

    Then you are not speaking, something is speaking through you. You are simply silent, then an urge arises in you to shout— you shout. An urge arises in you to jump and you jump, and you jog and you dance. You simply follow the inner feeling, and then it is bhajan, then it is sacred.

  • Dear Hans,

    are you still on here?i need to talk,it is very imporant.

  • Dear patricia1970libra,

    yes, talk, I hear.

    The day you were born you took the greatest risk that you could ever take. Now death is going to happen, death is bound to happen. The day you were born you already took one step into the grave. Now what greater risks can you take? Even if you go on avoiding risks, you will die, so why not take the risk and live really authentically?

    We are all doing the same thing -- turning our backs on death and escaping from it.

  • Dear Hans,

    o.k. here it goes,these visions happen alot to me when i lay down or am just waking up,well this morning i had just woke up and was thinking about getting up and what i needed to do today and then a vision,a voice (said that she was gwen),as the vision started i seen a white 18 wheeler truck,going sideways (out of control),coming closer and felt the inpacked and screamed why is this happening,and then i heard gwen say this is happening because it has to,it is in his (my boyfriend) life chart,he has learned what he came here to learn and now it is his time to go.she said it is then that i will reveal myself to you and it is the the you come full light.i said so i survive?she said yes,you are hurt badly but you live to go on to help many not worry this is not happening because of something you did or did not do it is happening because it has to happen,you can not stop it.i then asked how much time?she said soon,very soon,but do not worry i will be with you the whole time.

    o.k. hans,i'm not sure why i'am question this now?it's just that this spirit has been so secretive as far as not wanting to reveal herself,and i just have this uneasy feeling right now?

    at first i felt really sad but i know that what is to be will be,now i just have these questions which i do not like having,because i should not question my god givin gift.


    love & light

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Dear patricia1970libra

    Sorry to interupt you. I was reading you post and i was wondering how is it that you develped you gift. I myself know that i have a gift but i have no idea how to develop it. Im kinda lost and dont know where to start.

  • dear suncappygirl,

    Hi welcome,you are not interupting,you are always welcome on here.

    I myself is just developing my gift more,and not very long ago asked that very same question 🙂

    You develop your gift by working on it, i became a huge sponge,absorbing every bit of info.that i can read and understand and if there is something that i do not understand i ask,as you have asked me but the only things that i can tell you is what i have done,now everyone comes into their powers when the universe feels that you are ready to and that you have worked at it hard and long enough.

    I got some medition c.d.'s and yoga and relaxtion c.d.'s as well.and talk to the universe,do not be afraid or think its silly.

    I also went to a new age store and got some white sage and cleans myself and my home and even my pets,:)

    A friend of my came in and blessed everything with holy water afterwards.

    you have to let yourself feel everything deep down inside you,relax,listen to the trees,the birds,the wind,the stars,the moon, SMILE...

    listen to the song in your heart.,look into peoples eyes,not at their face,SMILE...

    Above all you have to let go of your ego to hear what everything is saying to you,this to comes with time.

    I'm not sure if i have been helpful to you,but please do not be afraid to ask questions,if someone can not help you then i'm sure that they will point you to someone that can.

    have you asked for readings yet? that has alot of helpful things in it.

    keep posting,we are all friends and family on here. again, RELAX and WELCOME.....


    light & love

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Thank you so much for you kind words. And yes you have helped. Every time I hear something new I feel very excited to learn it and feel it. Like the sentences you just wrote, I think they are beautiful. I love listening to the singing of birds and to the whispering of the trees but never thought about the stars and the moon. Thanks again for your help! God bless you. 🙂

  • Dear patricia1970libra,

    why you're question this now? Because you are simply driving away. It is an inner struggle, aimlessly.

    You just have this uneasy feeling right now? You are still influenced by others.

    But it is your gift.

    Nothing is wrong with you. If there was something wrong with you there would be questions. Questions arise out of something wrong. When one has innocence there are no questions. Innocence wonders, it does not question. It experiences the awe of existence and life, the beauty. It is constantly wondering what it is all about, but it is not a question. It is a heartfelt feeling. One is surprised every moment. One is always in for a great surprise.

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