I need a reading please someone!

  • I am a Cancer and am married to a Scorpio. But, I am in love with a Pisces. And he is in love with me. Problem is that we are both married and have children so we feel like we need to continue to be married to the ones we are. We have had some thing going on since we first met. We met about 8 years ago. And we are in love with one another. I just need to know if we will ever be together or is this going to go on forever? I feel like this is my soul mate. I need to know what is in the future for us. Please someone help.

    If you need to know birth dates: mine is June 30, 1988 and his is March 13, 1984. Thank you.

  • you've made the right choice to stay in your marriages. Both of you fill an empty place in each other for now. Even though you can't see it your husband is meant to be your husband and there is a karma there. You also have a karma with the other man but he is not meant to be an exclusive life partner. You must sense that every now and then and it brings up some worry and saddness because right now you can't imagine life without him. You both have a dreamy wavelength you share--like you can read each others minds--it's easy to be with each other and sometimes feels like a vacation from the tensions in your marriage. His wife keeps him well anchored but he needs that sometimes despite the resentment. The same with you--sometimes your husband acts more like a father and can be too harsh. Soulmates come in many forms--not just for feeling good all the time. Our soulmates often challange us the most to grow and get stronger againts the grain of their opposite personalities. The older your children get the more your husband will change--soften. He tends to take you for granted and has low self esteem at times and a part of him likes the idea off you being tied down. I see you going back to school in the future and your life will start a whole new chapter. About that time your other man will go through a "cold spell" that will really shake you up. You will be very hurt and have a hard time understanding what happened--you will feel betrayed. This will go unresolved for about two years but later it will heal and you will be friends and he will come in and out of your life as a close friend. You will be a different person by then and looking back you will be relieved you did not leave your husband for this man. I see you being very succesful in a buisness of your own--being creative.

  • Blmoon,

    Good afternoon. I really enjoyed the loving message that you shared with hrj0630.

    I humbly ask if you would be open to sharing a message with me?

    Lately, my boyfriend and I have had some stuggles that appear to have been building up for some time now. Many of the little things have come to the surface...I'm sure you understand what I mean by that. (lol). His birthday is June 17, 1964 (Gemini with a Scorpio moon). He has retired from the military, moved back to the states, got divorced and is recovering from an injury...all this within 3 yrs. We met when he came back to the states and bought a house near mine, which was about 1 1/2yrs ago. He has been struggling with the fall of the ego and all that he has known for a very long time. I struggle with balancing my energies, doing for the self, and uncertainity of the messages. I have a 12 yr old son from my previous marriage (10yrs divorced) and my birthday is August 2, 1971 (Leo with Sag moon, lots of fire, lol).

    My question is: Where do you see our relationship going? And will there be a child (son) coming for us? soon? I have been having dreams and visions of that, but have gotten myself so confused that I am doubting my own visions.

    Thank you for your time and loving engery.


  • I read this post then had to come back to it as I'm getting answers you didn't ask for and waited another day. Today it's the same message so I'm rolling with it as is. Spirit shows first and formost a big bold sign that says "YOUR SON". You didn't ask anything for him but he comes up as "needing" something right now. There is a coincidence happening between him and the man you ask about. Not as a shared life but just that they are both going through changes right now. Your son is about to enter a life altering stage of his life and it might not be so in your face vocal. Spirit say he needs you to be intuitively open to him the next 3 years. Listen with your intuition and stay close to him. You don't need to smother or overprotect but just BE there even when things seem quiet. The next three years will be important for your son in shaping his future. Imagine the perfect woman for him and gather that same strength in yourself to insure he learns from the best. He is watching you closely now. He keeps a lot to himself. Sometimes he overthinks things--needs to be drawn out more so fears do not fester. Spirit says he comes first----and now the man with the inner war going on. You are indeed intuitive of his crossroads. He is a contradiction within himself. A tough challenge he is born with. One mighty force needs to hold tight to the wheel both hands and another mighty force craves wings and a blindfold! Finding the balance between his nature is not going to be easy or an overnight success. I sense you know this and the question is--how much of your self and energy can you afford to invest in this relationship--how much can you really expect from him now during his time of learning the hard way. He is not whole enough yet to give much.He is not doomed but his learning process is not going to be loss free yet so you are right to feel a bit protective of yourself. Spirit holds up another sign that says in bold print "NURTURE"---you are by nature a caretaker (crave the child?). It's both gift and something to take care with. Don't lose sight of how much energy you spend helping others--don't just go for the squeeky wheel. Be selective. Always take care of yourself first. Spirit does not say give this man up but does say keep in check at all times how much you are giving. This journey of his must mostly be his to get the lesson. It's how he gets it--the hard way.

