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  • Next is DREW PARE.

  • StarsandScars: i was JUST looking for you like 10 minutes ago. LOL

    i understand all you say about the war topic. i never thought that war is how they paint in the heroic hollywood movies... i've seen enough still this summer when i went all around (i mean remains of the war, broken abandoned houses etc.) and even if it is over for long years, i felt anxious in my stomach. i really hope i never get anywhere near to war.

    oh Honey Baby is on my list still, i havent watched it yet. i was going through rough times, and wasnt in a movie watching mood. but i will get to it. ๐Ÿ˜„ and then i let you know.

    oh from The Path on my wall the lines are:

    "I walk through the gardens of dying light

    And cross all the rivers deep and dark as the night

    Searching for a reason

    Why time would've passed us by

    Amidst all tears there's a smile

    That all angels greet with an envious song

    One look into stranger's eyes

    And i know where i belong."

    unfortunately, i still havent taken a photo of it, but as soon as i do, i show it to you, i really love how it looks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Let's dip our tootsies in international ahem

    An Italian viper for the 'signoras' - EMANUEL FIORE ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Froze again...unbelievable!

    Let's do two more of the Italian pretty boy. Sorry, had to clip off his lovely arse (not literally, lol) for fear of FCC (or the Admin) buzzing my head off with a chainsaw (Halloween is coming, haha).

  • KATIE -

    you're so sweet to reply to my posts right away.

    I, on the other hand, crawl into my cavern and disappear for weeks on end - my apologies.

    How funny that your second verse is also my next favorite from "The Path" ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ville knows his love poetry for sure.

    Rough times, I hear you...Let's hope they're coming to an end. When you do see the movie, you'll tell me what you think.

    And if you like a good offbeat mystery, I have another one from Scandinavia for you - "Girl with the dragon tattoo" (Swedish, you might have heard of this one, it was playing in the movie theatres earlier).

    Now, here's a Viking boy for you and me - we can make him grow his hair out and wear a "Nightwish" tee-shirt: he'll be perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

    He can keep you warm and keep my seasonal allergies at bay wink


  • Dear Mr. God, can I have a Viking for Christmas? lol

  • The two links to those songs I stumbled upon (that provide the soundtrack for the sequence about past lives I just wrote).

    They are considerably mellower than most of the music I listen to, you ladies might like them.

    The first is by the band I knew about, but didn't know this song.

    They're called "The Dreamside" (thanks, Neptune, lol) and I believe they are Pagans from Germany.

    The lyrics are self-explanatory.


    Somewhere before

    I've met you,

    Maybe in another life,

    Maybe we just passed each other in our dreams,

    But I think I've met you before,

    The way you smell, the way you feel,

    Your voice is deep and warm,

    I think I...

    Who are you, may I join you?

    Who are you? Ah, can this be true?

    I think I know you,

    I think I miss you,

    I'm too shy to look you in the eye.

    Who are you, may I join you?

    Who are you?

    The way you smell,

    The way you move,

    Your voice is warm.

    Who are you, may I join you?

    How can I suffer this way?

    I feel so lonely...

    The second song is by a band I never got the chance to listen to before (shame on me) -"Stratovarius"; old-school Scandinavians whom Tuomas from "Nightwish" named as his musical influence.

    The lyrics are running on the bottom of the video screen and I think that, as human beings, we can all relate to it.

    This one made me cry because it carries so much of the same emotion running between my fictional boy & girl and what I'm trying to convey while writing the story.

    The song is called "FOREVER":

    Good night, my ladies,

    your "sap on duty" ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ScarsAndStars:

    I see that thine browising upon our past exchange between highpriestess3 and myself hath entertained thee greatly beyond measure. But it vexes me that thine Priestesss wouldeth prefer my sacrificial devouring then her offering of her tender loving care. Thine offer of care that would maketh me more valued, and giveth more assurances that mine own life wouldeth be spared. Or doeth ScarsAndStars maketh false ovatures to me.

    Your September 13th posting made me grin, and laugh while I on vacation in Texas.

