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  • Yes you can post it here. 1/23/1963, Detroit Michigan 3:00 am Metro Hospital. Thank, is this all u need?

  • I'm on it Worthy..anything specfic you want to know?

  • I guess maybe Financing and what everyone wants to know Love and Relationship and Friendship, just all. Thanks

  • i seem to attract both guys and girls of the Taurus sign, Aries, Capricorns, Pisces and Sags. My favorite however is the Taurus. Talkative, outgoing, playful, can be brutally honest and outspoken, reserved, but i never have to wonder about a Taurus.....or i should say any of the Taurus people i know. They tell me everything without having to ask. Pisces, as much as i love being one and love others of the Pisces sign, we can be unpredictable to the point where it scares even me.

    by the way, loved all your views on each signs. lol Scars&Stars that was awesome. i might save it and put it on my blog (written by you of course).

  • Dear Worhy

    Your Ascendant is 23 degrees SCORPIO, which is so late that most of your 1st house lies in SAGITTARIUS, so I would read both these signs in magazines before you read Aquarius. Your Aquarian Sun is in the 3rd House, making you a good talker, clever, quick-witted, fun, always ready- to- shock and sociable, but your CAPRICORN MOON cools the fun side of you, making you serious and sometimes fearful of the future. Your Moon also suggests that you didn't have much chance to express yourself when young, having to grow up fast and take on a caring role early on. Your mother dominated your childhood in every respect, but she was sometimes too busy with her own personal dramas, to take much notice of you, so you helped and ''fitted in' and mostly, kept quiet

    You have a 1st House VENUS in Sagittrius making you a freedom-loving huntress when it comes to men, and also, very attractive to them. I Don't see you being super-rich, but you know the value of money and it will come in without too much effort.

    The most exciting aspect of you chart however,is that you have a whole set of videos running in your head and a vivid imagination ( Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th House which also makes you a 'mind reader' and an ace at Tarot reading.).

    The most important transit s PLUTO which will be sitting on your natal MOON for the whole of look out for SCORPIOS and be ready to take a trip to the Underworld , as your emotional life is totally restructured ...change, power-struggles, the past...all will be paraded in front of your eyes in your own personal drama. Hold on tight...bored you wont be. Peace and love.

  • Why am I so connected with my Gemini friend? You say that I have Cap/Sag tendicies.

  • Dear Worthy.

    .his Sun sits in your 7th House of partnerships, but I could see more if you could get his time/place of birth and then we would know where his major planets are. Do the other comments make any sense, or have I got you wrong? Peace and love.

  • Yes some of my reading was fine. It just seems like it was so dull not exciting. But, as far as my honey his is 5/27/46. Detroit,Michigan I would say in the noon time. Do you need the exact time?

  • Good evening, everyone!

    Just came in from an invigorating walk in our first blizzard of the season; it's wicked outside, but oh so beautiful! I love it when the world starts resembling a fairytale, makes it easier to put up with reality (no sh*t, Sherlock, right? Who doesn't?)

    Pisceanesedream - glad you enjoyed Zodiac bedroom lines. You don't have to give me credit as I'm not getting nominated for Pulitzer Prize any time soon lol... Feel free to use any of my rambling on here( if you find it interesting enough) EXCEPT when I slip out something that pertains to the book I'm writing - I would appreciate if that remained our little secret shh 🙂

    Worthy - Who, me - sex*y?? Only when I switch into a goofy tomboy mode (curtesy of Venus in Aries I hear, hehe). But I must admit, the thought of edible man-thongs and Jonathan Rhys Meyers modelling them for Highpriestess sends me into a wild sexual frenzy heretofore unseen this side of Milky Way Galaxy...RROARRR 😉

    Have fun with your Gemini and yes, work on honing the art of patience until you are a supreme virtuoso - you'll need it. Just don't let him take advantage of your goodwill. Sometimes we'll do it and be unaware of it, big children that we are. Lash out we can - verbally. Gemini is at his/ her worst when stressed out or being agressively pressured to do something sooner than they are ready to. Then we'll have a machine gun for mouth and go completely Linda Blair on you. Afterwards we'll feel like c*rap and want to apologize (though not always with words). Rather, make him show you how sorry he is by utilizing that fine eye-to-hand coordination and -ahem - oral fixation that we're "afflicted" with. It would be a cardinal sin to have a Gem on your hands and miss out on those fun activities wink On a less lecherous note, we LOVE kissing - we can kiss you 'til the cows come home and our jaw and tongue go numb... though, Lord knows I haven't used mine on anything naughtier than "Ben & Jerry's" for longer than I care to admit. And I don't mean Ben OR Jerry, I mean the ice-cream ;)...Good luck!


    Where in the devil did you go - I miss your wicked wit!

    Perhaps you are on a quest for that perfect set of plastic utensils so you can have a very merry Christmas, indeed?

    Or are gardeners really as good as the legend goes?


  • Highpriestess -

    you blow my socks off!! You truly have a precious gift, my dear, and one of these days I am going to be a pest and ask you for your psychic insight (when I feel more secure and not so afraid of hearing what I might not be ready to hear...)

