Libra woman Pisces man will he come back to me?

  • Me and my Pisces man have broken up more than I can count and it be him calling it quits and for silly reasons. Then he'll text crazy stuff to me to ease back in. But this time I think he's really done he want answer my text messages or accept my calls he's totally shut me out. will he come back this time or should I just leave him alone? Cuz when we R togetha It's like I'm scared to say the wrong thing thinking he might blow up and call it quits thats just how it been going. but I Love him so much and he says he loves me I just don't know what to do? should I keep trying to reach him n text? or just wait and c if he comes to me? or just leave him B?

  • Leave him be.

  • leave him be for now you really should not have to walk tender hooks around a man that you are in a relationship with and if he is coming and going, i really feel that he has a problem to sort out in heself, its hard to leave things alone, but if you find it hard ask yourself why cant i leave this be, do some soul searching on yourself whilst he has gone and try to focus upon yourself, you are the most important person in your world right now so be gentle on yourself and love you for who you are, dont place blame as he is on his journey and you are on yours, allow and trust in the process of what comes, what is this telling you, the same thing keeps on occurring, okay, and dont be afraid as fear is our worst defeater, goodluck and lets know how you get on,

  • Thanks sooo much dotthorey an Blmoon. I think Ima take you guy's advise and Leave him B and do some soul searchn and I will keeps you guys posted...

  • my pleasure have a great christmas

  • You too!

  • I think you guys gave her excellent advice. I've had the same problem as I am a female Libra and was dating a Pisces female. She keep threatening to leave me as well. Well I gave her a ticket on Friday...Pisces like to live in a dream world and they tend to sway back and forth. Trust me I know it hurts but if he does love you he will realize he had something good and come back to you on his own..Let it be and know that love brings change. If he's not willing to change its not love.

  • Thanx cuteinblue, Love does bring change. and only God knows what's to come of me and my Pisces and if he don't come back then I'm done crying over spilled milk and it wasn't real love in the first place on HIS part. lol . thanx again everyone.

  • Girl how crazy this may sound i'm a pisces man was dating a libra women and we are the same way i can't count how many time it was called off, but this time she won't answer my tx or respond to my phone calls it's been 3 weeks. And of course it's over something so trivia but we love each other so much we make a good couple we love being with each other even at times libras like to ask question with other question behide it like there is a hidden agenda. My answer to you is call him he's playing the game of chase me if you want me. if he's worth chasing be firm with him pisces don't like to ask a lot of questions talk to him without any agenda behind it he will give in.

  • I do agree with them to some point but you must amitte it takes two to be in a relationship we only know one side of the coin and it's your side. most of the people hear are women giving advice i'm a man pisces believe you -me it's not easy containg all that power we have with so much love and emotions don't let our dreamyness get in the way of you making a decision based off of his sun sign follow your heart and see where you may have made some mistakes within your self what are you doing to correct you. Let him work him out you just need to be there and just remember he's not perfect neither are you sort him out talk to him be the bigger person if he's not wanting to change carry on with yourself. Do all you can before you hang up the towel. I hope this help.

  • Thanx Reality, I really do appreciate you... And It is crazy our similarities in couple situations and I will take heed to your advise as well... Thanx bunch!

  • when will you be yourself around this man if all the time he is around its you to mind what he wants and don't want ,Has he ever taken time to find out how you fill being some one who is not you? look my dear love is a two way traffic, if its only you minding about his fillings then i don't think this can work out course in the end its you who will be hurt the most , for putting in much energy yet getting very little. we are all not perfect and if someone wants you to be perfect and never committee a slit mistake then that's an impossible ground to stand on ,Becourse he him self is also subject to doing and saying things that hurt you some time ,like walking away from you and ignoring you for some trivial matters which you two can actually talk about and settle within minutes. You know what? do yourself a favor , don,t go after him this time if he real loves you and respects you as he says . let him look for you and if not just forget him and move on better things are a head of you and don't you think you deserve better than that?


    Wish you luck , with love and affection.

