Cancer Woman Pisces Man (Help!!!)

  • Hello i am a cancer and I am married to a Scorpian. But, I met this guy about 8 years that I claim is my soul mate. He is a Pisces. When I first met him i knew there was something there and one day we would be something. He didn't have feelings like I did a little after we met. I was crazy about this guy. Well anyways he ended up going to prison for 3 years and i moved on with my life. Well thats when i met my husband the scorpio and we dated for about 2 years and the pisces got out of prison and i ran into him after all this time. (I was still with my scorpio guy just not married yet.) Me and the Pisces went out together for the night and he told me how he felt and how much he was sorry and wanted me to leave my boyfriend. Well, now i am in a very hard situation. I love my boyfriend but i am in love with this pisces and have been for a very long time. Me and the Pisces kept seeing each other for about 2 months and i was still with my boyfriend. Finally the Pisces told me I had to make a decision because he was not going to keep seeing me if I was going to stay with my boyfriend. He felt the same exact way I did before he left for all this time. I ended up staying with my Scorpio. He knew about the Pisces the whole time and forgave me. We got married and still are but things are not going well and haven't been since. The Pisces and I quit talking for about a year. Well i knew that it wasn't over with us it just wont ever be. One day the Pisces called me and we started seeing each other again and he and I hung out and I had a best friend well he ended up marrying her. She is a Sagitarius. I don't know if he did this out of spite or what but it was all a big shock to me. They didn't know each other but about 3 months and ended up getting married. Well, again I'm just trying to get on with my life. Although, I was very hurt at the same time. I tried to hide it. We quit talking again for about 2 years. And now he is back in my life. Both of us are married and are not happy. We both have kids with our married ones so I think that is why we try to make it work. I don't know what to do. I am in love with this man and have been for a long time. And I think that he feels the same way about me. But we are both in hard situations. Please someone help or at least give me some advise. Its obvious that we somehow keep each other in our lives. I believe we are soul mates. We just can not be together right now. Sorry for such a long story and if you read it I thank you and please have the time to leave me a little advise.

  • This situation does sound difficult. I can't advise you on what to do. I can tell you some of my own experiences and hope that it might help. I was unhappy in my eighteen year long marriage, with one son that was three. I met a Pisces man through my work who the more I got to know him the more I knew this was my soul-mate. We both broke it off with our spouses about six-months of being miserable with guilt. And we had several years of being happy when we spent time together. But my Pisces was such a loner that he just wanted to spend time with me... and couldn't handle being with my friends. I'm a bit of a loner too... a Gemini who likes her space but needs to connect with all kinds of different people. He didn't have kids and kept blowing it around my son.... sometimes acting more immature than my son. My ex-husband and his new wife and her two children all welcomed us into their hearts... not on a daily or weekly basis but a few times a year when holidays or birthdays came around... it seemed that hearts grew larger and we all fit. Except my Pisces.

    I guess when I think of your story I think of how maybe if you all could be friends with each other and each other's children... maybe, maybe you might feel differently. Your marriages might improve or given some time you might be able to tell what the most loving thing to do for everyone would be. I know the pull of the soulmate... very, very strong.. so I'll keep you in my prayers and hope all good things for all of you.

  • you were both on the rebound, both of you . i wish that their was something i could say to make it all better, if you pray to god to sort this out , let go ,let god, if you dont pray, ask your guardian angel to bring other angels in to get you out of this mess and get it cleaned up, what ever happens ,trust the process to take you to where you are to be, and goodluck, a reading may help you also. i really feel for you,

  • Hi Ms. Crabby,

    I am going through the exact same problem.

    My Crabby married some capricorn snake-oil salesman on the rebound.

    She and I were together for nearly 4 years, and after our break-up, she ran down the aisle with this jerk she met on the computer.

    They didn't even know each other for a full year before getting married!

    Argh, she and I told each other we were soul mates, and she referred to me as the love of her life!



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