Request for a reading

  • Hello...I am relatively new to Tarot Forums and would like to know if somebody could do a reading for me.

    My DOB is August 28,1958, 5:28 AM.

    I feel dramatic change is coming to several areas of my life,one of which is a transition into my 2nd part time job.My concern is this.Will this job become fulltime, more fulfilling and permenant than the one I am replacing?Any additional insight would be appreciated.Thank you kindly and enjoy your blessings.

  • This job will present you once again with a certain situation that has repeated itself before but with a different face, This time hough you are cabable of finally figuring it out so you are right to sense being on the verge of something. This is a crossroads. At first the new opportunity will look brand new on the surface. You'll feel a new freedom and will feel at ease. Then there will be a woman who just has a knack for hitting a nerve--you can't pinpoint it but you just feel uncomfortable when you have to be near her too long. You dig deeper and certain politics show up as well in the workplace and suddenley you are having confusing feelings. A bit of drama. You hate this. On the positive side, there will be a coworker that will help you see a different take on it all and you will be open to some self discovery and you will make some major changes that will spring board you too a better job. So this move will no be permanent but it has the possibility to teach you something life changing and heal a part of you that has held you back. Spirit shows me a bold sign that says CONFIDENCE.

  • Thank you blmoon

    i feel what you say is correct and it coincides with my intuition.the ft job i am in has that very type of personality which i am moving away from.while i love this person for her lively spirit,she is too dramatic and dare i say,°poisonous° to me.the part time job is far less stressful though still does have promise but i am not certain about the crew i am working with although i have known each person for a very long time.i want to be a good employee and fear my integrity is always at stake or in question.i worry for this espescially with a new job.

  • Don'r worry as much as be prepared! You can't always control others but you can learn how not to let them hold you back. Just keep the awareness open to how a reacurring situation is not so out of control outside of you. I really feel you are going to make the leap. And I still see a job you will love very much--like I said though this next one might just be the leaping off point.There is a lot of spirit help around you and you are listening. Crazy makers can really put a kink in the frequency but you are getting past that. CONFIDENCE will mean a lot. Tuning out the insecure voice with the big imagination. Also. I see you are empathetic--pick up energies of others. Sometimes others fears and needs get mixed up with your own. I think this new friend you are going to make will help you with this--their energy will be so theraputic for you and open you up to attracting others with similiar energy. You have a lot to look forward to--keep your faith on the big picture.

  • blmoon,you are awesome!indeed,i have always been an empath,though as a child it confused me to walk into a room and feel bad energies from those,i can pinpoint the issues almost immediately.I have learned very well,to follow my gut.i appreciate your surprising means more to me than you might know.

    i truly care about people and what is thought of me, and it does tend to worry me.the situation you see reoccurring,could this have been recent?if not,blmoon,do you sense a timeline?

    honestly,since having read your reply,my body has been shaking almost violently with energy as if it is coming from the pits of my belly,outward to my hands.Visualize Parkinsons.its difficult to type .I can control this ,i know .once when i was 15 yrs old,i was walking into the kitchen where my mother and grandmother were talking.i suddenly stopped in mid stride and began shaking so violently,they had to lead very frightened me to a couch in a nearby room.the shaking went on for a short time while my mother called a physician.i was never told what was said between the dr and my mother.and as it subsided,i never concerned myself with it until now.any experiences similar?thank you blmoon

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