  • Blmoon,

    At first passage I must say that was very good. Thank you for sharing a message for me. Brings me much clarity. My son, is turning 12 this Sunday...no longer a boy but yet a man. Interesting times. I will heed the message of his inner workings. He does go within and fester. I noticed that this moring and we had to address a going on at school. I will keep in mind that he is watching me...as well as being the kind of woman I hope for him one day. He has always kept much to himself which can cause anxiety and fears.

    My son and the man...they are very similar in many ways. Both learn things the hard way. Even there numerology are the same in the sense that their yearly numbers and months are the same forcast. Very interesting, but both require my time. Both are in need of assurance, love, and at times can be needed and jealous...even of eachother. I will remember that my son comes first...not hard to remember but the man is a big energy. This pull is why I must remain in balance and full.

    My expectations of the man...has not been many. But I must admit that I have been hoping that he would get off the couch and begin to live life again...to do more things with me. but that is my selfishness/ego talking. I know that right now he is not capable of giving anything more at the moment.

    The child...this is something that we both want. He more right now than me. I don't think that we are at a good enough place for that. Nor do I think that Spirit will deliver that at the moment due to that fact.

    I am the care taker. I am shifting my focus back to self love and care first. This has been a cause of frustration, paraniod thoughts, and anxiety on his part. I have been taking time to build another business with a friend, sleep at my own house, and do the things that i like to do. This has apparently been a cause of irriation for him...me not being there at his every moment.

    I know that his journey is a hard one, too bad.

    Thank you again. I will heed the message!

    Many blessings to you on this day and along your journey.



  • You have made my day. A woman on the right track and I can tell by what you say that you are well guided and listening. Keep the energy balance on your side and you'll always get the message. So glad to hear you validate my speaking up for your son even though you didn't ask or talk about him. Not every one welcomes what I hear. Your man will get off the coach when he needs to. You are right not to get sucked into that black hole. It's not where you are at and not selfish at all to need more. It would be a waste of energy to demand water from an empty well. I admire a woman who can fill their own well. You can be his "LEAD" from a distance without harming yourself. Now I see why spirit didn't advise you needed to cut the cord. You already have boundries. They waiver but you do work at it. So many messages I get for women insist letting go I am happy not to have to tell one more woman that message! It makes sense your son and him pulling on you the same way--they are your teachers. As a care taker myself I understand that test! Also his anxiety is the barometer of your success! And it always passes--kicking and dragging his feet but he WILL follow your lead. Tough Love!

  • Hello!

    I was going through the forums and seen that this one may offer me what it is that i am searching for. I am a single mother of a 5 yr old girl, I am 30 yrs old(dob sept.11/79). I am currantly procceding a legal situation with her father to allow her a secure and stable home environment, as our old verbal agreement is not suitable anymore. She is in school now and she has been going back and forth for far too long. I have over time tried to convince or corolate a plan for her and us. He has tried over and over again to manipulate the situation to suite his lifestyle and constantly tells me that i can not give her a life she needs based on our financail differences. I do not give up hope and strength because when this does go to court they will see that the best interest for her is to be in that stable environment no matter what the financial position i am in. I would like to know if i will have a huge battle on my hands with this man(dob may15/74)?

