Men of the zodiac

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  • LEO, YOU'RE BACK!!!! With a vengeance and a nice pic of "still life in the garden" to boot!

    Oh, how I missed you 🙂

    But now that I see what kept you away, I forgive you.

    BANANAS - gooooood (though, I'll reiterate what I told Worthy, I haven't used my Geminine oral aparatus on anything naughtier than "Ben & Jerry's" since Moses walked the earth...almost) 😉

    GARDENERS - gooood (but aren't they less known for bananas and more for their garden hoses?)

    Thanks for the eye-candy and I'll see if I can dig out some unused durable plastics worthy of your lascivious plans 🙂

    WORTHY - What, you thought that the gorgeous young male creature on page 10 of this thread was me???? HAHAHAHA, you made my day! Oh, I WISH that in my next life I'd be reborn as Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Then I'll be back to track each of you women down and show you what a man out of his thong can do (insert devious laughter) 🙂

    The pic of real me is on page 7. Yup, the partially insane and greatly immature 43-yr old woman flicking the Rock-on sign, that's me, sorry to disappoint. Oh, well, you still have your Gem and he's a real man, banana and all 😉

    SHERYLBEAR48 - join in the fun! I myself am not a Scorp though I have enough Plutonium in my chart to sink Queen Mary II (as evidenced by these increasingly dirty-minded posts of mine, hehe), but I know what you're talking about. I was with a Scorpman many years ago and it got pretty obsessive to the point where we were both ready to join sex-addict anonymous. We had to run for our lives (in opposite directions) for his banana pealed off and whithered and I had to go back to work and save up for a vaginal reconstruction - not covered by insurance LOL)

    SUMMER - "OMG, I busy at the hospital, and out of commission for a few days with the flu, and what do my VIRGINAL (yes, that's right) virgo eyes see !!!!!!!!!!! 0_0 "

    LOL, welcome back! What can I say - it seems that the word of our Roman orgies on this thread has leaked out and now the banana binge has gotten out of hand. I fear that the commotion might impede timely Christmas distribution of edible thongs, but I hope not. We'd hate to let all the hungry women down 😉

    FLOWSCO - enjoy. And we WILL expect a Scorpionic contribution from you wink

    I was going to upload a real nice one (as in "naughty & nice") in response to Leo's gardener boy, but suddenly I got a sense of the admin catching on, taking it down and blacklisting my raunchy a*ss...

    Off now to buy groceries, I ran out of bananas. Can't let that happen.

    Peace, all 🙂

  • S&S not dissappointed you are really a cool person. We all appreciate those beatiful pictures. And ya the Gemini is still there. S&S keep it coming your humor is wonderful.....

  • S&S

    yeah I guess my fantasy is more direct than subtle 🙂

    Don't miss his photos on the website I mentioned. You won't regret it.

    I'm just following your example, with the photos...

    and no, he is just one species of fruit my gardener and I had experimented on

    there are more, but then again, I'll save them for new year

    when work life returns and everyone needs a picker upper

    Everyone on this thread,

    If I ever make you feel I don't care about your troubles, with all the giggly stuffs, Sorry

    I have been much in 'being positive' that I don't see sorrow (mine or others) as more than just things we have deal with and overcome the best we can

    In my daily ritual I always ask for the universe help my efforts to live my life accordingly and leave it to the universe what is beyond my control

    I also wish the universe will shares its abundance to those in need be it animals or people

    So yes I do care about your troubles. as I have been through mine and still have some left.

    This might sound odd to you, but it is in sorrow that we find our inner strength

    Without sorrow, we will not know our strong qualities.

    there is no such a thing as a perfect sword. but there is the right sword for each swordsman.

    Find your strong and weak points. Just like the sword, you are wielded in the fire of hardship.

    If you fall, climb back up. The universe itself is training you. Giving up is not an option.

    For when you are ready, this sword will be yours and you will fear no battle.

    Take care and hope for the best.

  • WORTHY - Thank you. Don't know if I'd consider myself "cool, more of a demented nerd with a twist 🙂 You're sweet.

    LEOSCORPION - Lovely post (now I'm being serious, for a change). You are walking the path of wisdom and I admire you for your cool yet compassionate objectivity that you so kindly extend on this site. Please let me know if and when I go overboard with silly "stuffs", the last thing I would want is to excessively pester you with jokes and distract you from your priority which is to give valuable advice and insight to people in need. Sometimes I get carried away with silliness, mostly because I'm trying not to sink into my own inner gloom which, though I might not give that impression on here, really comes to me much easier than cheer. I give you my solemn word that, in person, I am not all shi*ts & giggles & jokes. What you say about sorrow rings the bell. I have known grief and anguish, abuse of various kinds, war and loss - loss of innocence and loss of faith. There is a part of me that is very bruised and broken, constantly standing over the precipice, looking down and praying that the delicate balance will never be upset again to the point where I'd just want to close my eyes and let myself free-fall into the peaceful waters whence we all came from. But there is also another part of me - a child with stars in her eyes who, no matter how many punches fall on her head, is somehow to my amazement still here. That is the part that laughs. I need her this holiday season so as not to be overhhelmed by sadness of knowing that it could be the last one with my husband, the last one wrapped up in the comfortable blanket of a life as I now know it, the end of an era where I was not that person that would break another's heart. Farewells are always bitter-sweet, especially when they are drawn-out, and heart is a deep, dark place. Whoever wishes to walk through the underworld should know that the path leads through the heart. Why I was born with one that is so fiercely attuned to pain, I don't know. All I know is that I need the child on my side and I need laughter and writing. This is my sword. Without it, I would be left to fight the demons with my bare hands. I am not that strong.

