Men of the zodiac

  • LOL the Scorpio in you surely lurks around now and then leoscorpio .... LOL.

  • hey guys

    just saw the post...glad I did ...i think it's really cool ... and what a started list 🙂

    I have noticed similar traits that u have discribed Krystalkisses in some of the ones I have expericed BUT my heart fell when I read that Aquarians r cheaters or tend to be):

    I am virgo,16,87 to be exact and I think Im falling for aqua (feb/14ish?/86).things r a little intersting now--went from pefect whirlwind to passive streching pause --- it's a little maddening

    aggrhh so passive! be fair I pulled back and now i think so did my aqua .... I feel he likes me,

    but it seems were playing this slow dance--guess I am used to go getter gemins,,,n aqua seems to be just the opposite.they are very intuitive and like the mirror though...hopefuly the newyear will bring good tidings. guess I am hoping anyone has good things to say about aquas? or insights


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  • good I have gone thru abuse, a d, stalking...dealing with him again from time to time...I had to go thru the process of a healing journey..a lot pain, sleepless nights, used sleeping pills for awhile, I was a total times I wanted to give up..but I am here...and so I live n learn...make my mistakes..but keep moving..on..I had to keep on my healing journey..even said u were too busy..well kinda felt like that and then this gem came into my life so right now I am just taking it one moment one day at a have to live life for you...but i also am blessed with 3 beautiful children so because of them I had to do what i had to do..if I was alone..I really think i would still be there..or maybe not..but as you become aware and you educate yourself..then u will come to the understanding that life is about you and find your life...and for me its ok to just live life by myself..w/out sharing w/anybody else...drool..hahaha...well wishing you showers of encouragement, blessings, love, and the knowledge to see life's offers and day you will say that you deserve the very best and mean it believe it and live leo said be true to yourself and live in sweetest revenge after my d was that I was living well...and he knew that..sooo in balance...and having faith in whatever u believe in...

  • LOL flowsco


    sapphire and SS

    hope the best for you both

    so true what you said,

    "my sweetest revenge after my d was that I was living well...and he knew that"

    can't say it better than you

  • Dear Scars and Stars, LeoScorpion, Sapphire Diamond et al

    I have asked Father Christmas for some of S & S's 'edible man-thongs' and some man-bodies to model them on for Christmas ....teee heeee! Love and hugs!

  • hpriestess

    drooling... can't wait

    by the way happy holidays for you and family from me and hubby

    if you missed my greetings yesterday

  • Dear LeoScorpion

    Thanks so much for your good wishes, your insights and your big-heartedness, which is a mainstay on these threads and I very much hope that we stay in contact for a very prosperous and peaceful New Year. Love and hugs.

  • hpriestess

    you're welcome

    I will be here

  • Dragonelf -

    forget all that "all Aquarian/Sag/Virgo (insert any sign) men are have one particular, very real and very unique man on your hands. Get to know him before you let your heart sink because you heard his Sun sign might be prone to illegal romps. I am a Gemini with Aqua rising and Venus in Aries; according to popular lore I should make Tiger Woods look like a devoted a-sexual Catechism- reading eunuch. While I do have many, MANY shortcomings and flaws, lack of loyalty is most definitely not one of them.

    And, yes - there are plenty of good things to be said about Aquas, but I'll leave that to Highpriestess. She's an Aqua and will certainly have a first-hand, first class insight.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Yeah I agree with S&S

    Disappointments, broken hearts, broken dreams, broken promises, broken bones, broken arrows, broken teeth (huh??)

    all these can make people say the worst things

    but you know they are just hurt

    so just do your best with your lover and if it's meant to be, then it will

    I spew hatred here quite a few times here too

    I needed to vent before I closed some doors to the past

    if only my parents didn't raise me to be faithful and in control of myself

    any cute man I pass by, is in great danger

    but because they did it successfully (it was quite a hard work, they said)

    these men are safe and I stay loyal to hubby

    well hubby is not safe, but somebody's gotta bear it all for the good of all, yes?

  • Sapphire, Highpriestess, Leoscorpion -

    good evening to all of you, lovely ladies! Batty Gemini here again (I only come out at night).

    Sapphire - sorry that you had to go through such an ordeal. I know more about ordeals than people suspect at first sight. My childhood and adolescence were so "lovely" that I swallowed a bunch of pills when I was 16 (my aunt was on a lot's of meds for a mental disorder and what I didn't know was that she kept tons of expired medications she skipped taking for years. Which was a good thing, I suppose, since I'm still here today. By the way, in my 16 yr. old head I thought that this would be such a gentle way to go, in the manner of those literary romantic heroines...Right. Having your stomach pumped - not pretty. One of the more memorable experiences of my life.) Now, my chart has Pluto all over it and I will risk getting blasted for spewing generalizations (something I just told Dragonelf NOT to do...), but after getting closely involved with many a Plutonian soul, I must say that a great deal of us carry a deathwish at the very core of our being. At least until we learn to tame the demons and experience the healing so we can then give it to others. When I hit my Saturn return, I had a mental breakdown, caused (or triggered) by my one monumental heartbreak. The demon reared its scary head again and this time I intended to jump off the roof. As numb and spent as I was, I somehow had enough "practicality" to try and arrange for the cost of transportation of my corpse to my parents in Croatia, so they wouldn't have to pay for it. Funny how suicidal types can worry about not imposing a financial burden on their loved ones, but not think of what a wreckage their act will cause in the lives of those same people.I didn't care anymore. I intended to take a plunge the next morning, when the relatives I lived with were out of the apartment. Just before dawn I was awakened by something that was in my bed with me and, though not of this world, it was very real and visible, it had a shape, it had a feel about it. It was not madness, because I was suddenly lucid and calm and felt so loved - like never before or after -by something, someone, whatever it was, that all I could do was surrender to the feeling and gently fall asleep. When I woke up, my astral friend was gone and so was my resolve to "check out".

