What am I thankful for

  • I'm thankful for my kids and my grandson,my mother and my brother,my husband and all the problems that I have to deal with.It made me stronger and smarter and it made me love life more everyday and that is my purpose in life.I am thankful for God the belief that I have,everyone has a purpose and a mission and no matter what it is I know it is all for the better.Believe...reach for your goals reach for the stars...

  • I am SOOOOOO THANKFUL for my 87 year old Mom who has Parkinson's and Alzheimer's!!! I am also SOOOO THANKFUL for my 3 Bi-Polar sons!!!! My Mom and my sons are a Gift from God.....thru their eyes I see a BEAUTIFUL world......I am allowed to share a world no one else has the PRIVELEGE to see or experience!!!! They are my ANGELS here on earth!!!!!

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