    "there is no such a thing as a perfect sword. but there is the right sword for each swordsman."

    Thank you, Leoscorpion, for your inpiring words.

    And, remember - "spank" me whenever I forget myself. Children need discipline, especially us big ones 🙂

    With gratitude,


  • S&S

    I have been through the same pain you have

    abuse, violence, spiritual attack when I was in the womb that almost took my life, betrayal (friends and love), ethnic cleansing riot, natural disaster that took away everything we had, death of loved ones when I needed them the most

    The universe had taken everything and everyone from me, to remind me of my own sword

    You and I, like everyone else, will live our lives to the fullest

    Experience all emotions and learn from all experiences

    Your sword, will cut through your sadness and confusion

    Let's use the sword of silliness when things are rough, and have a good laugh

    Did you visit the website? Man, you should! There is more potassium there than at the grocers

  • O.K., now, what the h*ell, I'm back at it (split personality, anyone LOL?)

    Dear LEO & the ladies of the Edible man-thong Club,

    I am continuing our newly established tradition of adding to the gallery of "MEN WHOM WE'D LOVE TO KIDNAP AND KEEP TIED TO THE RADIATOR" (just not too close to it or the heat will melt the thongs...) 😉

    And now, from Helsinki - Finland, one of my very personal favorites - songwriter and singer of the band called "H.I.M." - Mr. Ville Valo,

    Ville started out as The Wild Child - born on 11/22/1976,, a disturbingly hot and smart Sag with five planets in Sagittaruis (someone call the Fire Department!) and a Scorpio rising (even Stevie Wonder would notice from across the room)!

  • And now, look at him - all grown up, sobered up and buttoned up (it's o'k', you can leave something to imagination), his songs continue to inspire many a dreamer and his sexy Finn ass many a wet dream hehe...May the Force be with you, Ville & keep it up that just sounded wrong 🙂

  • Oh, Leo, I love you, man!

    Potassium?? As you can see, I was busy gobbling down imported bananas from Finland 😉

    But I did leave some space for another bite, so I'll definitelly check out your nutritional recommendation. Only not know, because it's bedtime and I can't have a wet dream with two bananas in it, too much poking hahaha (I told you, I'm not good at multitasking).

    So, it's Ville tonight, lucky me!

    Tomorrow, we'll expand the harem wink

  • Leo where you referring to me when you said don't take it as if u don't care? That I did not do, I just thought you were taking your time or taking a break on my information for my Gemini honey. So I am still waiting patiently no rush. I know he's a lot to handle.hahhaha....... I'm sorry where u looking for more info for him?

  • good morning if there are any guys...hmm edible thongs sounds yummy wonder if the gem man would be interested?? lol..jk....yeh s/s been thru alot..but making it one day at a time..thats all I can was funny yesterday 3 guys talked to me and they were all smiles the whole is mm but he tries so hard...gotta give him props for trying hahaha...n the other 2 were strangers..ahem but I just smiled at them my day..didn't really flirt w em though..the last two their women were right there but somehow they made their way over to where I was...and just talked like we knew each other..the one introduced himself n the other one didn't...I saw this guy too that was calling me..earlier wanting to get together..sooo..yeh then I saw this other guy fren..we had feelings for each other along time ago..but he was with her so I just let it go..well lately he acts like he don't see me..etc.. what is that??? so yesterday when I saw him I was gonna play the same game..but naw I am better than I just smiled n waved at him n went on my show em..that I aint like em..oh n the other mm was everywhere..the gem called me on thurs..but he said I'll call u back n never did..which I didn't expect him too..anyways..oh well...yup a sense of humor will get u through most anything..its my daughters bday today...funny I meet sag men..n some I just let go..n yet I get along w/my daughter...crazee..huh?? have a great monday n happy holidays..I finally did some shopping yesterday...

  • worthy

    no I am referring to everyone including S&S

    hipriestess has made your chart so I don't have to make another one

    it would be the same astrology chart anyway

  • sapphire

    well, what are waiting for ?? you have 3 potassium containers in line ?

    that should be enough for christmas... and new year 🙂

  • Leo, Sorry for getting u mixed-up with HighPr. As you can read I kind of get my people mixed up, but it's all good. This is an awesome thread. I love coming to this Thread to read and look at those beatuiful men. And hear about the Banana's which are a beatiful thing. Smile 🙂

  • no problem worthy

    have fun. gonna go fix some lunch

  • Dear S &S & LS

    My computer crashed and it has just cost me megabucks to get it going I haven't 'got the hump' or anything, neither have I been nibbling Rhyss- Jones bits in the potting-shed, more's the ity! ..more soon..Worthy...I'm on it! Love and hugs lvely

  • hpriestess

    glad to know your pc is fixed.

    mercury retro starts dec 26 , electronic mechanical problems are expected

    within a week prior this date up to a week after jan 21 I think

  • won't be on much tonight, so to help S&S expand the harem

    I present you another species of banana that contains potassium and vitamin C

    which makes it a better species than the first one, an upgrade per se, younger too 🙂

    satisfaction guaranteed 110 % this time, whole lotta potassium and vit C

    not sure his sign, but his name is Andrew Cooper, supermodel

  • This post is deleted!

  • OMG what are you guys doing to us. D A M N....these are some fine looking men. These are really some beautiful beings. Hey, you guys keep them coming in. Its nice to pull up this web and find something new and nice to look at. Yes Sirrrrrr.....

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