What if one doen't know their bith date and year?

  • I have a friend who was born during a gorilla war of which all her parents were killed she was rescued by a old illiterate woman who helped bring her up only up to the age of 7 the lady died, and she has been struggling with life since then, she doesn't know when she was born except that during the war which took place in1980's but no particular year or date. Is there anyway she can find out her birth date ?She wants to know who she real is ? and why certain things keep repeating them self in her life? Am looking forward to hear from you all

  • good question. unfortunately i don't know the answer. I really hope someone here can help you.

  • has she tried a psychic? a good one, not scam.

    they can tell her some things about her life and she can start from there

    birth date is good to know, but the future is our own making

    it's what you make out of what life throws you, not when you were born that determines future

    there are a few psychics here you can try them

    start a thread for them, mention BLmoon or Hanswolfgang in the title

    those are the ones I see often here giving free hints

    good luck

  • In astrology there is a process called birth chart rectification. There are different (and controversial) methods of rectifying a chart, and in most cases a birth time is rectified. The problem is that your friend would need to know when (month/yr) major events occurred in her life and I’m not sure that is possible given her circumstances. There are astrologers that specialize in rectification, but I don’t know if they could determine a year, day and time with any definite accuracy because it is such a large timeframe to work with. I suspect it might cost a lot, so hopefully someone one here can help you out.

  • Thank so much for all the reply s , she is out going and tend too figure out things very first,she is caring and people like being around her, she is good at making friends but don't keep them for long ,she likes being the one on the wheel and doesn't want to be told what to do, she is loving and caring, though she needs attention she is not clingy, she can let go any time she wants.has a bad temper though she tries to control it. some time she screams.she hates being disturbed while concentrating on some thing.she simply cant stand being bulled and if you try to bull her you will remember the repose and never try it again. she is strong willed, when pursuing some thing of interest she is very enduring but she can easily change her mind if she sees no logic in enduring what does not interest her. She is always willing to give a hand to those who need her and she is kind. When hurt she cries but does not dwell on it, she is some one who does not give up easily, for her its like " one does not fail they simply used the wrong formula so do it again a little differently until you get it right" And i strongly think that its this her attitude and way of thinking that has enabled her to be where she is now despite of her short comings . oh i almost forgot she is jealousy though tries to hide it as much as possible and she like praising her self and being praised. Some time i find that all the conversation resolves around her telling me she has than this and did that and etc. She likes good things and she is a big spender , also likes giving to other.She is stubborn but most of all she is a loyal friend if she decides to take you in as her friend you will enjoy all the benefits of being her friend. Now Leo scorpion and all the others I have tried as much to explain her character can some one out there identify at least her Zodiac sign that would help a lot. Cheers to all of you , with love and affection.

  • sounds like fire sign, which is Aries, Sag and Leo

    or she has a lot of planets in her birth chart that are sitting on fire signs, most likely on Leos

    the ones I highlight below are Leo traits

    I am Leo, but I have 2 water 2 earth 3 air and 4 fire signs on my birth chart

    so you can say I'm not much of a fire.

    I'd imagine she has more than 4 fire signs in her chart , not a lot of earth and water

    what season was she born? did anyone tell her?

    *she likes being the one on the wheel , has a bad temper

    *one does not fail they simply used the wrong formula so do it again a little differently until you get it right

    *she is jealousy she like praising her self and being praised

    *all the conversation resolves around her telling me she has than this and did that and etc. She *likes good things and she is a big spender , also likes giving to other

    *if she decides to take you in as her friend you will enjoy all the benefits of being her friend

  • My first guess, Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Scorpio Ascendant

    Working back, you said she was taken in by a woman who died when she was 7 yrs old. May I ask what country was she born in? What happened to her after that? What years in the 1980’s did the guerilla wars take place? Does she still live in the country of her birth? If not, when did she leave? How many years elapsed between that? This would give you an idea of the year at least. What does she look like; short, tall, round face, long face, willowy, stocky, eyes etc?

  • Thanks all for your help, I told her that i was trying to find out who she real is and she was like go GIRL lol .....She was born in East Africa,Uganda in particular,well after the death of the lady she continued to live with in that very home where she was raised until when she was being forced to marry a man she didn't love so she broke off and run away from them, got a job and became independent . The gorilla war was between 1980-9186 when President Y.K Museveni came into power. Well she still lives in Uganda which is her country of birth. She is dark,tall, not fat and not small either, she wears a smile , long face. black deep wise looking eyes, she walks first. AquaBubbles Hope that will do.

  • Oops i almost forgot "at the age of 7 "she says she guess she was that Old when the poor woman died and that was in 1987 11th august in the night

  • not sure about physical appearance, because she might have undergone some sort of diet

    but I heard Scorp rising gives a long narrow back Sag rising gives tall a bit wide figure

    let's say the date was right, she would be a leo born in 1980

    does this sound like her?

    You seem to live more in the past than in the present. If you've undergone reversals of fortune, you make a fixation on them and tend to live only on the memories of a prestigious past, which may be real or imaginary. But you have great capacity of work and will be able to fix the situation although it may not be as prestigious as in the past.

    As your destiny is often marked with a tragic event in your childhood, it may sometimes be your father's, mother's, lover's death, it's a tendency to guilt that guides your actions and reactions.

    You're more sedate than the pure Leo and can show great courage in difficult moments. you're ready to sacrifice yourself, to do much for others, and to assume heavy responsibilities.

    Your material life is made of numerous successes and failures. You're tailored to play a first-rate social or political role. and may find yourself drawn to this field.

    you're more guided by instinct of domination than by love. Ambition, or interest, often mingles with your sentimental affairs. But when you attach yourself, it's profoundly and with loyalty. you will sacrifice your needs for the sake of those you love.

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