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  • chevelleman

    yes Scorp man and Aries woman can work. Aries is always on the look out for the future. Your brother may wrong her but she will quickly forget it because they don't dwell in the past, although I can imagine the fights are phenomenal. She may be stubborn and wants to take control, but she can give in for love. She likes to start things, but not finishing it. So if she does start a fight, she will actually forget it when she finds something more interesting to start. This means if they do fight, most likely the fight won't last and so peace can return as quickly as it starts. The only thing I can see ending this relationship is infidelity, none of them will take this one lightly. This will be the one thing they will never forgive each other for.

  • ScaresandStars that was really good. I like desciption of each Zodiac sign.

  • Thanks, Worthy.

    Just sitting here, idle and unemployed, sipping hot chocolate and hoping to put a smile on my face and, hopefully, another person's 🙂

  • Well you did and enjoy the rest of the evening.

  • Same to you & happy holidays!


  • hahahahahahahahahaha !!!!! Loooooved it !!!!!!!!!! Loved the post-script too !!!!!!!!!

    And since I am a Virgo I am sipping warm apple cider instead of hot chocolate ( healthier you know , and all that jazz ,) but I too now have a stupid grin on my face and will send this to all my friends. I am sure Dr. Ruth would approve (hehehehehe) !!!!!!!!!

    You made my night !!!!!!!!!

  • ScarandStars

    Thank you for the laugh, I really needed it. My best girlfriend is a Gemini, she has a great sense of humor too, we all need to laugh more.

    Peace Baby.

  • Scarsandstars,

    That was funny, creative and great!. I'm in love with a gem guy. What's keeping him so quiet all of a sudden. Is this something serious. I don't even know there was a problem. He said loveu miss u and then disappeared.

  • Hey, who knew there were so many of my fellow insomniacs out there?

    Summerbutterfly, keep up the good nurtitional habits. My Moon is in Virgo, so I, too, think of apple cider often. But, as soon as I hit the kitchen, my Mars in Taurus kicks in and I end up slurping hot chocolate the consistency of mud-baths in Israel or, worse yet, I make myself coffee that could bring a squad of zombies back to life and turn Mr. Rogers into a hyperactive maniac . After that, I feel like someone plugged a 220 Volt electric wire up my tuchas (sp?) and that's about the last thing in the world a Gemini with sleep problems needs.

    Ilovefish, you're very welcome. One of my three very close friends (I'm not a person of many friends) is a Pisces and sometimes I wonder if she's an angel and not just a human, that is the extent of her compassion, genuine goodness and awesomeness that I look up to.

    Laughter is one of god's gifts and I myself love to be around funny people. If I didn't laugh, I would have been long dead, because when I cry - oooh, trust me, it gets heavy...

    You know that song that goes "smile when your heart is breaking", or something like that.

    "Ridi, Pagliaccio" (my Italian is rusty, though I love opera. But I love Scandinavian symphonic power metal more hehe...)

    Tellstar, wish I could help you with your Gem guy. The truth is, there are as many types of Geminis as there are Geminis (this, more or less, goes for all other signs). But I'll try to throw in a few personal impressions. We Geminis are very complicated animals, sometimes I wonder if we would even know how to live an uncomplicated life, if given the chance at one. In all honesty, our multifaceted personality and confusing behavior is as much of a mystery to ourselves as it is to you. If we confuse the heck out of everyone, it's not because we want to, but because we confuse the cra*p out of ourselves, too. Psychologically, we're constantly pulled in at least two different directions and if we could only have a manual handed to us that would tell us how to efficiently handle ourselves, we would gladly xerox it and give you a copy. While our intentions are good and oftentimes even noble, we're very inconsistent in the execution department. Unfortunatelly, there are times when, in spite all of our supposed mental prowess, we get completely lost (though we won't admit it) in the mess that is our inner pandemonium and people get hurt, ourselves included. What we need is someone smart, calm and composed with a patience of a saint who can gently guide us on an invisible leash (not in a manipulative way, but with our best interest at heart) and who will show/ provide us with consistency, stability and calm that we so sorely need.

    In return, we will offer childlike playfulness and enchantment with life's many wonders, inspired conversations, laughter and the promise that life with us WILL be frustrating at times, but never, ever dull.

    And, though astrology books will not tell you this, yes - we CAN be loyal, passionate, jealous and madly in love (and lust) - just ask this old girl 😉

    Your Gemini guy is probably on one of his headtrips, drifting on the sea of confusion. Don't let that wreak havoc on your nerves, he'll be back on dry land soon and probably won't even know that his absence upset you. Of course, you must decide if you can live with this kind of behavior

    on a permanent basis and do what's best for YOU. Sometimes it just takes a calm, honest talk for us to realize the craziness of our scattered ways and rectify them. While we can't and won't change who we are at heart, most of us WILL make an effort to meet you half-way.