  • You made some value points and I hear you 1 hundred % I have a big decision to make thanx for the advice shaphir

  • Hey Gang - Ironically, I am a Libra woman who has had a Pisces Man in and out of her life for 10 years. Early on, we dated for 6-8 months and then would try again a few months later. Two years ago we decided to really try and give it our all or just walk away. We moved in together and all was great. He is my best friend - and has been for years. No man has ever loved me better, had more respect for me, or cared for me the way he does. Unfortunately...he has major communication problems and started running away anytime he had any issues at all - big or small. In our past - he had spent one year not talking to me because of a misunderstanding. In September, I asked him to move out. He is an entertainer and I allowed my insecurities to affect our relationship. I told him I hated all the women friends and fans he has - yadda, yadda, yadda....long story short...he will not answer my calls, texts or emails either. Everyone tells me he's miserable and certainly not seeing anyone - but - just won't respond or communicate with me at all. I've let him know how sorry I am for kicking him out and how I've been working on myself. Also...I'm aware that my issue was my own low self-esteem - not his actions, me....what is it with these Pisces men that choose to not communicate and instead ignore you? After 10 years? Seriously? I know I hurt him, but...he has walked out 4-6 times over the years because of his own insecurities - why don't I get another chance? What can I do? Somebody give me some insight as to how they think!!

  • The way I look at it is. Its what they say go! and it isn't rite. My Pisces finally text me yesterday as I stated on another post. he text me claiming it went to the wrong number and it was to another woman. Long story short we went back n forth talkin' crazy to 1 anotha and he admitted he sent it to me on purpose. They play to many games. He said I need to make it rite cuz I hurt him. But he was the one to break up with me AGAIN and hurt me it's their feelns is all that matter if he feels he been wronged it's war world two and hew could be wrong biut he aint gone let you xplain your part. I told him we BOTH need to make it rite we BOTH said hurtful things and caused the breakup so WE both need to make it rite. He said no I messed up I make it rite and its do what I say not what you say. R you serious? he has life twisted.

  • Seems you are aware of this toxic relationship yet can't define your compulsion to still need it. Too much ego going on and not enough heart. Are you honestly thinking he will one day magicaly change? So far it seems you have taken all the resposibility of keeping peace. To be afraid of rocking the boat or ticking him off is a red flag. This man is being controling and abusive. Listen to the advice you've been given. This is not a little bump in the road. He is not feeding your spirit but feeding your dark side. Somewhere in your childhood you were not loved unconditionaly and you are repeating this pain by buying into this idea that somehow things are your fault God forbid you should have a feeling he doesn't like. There is no trust in this relationship. You can't put a bandaid on this one. Please do yourself a favour--it would be a step towards healing if you set boundries for yourself. He has to love who you are. Stop trying to please so much or in the end you will disapear! If he truley loves you HE WILL MAKE THE CHANGES. Be kind to yourself. Love yourself first and others will follow. Don't let him bait you with tricks and games--it steals your power. He owns you when you let him cut you down to a smaller size with this kind of crazy making. Don't argue when you know your right. Stand firm when you know your right. Beliueve in yourself. You deserve better.

  • Wow thank you soo much Blmoon, that was some great advise I shed a few tears on this one. it is so true I have to go ponder this one for a moment thank you...

  • Libragurl, I am going through exactly the same thing with my Pisces man (ex as he now may be) I totally feel your pain, especially when its this close to Christmas. We too have split before and were fighting a lot, he just distanced then told me he couldn't do this anymore, he says he loves me more than anyone before and I'm his world but he can't keep hurting me, he doesn;t seem to understand that THIS is hurting me more than anything.

    The exact same thing happened 4 months ago, it's always during a time when he has major stresses in his life, he starts snapping at me and becomes aggressive and theres only so much anyone can take, so I finally bite back, there's a huge fight and he ends it. Last time I just played it very cool and he returned within a week but this time seems different, he is only contacting me very rarely and usually just to say he is so so sorry.

    I miss him so much and just want him back and to find a way to make this work. Would you like to talk in private Libragurl? maybe we can help each other? I don't have any idea how to send you a message. I only joined today to respond to this.

  • This post is deleted!

  • wow! this is crazy. im a libra, hes a pieces. when things are good, its through the roof, bad, it gets really bad. we get set off and half the time dont even know why. put a little alcohol on the flame and its an inferno. i have recently stopped drinking because of it. we are so on/off that minute to minute its a guesing game. i ask myself should i give up constantly. we are both hardheaded, but recently i have given up the struggle. i do not want to argue and fight anymore. he refuses to see wrong in anything he does. he talks down on me, critisises. i know once i leave, i will not give this another possable chance, so i keep biding time.

    anyone know?

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