Men of the zodiac

  • if you don't remember which one is Kroenen

    here is one from dvdinfo

  • posting funnies later

    bye all have a good weekend!

  • well well well look whos here............ME lol omg is been forever since ive been on here, first of all, how are all of you ladies?? hope everything is good,

    Me and my Girlfriend are still together, we just passed the 7 month mark :). crazy to think its been that long already. we've had our ups and downs just like any other couple but we doing just fine. 7 months later and i can still just sit there and stare at her all day thinking how beautiful she is (and actually REALLY mean that i would do it lol), there too many times that i could talk about where me and her just had a great time hanging out with friends and or my older brother clint and wife and his 3 kids,

    i think i remember saying something about my mom not being very much accepting of her. well i think my mom has come around and can see that she makes me happy, just right now everything seems to be going really good it seems lol, buti still havent gotten any luck of finding a job, been applying everywhere, but i think i wanna go sign up to get my G.E.D. one of our friends just went and got hers and shes like 36 or so and at the same place that i was thinking about going, and its free, (but not the test but the classes are lol.

    well ummmm i think that all i got at the moment, feel free to ask any questions, im drawing a blank here lol, cya later cats ill check back later

  • Hi chev..happy for u...and yes I would encourage u to get your ged..u prob won't believe this but my daughter is a sag...sooo I think..ur funn loving n laid back

    saying the felines....well here goes...I didn't see the hoo sooo sad but I did see another hawt guy I haven't seen for awhile n sat by him..the whole weekend but I found out he has twins couple of days before I saw him..but no ring on his finger..soo what does that mean? I dk..but just a few days ago..I found out..this other crush is a explains his intensity at times...the hot/n/cold thing..he does...he's been off n on..I'll jus go back to give a brief history..aug 2009 he was in charge of this event..we went n I saw the aqua n the aries guys there...n so this scorp kinda blew me off so to speak soo I was like big deal right? I saw him in jan or feb but didn't talk to him altho I really wanted to say hi to I see him in march n he parked in front of me n open his door n looks over..wth?? lmao..he came over shook my hand n said hi..sooo ok..all weekend he stayed close we sat in the same general area which I did for the past several yrs n then he comes n sits there too well...I saw him at the same gas station n same fast food place..but (in my head the voices were telling me this can't work and this is insane) aries n aqua were also there but not nearly as close...well sunday he brings this girl over n(he has tried several times bf to get me jealous my opinion and it hasn't worked) I was totally not kewl w that but I just let it april I see him in nm n he is with her soo I just totally ignored him...n have since then...saw him in august..he was passing out posters but he didn't give me one no big deal so then he brings this other girl out ok thats it..never two weeks ago he was there but I avoided him big time..I see him sunday as I was making a turn n he rolls down his window n smiles..hahaha u are gonna roll so what do I do trying to concentrate n I hit the curb...lmao...I am sure he knew that I I see him later n he's all trying to say hello but I walked the been dreaming of him since and can't seem to stop thinking of him...then I find out he's a scorpio..but ag he is wayyy too young he told a fren of mine that it didn't matter to him..but....its prob jus mee having issues..w everything as usual...sooo what do u think??? oh n gem contacted me again..etc etc but now he's calling pvt? but I am done with that..for now..or forever I dk..what I am can't seem to make up mind I guess...l/s ex has been pretty good oops did I say that but he hasn't cussed me out sooo far sooo thats good for him...well...sigh...I am scared that if I don't take this chance w scorp that i won't have that again..sooo....

  • Hello everyone..

    It's quiet uphere but understandable.

    I hope you all are in good health and live is moving along as good as possible.

    I will be popping in and out these couple of days on tarot due to the Winter Solstice Fairies hunt .

    HP I know you occasionally get into the mix. I hope you see it on time.

  • M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ...

    All the felines and gents of this thread.

    Have a great time with your loved ones.


  • M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S ...

    All the felines and gents of this thread.

    Have a great time with your loved ones.


  • hello...hmm whom ever is a long time..I hope everybody is doing well as can be or even stress than ever at work..working w 2 witches now instead of one..ughh..I swear if its not one thing its another it can never just know?? oh well..if you are out there..I kinda miss this place..

  • Hey, where is everyone gone? Is there anyone around anymore, miss this site.

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