    YOU KNEW! How did you know that my Grandmother was my angel??? She was my everything and I know that she's always protected me from harm - in life and death. She was the only person in the world who gave me the purest, unconditional, undiluted love. I spent the first 5 years of my life mostly living with her (my father was imprisoned and later ostracised by the then communist government as an enemy of the state and my mother had to work two jobs to pay the bills). My Grandma was my light in the darkness and her spirit even came to wake me up and say 'farewell' when it left her body for good. YOU ARE SO GOOD!

    The guy who ripped my heart out of my chest and stomped on it was a karmic soulmate, but back then I had mistaken him for The One. He was the reason why I came to America at the onset of my Saturn return only to be devastated when, a year and a half later, he took flight and t bid me 'adieu' via a postcard from across the globe...courageous. Not. He, however, had served his purpose, he made me move from my, yes- beautiful but for me personally very claustrophobic homeland to this great and very tough city called New York that was meant to become home. So I thank him for that. I remember that, after my breakdown, when I got a bit better and realized I had to get rid of every reminder of him (it was just too painful to keep any ties), I cut all his letters, photos and even stuffed animals he gave me into tiny pieces, put them in a gigantic tray and let them roast in the oven at 450F (kind of hard to light a bonfire in the city without police getting on your arse). The stink and the smoke had set the fire-alarm off and my neighbors showed at the door to inquire what the he*ll was going on. I told them I was trying to roast a chicken and it burned HAHAHA. I could tell they didn't buy it as I used to be a Goth back then and this incident probably had cemented their belief that I was a witch incinerating small animals and babies and sacrificing them to Belzebub mwahahaha 🙂

    The "ritual" was sucessful, though, and I have not a single memento of this man. Pity the pain he had caused frightened me to death and so it was that I gave up searching for my true love; the rest is history. Warm hugs to your Gemini daughter. Ah, those Saturn returns...

    Hey, I almost forgot about JRM, that sexy Irish drunk! He told me to tell you that he is more than willing to model the whole edible collection for you. In private. Being a Leo diva, though, he does have his conditions:

    1. You will have to chew those man-thongs off him slowly and in small bites.

    2. You will have to repeat "Jonathan, you are a sex god and I worship you!" 12 times in a row and say it like you mean it!

    3. You will let him put his elf up your tree. 😉 😉

    Let me know if these sound acceptable as he is eagerly awaiting your answer. (The fate of us Geminis - must we always play the messenger?)


  • S&S, you are really a cool person. You just have a way with your words and I just love that. You are definitly a trus Gemini. You just keep me intersted and please keep it coming. WOW!!! I guest this is why I am so loving my Gemini. You just never know what's coming next with you guys(Gemini). I just love it. Suspense.......

  • S&S, you are really a cool person. You just have a way with your words and I just love that. You are definitly a trus Gemini. You just keep me intersted and please keep it coming. WOW!!! I guest this is why I am so loving my Gemini. You just never know what's coming next with you guys(Gemini). I just love it. Suspense.......

  • HighPris where you going to start my reading with my Gemini honey? Thank you in advance

  • S&S and all the wonderful ladies

    I just got back from gardener's shed. The plastics didn't have all that jazz, bummer!

    I need a real one and so far the gardener has the best banana

    It's passed all the experiments conducted, satisfaction guaranteed!

    I'm going to present you this awesome fruit, straight from the shed

    and yes, fresh! he just woke up...

  • now if you see a white thing over it,

    don't fret, it's not your eyes fooling you or photoshopped

    it truly is .. just something white

    Satisfaction Guaranteed ! 100% potassium!

    talk to you later, I heard something rattles...

  • OMG, I busy at the hospital, and out of commission for a few days with the flu, and what do my VIRGINAL (yes, that's right) virgo eyes see !!!!!!!!!!! 0_0

    All this talk about edible man-thongs ( don't know, they kind of melt when you put them on, messy and sticky), gardeners in the shed wearing only fig leaves ( now that might be interesting !!!!) and riding ponies ?!?!?! Do you ride the gardener ?!?!?!?! ^_^

    Leoscorp, word of advice from a very healthy virgo, yes, bananas are very healthy, wonders for potassium, glowing complexion and good mood, hehehehee

    Nice to be back, and S &S, looking foward to more of your verbal diarrhea !!!!!

  • OMG, I think I have it twisted. S&S I thought that was you in the first picture that's why I said you where so s e x y. I am really sorry. Please forgive me. But now I know those are just pictures that being put up to get us going. I really thought that was S&S picture. But, h e l l that does not chg anything both pictures are nice to look at. S E X Y.....

  • male scorp, female scorp....lasted 10 years and i could not take any more. we could have sex 6, 7 times a day, every position, porn,no porn, people, it was NEVER enough. could not even kiss or show affection without him trying to turn it into an act. best sex of my life but i am content now to do without both the sex and the companionship til this evens out. always had someone lined up to step in when the current missus wore out.

  • Loving this thread more and more... 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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