Sun Card

  • Can anyone tell me why i get the sun card so frequently, what is this card telling me

    Thank You 228

  • 228 -- I know with my cards, the sun card is 2nd best to the cross. So, I would say that good spirits are watching over you, and that fate is on your side. 🙂 Trust that things will go well if you are in a rocky state, and trust that they will continue if you are already in a patch of goodness. 🙂 Trust in the spirits!

  • Amantim,

    Thank you , I also get the highpriestess frequently too can yiou tell me what it means


  • With my cards, it means that you are being watched over and guided by the spirits. You will overcome anything trying right now in a good light, or if there is nothing trying, then you will maintain a great balance. 🙂 Trust in the spirits, as they will guide you.

  • Is it possible for you to give me a reading with your cards, my dob is 2 28 62

  • I'm sorry 228. I haven't been on here for a couple of days. I have not been feeling well. I will do a reading for you when I get better, k? I haven't done one in a year or more. I am rusty to say the least.

  • Amantim,

    Thank You , I hope you feel well soon.


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