After captains reading listen to this>>>

  • First here is captains reading on us

    mooninsag, together you two usually make a strong combination, and indeed the focus of your relationship can be a thirst for power. The lessons of spirituality and selfless love (perhaps the greatest power of all) are often only learned after repeated successes and failures have jolted you both into the awareness that there is more to life than ambition and ceaseless struggle. On the positive side, the energy manifest in this combination can be good for you both. Your solid partner can give you the firm support you require. Likewise, the more electrifying elements of your personality can recharge your partner's batteries and urge him on to greater heights, particularly if he has grown a tad complacent. Love affairs and marriages between you are too often dominated by power struggles in which each partner seeks to strengthen their position and selfishly demands more than their fair share. Money, social status and objects are often just pawns in the fight for dominance going on here. Your partner is difficult to unseat in such struggles, and clever you will often try to gain your end through subtlety and indirectness. These relationships give both of you the opportunity to strengthen yourselves, but also to evolve to a higher level and leave such struggles behind. Friendships in this combination can be highly stimulating, and if you both consolidate your strengths effectively you can accomplish a great deal in the service of a social group, team or club. ADVICE: Don't be seduced by power. Learn to compromise. Giving should be unconditional. Cultivate kindness and consideration. Minimize conflict.

    Now, we have been on and off. Tonight the jerk instead of asking me to leave or even acknowledging my feelings called the cops on me. I in return will have my revenge as all cancers do. Patient and cunning as always. Cop drove me home telling me all about how to get legal revenge. Nice. This guy is a total jerk. I finally felt comfortable to open up my world to him and this is how he reacts. unreal. Read above, this could have worked. wf is wrong with cap men?

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