    And if you may have any insight into my situaiton with my currrent love interest that would be especailly appreciated, his dob is jan 26/80.

    Thank you


  • Blmoon,

    I have learned over the years to be OPEN to the message from spirit. It may not give you what you want, but it will always give you what you need...including a message. The spirit truely knows what I need and has only my highest and best in mind. That is why I always trust in their message. My guide knows me well...(lol).

    My son, just turned 12 yesterday, is and has been one of my best teachers in this life time. My boyfriend is turning out to be a great teacher as well. In fact, the three of us are teaching eachother...as it should be.

    I am glad to hear that you feel relieved that you did not have to have the 'talk' about boundaries. I do speak to many woman on this issue as I have spent a life time learning how to have boundaries. That was one of my hardest lessons on this journey. And although they may waiver at times, they remain present. I am like bamboo...I bend but will never break. It may not be pretty watching me from the outside sometimes, but at the end of the day I always get it done and prevail. I just have faith and a knowing that nothing can hurt me, really.

    I must share with you what happened over the weekend...progress with our 'family' unit.

    My boyfriend, appears to have had a small awakening of some kind. He has been engaging with my son more, verbalized some fears he has had, and has begun to talk about cleaning some things up (making room and space). Now, not lknowing if he will follow through, but it is an effort and progressive movement forward. But I must emphasis that I am not 'waiting' or putting my life on hold. I am however holding on to the gratitude and hope for the future.

    I do have a 'knowing' that we will have a son. When, that I am not sure of...but I am sure that it will be at the right Universal time. I am hopeful for the future and am determined to provide for my owns needs first. SO Many follow my lead...those two are just the tip of the ice burg (lol). It does get tiring having to be the first to go all the time, but the lessons and blessings of the leader are not always easy. But they are so worth it in the long run. Balance, boundaries and self love are the key.

    Thank you again for sharing with me. I enjoy your perspective.

    Happy holidays



  • victoria79

    I've been sitting on your message awhile now because I already know it's not what you want to hear at all--so really taking it upon myself to deliver the most convincing way as possible OR hope another posts first but today is the day and here it is thorns and all but there is a ROSE to dwell on--it will be worth it to take the high road and let go some. Your beautiful ROSE--your daughter. First your obstical is your headstrong energy that bypasses the heart. You get very rightouse ideas. They sound so right so perfect in "theory" BUT please consider that life does not always come out written in black and white on some rule book. Spirit says loudly--LET GO! By letting go of control through these next ten often frustrating years you will get the big payday. Your daughter has a FATHER not a failure of a husband--keep these two issues seperate or all you will do is harm your relationship with your daughter--as she grows it will fester and she will build you up in her mind as the enemy. Spirit says you make too much of this shiney idea "now she's older and needs a "regular" life no going back and forth." This is just an idea in your head of a textbook perfect order that has no real bearing on HER life. This is her life and it is all she knows and her and her father have a bond that you can not argue with. It is not about money. Please don't put a price on this! There are thousands of mothers out there right now who wish their child did not have to cry one more night because daddy never visits! SHE would pay him to visit just to end their childs suffering. Get angry in "silence" if you must carry the money burden. Do it because it is the right thing! When she is grown and a mother herself she will cleave to you and know ALL you gave--and she will mostly love you for hearing her needs and giving selflessly and NOT bad mouthing her father in front of her--ever! This of course is not the life you ordered and yes it will be a pain giving up days to him and never having that picture book family unit picture you have set up in your mind. You chose her father--you had a child and you can't just call it a WHOOPS! and make it go away. She does not know the man as you do--don't judge his failures. If you bite your tongue and let her grow eyes open herself--one day she will be grown and she will see her father as he is and have great respect for you for being unconditional with him. Give her this gift she can emulate. Spirit says again please do not try to seperate her more from her father--it will backfire terribly and by the time you figure it out the damage will be done. They have their own special Karma together and have lessons to share. Do not change the arrangement that is all she has known--her sense of order--not yours. Don't try to tell her she doesn't need to be with her father that much anymore. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow but you must make this decision through her eyes not yours. You will not regret it. Just let it go and resist letting your mind race down a dark road. You imagine the worst too much.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I have been following your threads for a while and I am strongly tempted to get an insight from you regarding a situation that is holding me confused for more than a year. I feel like I can't move one because of this. I am very stagnated.