  • SS

    thanks for the vipers pics and the song links

    I am all too tired now just taking a day off today after some exhausting last 2 weeks

    but I'll surely post some things later in the week

    the music, not my kind of music, but the lyrics are kind of sad

    I never really listened to rock metal rap and all that loud stuffs,

    thinking they are drugs influenced

    I never like Neptune's bad side of addiction, you see ๐Ÿ™‚ because the way I see it, drugs don't do anything but la la land trip

    so when they come back, well then the longing for true happiness returns

    hence the sad lyrics

    come to think of it, I never know a Pisces that is not sentimental

    I even had a Pisces boss that cried, and was mad at me (YES me, not everyone else) he said I was laughing down there (his office was upstairs) when he was crying

    I didn't do a da mn thing LOL and I wasn't laughing at him either

    another Pisces boss was always sarcastic about height weight brain etc

    it was a small unknown lab LOL if he had so good of a brain what was he doing there ?

    but anyway I got him back for every single remark

    funny thing, work places aren't they?

    Scorp bosses are so far the best for me - serious & remarks only when I deserve them NICE!

    speaking of t its and a ss, reminds me of a few Leo bosses, well, I suppose if I show more T its and A ss I'll get some perks LOL

    one was trying to shag me before he even hired me - it's just hillarious

    they are funny to certain degree and less serious which is bad work-wise

    not that he's a loss, he is single too but I was just uptight about virginity back then LOL

    if I can find viper pic that looks like him, I'll post it here ๐Ÿ™‚

    anyway lets's end boring work place talk, it's all just sun sign generality anyway

    past lives histories do pour down sometimes, in my case it's usually the moon goddess has something to do with them, after all she's where past life memories are stored, remember?

    I promise to write you mine in my last email, but let me recuperate and I'll be able to write them in details

    if you keep at it, they will come clearer each time and you will notice more details

    would be good practice for your book, hope the best !


    I hope you have a good week

    been throwing you all kinds of venting I shouldn't have

    thanks for being a great friend and how lucky your daughters are to have a mother like you


    yeah those deleted things must have been somewhere in cyber space

    maybe some sore puss are jealous with so many vipers lining up for you

    they know how you are not so virginal anymore and that just pis ses them off

    I'll post more viper and water pics for you I promise

    that will keep you on top of things... and vipers /wink


    Old man Saturn can be cruel with words. I am married to a Cap for 10 yrs now. I know how cold unforgiving he can be. It's worse in his case I'd imagine. Because not only his Sun sits in Capricorn, Saturn is dominant in his chart. I don't know your Cap's chart but I can safely say that if he didn't love you, he wouldn't have stayed or committed himself to you. They don't do things random. Unless something in his chart shows otherwise, this is pretty common for Caps.

    Maybe in terms of fun, they can be adventurous, after all it's only fun, they don't expect fun to last. They are not about fun anyway, they are about achievement. If they can have both that's cool, if they have to pick then achievement it is. That said, If he didn't see something precious in you, he wouldn't be with you. Because what good will you be for him otherwise?

    Try to find this 'preciousness' in you, it's worth it. If he did leave, you need to consider the bright side of it. No more cruel words, you can't stand it anyway. Meanwhile you already know you are precious, hold on to it, and don't be afraid to start a new if you ever decide to do so.

    In my case, my Sun sits in the house of Career and public image, Capricorn is natural ruler of this house. So I think LIKE him. It helps, to see his point of view although sometimes it's boring. His Sun sits in the house of Transformation. Scorpio is the natural ruler of this house. I am a Leo by Sun, but Pluto, ruler of Scorpio is dominant in my chart. so our thinking meets somewhere in the middle. Not that it's easy to understand each other, but it helps to a certain degree. That's how, I think for the most part, we last this long. Because if we can see each other's point of views, it's easier to understand why we do and say the things we do. When he is cruel with words, I know why. and when I am cruel with words (YES I can do the same thanks to Pluto, and no regret LOL) -- he knows why. The rest depends on what we choose to do at any given time. That's the hardest part in our case LOL anyway I type longer than I planned to. But hopefully you find something helpful here.


  • Dear Scarthandstars

    How wonderful to have you back in the land of the living once more -still pining for your Vikings; I'll put Teddy Edwards and Larry on to it right away -you know they have connections in the world of celebrities. They have missed your postings and accused me of frightening you off the forum by making you consumed with jealousy in having talented pets , who are a dab hand with a needle and sewing machine and who Can sew in extra gussets to gold lamรฉ catsuits.I told them -Teddy Edwards to be specific -to get over themselves. They didn't say anything at the time, but got their own back by producing two โ€˜floaters; in the bubble -bath we shared that evening . That of course was the last straw -I finally locked them out and am now having bubble-baths solo - I can't tell you how relieved I am not to have that plug stuck up my a - - e.

