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  • hi im new to this site . so let me start by telling u a little bit about myself ...... my names coral, i live in the uk . im 39 year old female with 6 children . im very interested in tarot etc..... my sister reads tarot cards and very spitual . i sometimes have visions and feel that i can read people very well.. i havant yet learnt to read the tarot cards but would like to . i really dont no how this site works at the minute ... if iim writing in the right place etc lol . i have had a lot of negativity in my life so far and hope im comeing to the end of it . would anyone care to do a reading for me i would very much apreciate it ,thanks xxx

  • Good Morning Coral from the US. Austin, Texas to be exact. You posted in the correct thread and it comes to the forum for everyone to read and get in touch with you. I don't read tarot but there are a lot of people out here who do. A suggestion to you is to work on being more positive to help draw good things into your life. It's a little quiet because of the holidays so be patient someone will help you or if you see someone you feel attracted to for a reading you may post and ask for one. Welcome and Happy Holidays to you and your children. Peace and harmony.

  • Hi coral -- I am not as strong as most of these lovely beings on this site, but I would love to help you feel welcome. If you have any particular questions, you might ask and I can hope to help, but cannot promise. I will do my best! 🙂

    I do see a cloud of darkness behind you, trying to catch you. Every time you "give in" to this negativity it catches up to you. Right now, it is at bay if you will. It can catch you very easily though. If you feel a negative thought approaching, think about something that makes you smile. Think of your children playing and laughing. If they are older, then remember those times. Hold on to them. The cloud will have to stay at bay. It seems there is something in your life that is inviting the cloud though. I cannot quite touch on that "thing" right yet, as I will try.

    If you let that cloud envelope you, it can be devastating. So, I encourage you to think of not only good times passed, but also of what you wish to come. Believe that you already have it. This will help. This part is not psychic, just lessons that I have learned mixed with intuition.

    Good luck! I hope I have been able to help in at least a general scale. 🙂

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