    I am questioning my marriage for a long time and I know my husband never was someone I could love. After my son born I have been feeling like I was born again and fighting for my own happiness and I have done few more things that could make me feel content including my child.

    however my relationship with my husb was never good for me and after few dirty cheating on his part I felt like I had to look for a men that I love. I year and a half ago I felt for someone very deeply and I had dreams all the time telling me the future with him,

    I believe he felt for me too, I am not sure for that however. last year was a difficult year regarding this relationship..., I made some moves to either make it or brake it-- because I new the guy had a girlfriend and I want a free men to love. there has been ups and downs on his side. I am loosing soul about him but my hopes are keeping me still.

    I wonder what do you see regarding me and him in the future??

    is it worth pursuing it? I don't know many details about him but only his name starts with T.

    my birthday is 03/29/72

    what do you see for me and my husband?? do you thing I should keep working in my marriage ??

    My husb birthd is 05/15/70

    I greatly appreciate your time and advices,



  • blmoon

    i have been trying to catch up with you 😉

    first i wanted to thank you for your beautiful comments to my post under the i keep seeing feathers thread i agree with what you said whole heartedly

    i also posted this as i love your real and genuine responses to fellow requestees:

    you are very gifted yourself and if you ever have some time i would be honored to receive a reading from you on career/ love whatever you may see-- my bday is 11/16/75 and the person i am with is 1/12/70

    we seem to keep coming back together every few months and i wondered if there will be closure or if it is meant to continue-- the only way i would want to is if there will be change/ growth in our situation

    and with career will any of the new job possibilties lead to what i feel is my life's purpose or is going back to school the right move

    thank you for your blessing in advance and happy holidays

  • Hello blmoon, I(07/03/1986) have been with my boyfriend(02/24/1981) for almost five years now and we have a 3 year old daughter together. I love him but im not in love with him anymore, and he knows this. There's this other guy that I have feelings for 07/11/1987 but he has his own situation right now also! He has already choose to be with the other girl and fall back from me but he wants us to continue to be friends. Im afraid that if i continue to be his friend that i will continue to get hurt because i still have feelings for him. I have never been in a situation like this before and i don't know what i should do? Should i continue being his friend or just let it go?

  • Wow, Thank you!!

    You have allowed me to see some of the ways i may have been reacting not fully knowing it. I know that i have the best interest at heart when it comes to what she needs, and in no way have i ever wanted to derail her relationship with her father , i know from my experience with my own father. I never had the chance to know him as he passed when i was her age and parents were not together. I would have given and still would give anything to know him now. As for my daughter I do not want to be looked as the enemy in any way what so ever, but what i have read has helped me to understand that a drawn out legal battle could potentailly harm my relationship with my daughter in the long run. One thing though i will not do is stop raising concerns that pertain to her well being to her father. I know shes the apple of his eye and i have always thanked him for being a wonderful figure toi her. As a loving mother i can only want the best even in an un-ideal situation.

    Thank you for your insight, it has given me the perspecitve i needed.


  • Victoria79

    I don't usually respond again once the message is done but I must say thank you--your response made my day. I felt you really get it. Print it out for future days when you are so frustrated you forget why you're doing this--bending like a willow again even though some days your back is sore! Spirit says for you to repeat as needed --it's only weather, it changes. This too shall pass. And I agree letting go doesn't mean laying down--you are a mother.. You can and you should protect your boundries as well. Enjoy your holiday. Your daughter has karma with you as well. She can help heal the wounded child within you---Spirit says if you can name it and cut through the stuffed anger you will get to the pain--she will help heal the wound. Children are such a gift!

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