    Dear LeoScorpion

    Your work on Lilith is a masterpiece which I am currently digesting and Teddy Edwards -wearing his pince-nez -is currently looking up, where his own dark-Moon is and is blaming its malevolent tendencies, for causing his unfortunate bath-time accident; Larry is blaming a dodgy chicken tikka masala, but I know it was pure revenge! I have however, got them doing the housework and they do look kind of cute when they are dusting and moping ,in their aprons and shower-caps.

    Dear Sapphire, Katie and Virgo

    Hi ladies.

    Dear Thor

    It seemeth, oh brethren, that he, Thor. of the shiny, oiled horns, yay , a comely beast ist owed an apology by the high priestess and knowest that from this day forward , thou art welcome to wander the dunghills of the temple as thou willst. Hallelujah.


  • Argh -mopping ..they don't mope for long

  • HP

    sorry I forgot to mention to Virgosrule that you taught me about those things I wrote to her

    you deserve more credit than you ever gave yourself

    masterpiece? my work? nah, those are compiled from other brilliant minds' works

    and I noticed them very true in my case and in the readings I gave her, especially the transit

    I am seriously humbled by the moon goddess

    from past lives to dark side, from feminine power to disasters and life on earth

    from lunar phases to mathematical calculation based on her astronomical movement

    lilith, nodes, wobbles etc

    I hope children of the Sun never ever undermine her anymore. I surely won't ๐Ÿ™‚

    sending kisses to the cats, thanks for mopping the floor !

  • her = here (typo)

    have some pics to post, be right back !

  • Dear Leoscorpion

    You're too kind...I.'ve sent the celeb-cats to the Post Office wih a box of lavender-scented cat-litter for your kitty. I'm sure the shops stock it where you are, but they're feeling uncommonly generous right now nd waned to send your girl-kitty a present. I hope she enjoys scratching around in it as much as they do.... Enjoy.


  • HP

    thansk but she loves sage more LOL

    I just got nice sage gifts and she sticks around with me as I am smudging the room

    lavender is a nice smell, perfect for litter xoxoxox

    it's warm outside gonna go enjoy it

    might have to travel tomorrow, talk to you soon !

  • Good evening..enjoyin the vipers..loved drew n david..yum yum..delectible or edible..hahaha..which ever...huh? kinda had it out with bossy last week...soo far she has been tolerable..ughh...seriously...other than that its been hectic..hi..s/s finally happy for you n your writing..I was gonna try to write something but not now...later..some ghostly experiences? course it would be just basically translating their info..but its my interest to see u..l/s..ur sooo funny...wished the bossy was more on a hmmm earthly some kind of plane..

    back to s/s it's kinda hmm what am I trying to say here? nways I know two pisces and yeh its all about feelings but we have our differences but we can always come back to the table and reconnect..thats the best about em..pisces they don't stay mad for very to gem..I really don't know b/c I haven't heard from him since that outburst he had..but he is with her soo that is that...I am relieved am out of that now...I really was nice but I would soo much prefer as single single guy not someone whom I feel is playing know..that is not me at all..I tried but just couldn't deserve alot its back to animus again...but am also enjoying the free to be me time..until that time that I am able to share it with that special someone..right life is mine...sooo I am not giving up that too easily...but I don't think he is completely out of my life just yet..but I needed the space...I was starting to feel like I couldn't breathe...he was getting wayyyy to close for comfort...I sorta miss him but not really..was I being too mean with him??? i dk...but yeh he has his life and I just don't feel like we were reallyl getting anywhere cuz everything seemed to be on his terms? you know? I couldn't live with myself....sooo thats it...

    yep that cat..we changed her name to fatty cuz..that was the other cat's name same exact blue eyes...she will come and lay with me and seems to comfort me when I am drained and or not feeling too others are hell raisers..they love to shred papers..esp paper towels..and get into all kinds of mischief when they are home alone...hahaha they chase each other..jump all over etc ..

    H/p keeping them felines entertained...gotta keep em going somehow.yeh pretty soon they will be ordering out for pizza we laugh when we try to imagine what they are saying to each cats..well tgif..tomorrow..ayyyyyyyay see aries couple more days..

  • heya everyone

    have a good week !

    gotta check some things at work

    I'll post some funnies though, I know I said that before LOL almost forgot


    yeah I know what you mean

    being not so virginal lionness myself

    will throw some meat in, they'll be tasty ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ok highprestess.

  • Ok finally got time to post viper pictures

    this one is Ladislav Beran, Feb 8

    He is Kroenen in Hellboy and Triton in another movie I forgot the name

    pic from hulka-cz and aceshowbiz you can see more pics there

  • a tad too big LOL Ok try again

    and another pic from bprd centerblog

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