    From what I've seen of Capricorns, if anyone has the patience and the stamina to deal with our inner schizo - it's you people!

    I wish you the very best with your man.

    Goodnight to all!


  • You guys are too funny!!!!! I will say as a sag, i love my libras, gemini, aquarius, and scorpio...oddly enough only a couple go with my actuall sign....i love 'em all for being emotional, sweet, loving, understanding and yes all where great in b e d (gemini was the only quick one, i guess he was over I believe every man in the zodiac is sexy in there own way, but those are my fav and i'm sticking too it:)

  • Scarsandstars,

    Thanks for your encouraging comment. I've been reading on here that gems disappear for no apparent reason. In his last email my gem gave me his b-day and asked for mine and when I answered he said love u miss u and disappeared. Now I think he may have given me a hint to his behavior. Although we've known each other for decades we only gave ourselves a chance to admits our interest in each other this time when things are a lot more complicated. He said he's a procrastinator. You might be right, caps are patient although not comfortably. We goats have horns to plow through.

    I always think that every individual is unique but what I read on here are often right on the mark with astrological characteristics. Very interesting.

  • Scars And Stars>>CAPRICORN: "I don't have time for this! Time is money! Well, O.K., I guess I can squeeze you in over the lunch break, but you'll have to tie me to the bedpost and pretend you're Martha Stewart!"

    Sandran712>>>Eww..That is so rude to a Cancer.I think I did the right thing letting this guy go before anything got started.Thank You...

  • ScarsAndStars>>ARIES: "ME, ME, ME! Get down on your knees and please me, woman! Oh, and did I mention that this is all about ME?"

    Sandran712>>Yep that was my son's father alright.And now he created another monster for me.My son is an identical to his father.He is an Aries also.

  • worthy1248>>>ScaresandStars that was really good. I like desciption of each Zodiac sign.

    Sandran712>>I really appreciated this too.Now I know what to look for.And,I for sure don't want anything to do with a Scorpio.I get so attracted to the Saggitarius.But,I wished I found one that doesn't cheat.Finding one with water in the chart would be perfect...LOL

  • Good yep that was good...I have known a taurus or know a couple and a virgo..a cap a long time ago..have a crush on one now but he's sooo quiet..but the other cap was sooo loyal, so gentlemanly, so nice and yet he was sooo jealous at the same time..we were together for awhile we would drift apart and then again somewhere we would meet again..but I haven't seen him for awhile now...some aqauris? I thought they were pretty stable but then he showed me his true colors and yikes have to be cautious with that one..don't know the other ones signs wished I did and right there is a gemni in my life..just this mornig he woke me up with a call and I teased him cuz he said some one was calling him from pvt and hanging up so I said me..naw wouldn't do that..maybe its your other one...(I sooo like him or into him but I don't wanna be too disappointed so I just keep it at whatever) he answered I don't have another one...just you..omg..hmm..that made my day...he is sweet..but drives me crazeee...soo if any body cares too...we are not really sposed to be compatible?...his his 5-29 and mine is 8-25..could do a reading or what ever astrology...he is always on the move...though...

    oh yeh my father was a mom a bro a libra...sooo n I know quite a few sags..actually met 2 of em...and their bday is almost the same couple of days apart..that was weird...they are a trip...

  • sapphirediamond>>we are not really sposed to be compatible?.

    Sandran712>>I am not supposed to be compatible with Aries.But, I spent a good part of 20 years with one.Someone told me.If someone is not supposed to be compatible with your sign.You do not break up for that reason.

  • Dear Scarsandstars

    You are a genius and should be a professional writer (pehaps you are?). I haven't laughed so much for ages and , lighthearted or not, you seem to have encapsulated the essence of what makes different signs tick - I loved your take on Virgos, but have always found them very earthy and not at all into their partners scorching their bits and pieces with boiling water (unless it's a new kind of fetish)! Virgos were Mother Earth-Ceres, the fertility Goddess, before the early Christians gave them a makeover and transformed them into 'Virgins'.....yeah right!. I have never met a virginal Virgo, have you? Peace and love.

  • I have never met a virginal Virgo, have you? Peace and love.

    LOL highpriestess that's a crack up

    did you test them all? LOL this is too funny

  • This is by far the best thread going on !!!

    Leoscorp, what do you think I should do with my lion ???? Get my but*t out of the way ?!?!?!?!



  • LOL summer

    tell him to kiss it as you move it out of the way

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