    I just felt like opening my soul here about it, your story, Sapphire, must have touched that button in me, thank you for sharing yours. I hope I'm nor scaring anyone off ( this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, but I think I'll stop here).

    The good news is that, after that second near-attempt, I went into therapy and was blessed with a truly awesome, very spiritual therapist, a great guy who wasn't money-greedy, but genuinely interested in helping. That was, without a doubt, the best decision I ever made.

    Thank you, Sapphire, I needed this. I am actually crying a little, but it's a good cry. I just have so much longing and dreams and love in this greedy heart of mine and sometimes it gets too painful being in the three dimensional reality.

    But, watch me, I'll be back in no time with silly jokes and sick visions of farting horses and utensils sticking out of young male buttocks...I am your best/ worst example of a Gemini being two creatures living in the same body. And different they are - like night and day!


  • Well, I'm an aries women and was married to a libra man - no go!!!! Definitely ended- he was very cold and cruel. My current is a Virgo and he is definitely not virginal and I love him. I am not into Leos - stroke my ego is all I ever heard him say - Aquarius - never new what we were doing or where we stood or gemini- I always felt we were running around in circles, though he would always give winks across the room, sexy texts and fun times, but I am strongly attracted to Capricorns and love, love my Virgo - He is warm and affectionate and yet, still mysterious. A perfect gentleman and an awesome father!!!

  • It's nearly 4 a.m. in New York and I used a pack of Kleenex after that emotional outpour on the previous page. When I was done sniffling, I took my notebook and injected all that pain into my male character (only now do I realize how much of myself went into that poor dude, except he's young, insanely handsome and has a pe*nis haha). The words just flowed like you wouldn't believe and now I have a whole part of the conversation that happens later in the book. Thank you, my Muse, for the pain and suffering. It sucks for me, but it's great for the story.

    As my character says himself :"Creativity hurts."

    Diamond - "one day you will say that you deserve the very best and mean it believe it and live it..." Thank you , my friend, I copied this and saved in my mail. Only recently I started saying this to myself, I still am not at the point where I truly mean it and believe it, but I am working on it, working hard....I hope to live it, before I kick the bucket 🙂

    Highpriestess - I just wrote one of my mile long letters to Santa on your behalf and annoyed the living sh*its outta him to the point where he agreed to deliver a dozen edible man-thongs in assorted flavors, filled also with assorted "flavors" for your enjoyment 😉 Bon appetit!

    (You know what they say : Hard man is good to find.)

    Leoscorp - Thank you for your leonine awesomeness and cool, wise words of advice. Above all, thank you for all the fun "sparring games" and your great sense of humor that keeps us all in stitches. The laughs you so graciously and so naughtily provide are so very appreciated 🙂

    I wish all of you and your loved ones a truly magical holiday season and may Santa give you all that your hearts desire, be it edible or otherwise 😉


  • And now, something for my ladies, so you can start your day on a good note ( just keep your oxygen tanks within reach)!


  • O.K., one more (it IS christmastime, after all, we deserve this!)

    Mr. Jonathan Rhys Meyers, ladies, in all his mind- blowing beauty...ahh, those dreamy eyes, that luscious mouth, a girl could suck on it all day long hehe...;)

  • Dear Scarsand Stars,

    I am so looking forward to scoffiing my edible man-thongs...if you could get the above gentleman to model one, that would put the fairy/elf on top of the tree . I was so sorry to hear that a toxic relationhip nearly 'did you in'. My youngest daughter, a Gemini of course, felt the same way after her toxic relationship broke down on her Saturn return. Fortunately she wasn't living 'in exile so to speak (don't get me wrong ..I adore the USA son lives in California), but it must have been so much harder for you being so far away from your beautiful homeland. I suspect one of your ancestors was guarding you...I have great faith in grandparents etc. as 'guardian angels'... 19th century folk (in the UK anyway) bellieved in them, Shintoism etc believes in them and in the USA too I suspect. Blimey...I'm not usually this maudlin folks.Back to edible man-thongs' thoughts! L ove and hugs.

    Dear Leoscorp....thanks for your kind words. x

  • Hi S&S, you are a very S E X Y Gemini which thet are known to be. I am with A Gemini man and has been with him for years, very intelligent and s e x y. Its is so true what you told Tellstar. Gemini as we know can be very complicated if you don't know them and you have to have patient to understand them. They will for sure give you a ride for your money. But, you can't help but love them. I have been thur some stuff with him and at they same time he has calm me down. With him I have learned Patient and also leaned about myself. I have put up things that I would have done with no one else. I can truely tell you that I live this man. For anyone who has just met a Gemini man give it a chance, they have a hard time knowing themselves. Also when you get on their bad side it going to be h e l l and complicated. Sometimes I think they thrieve off of that and I also think that they are testing you to see if you are really into them. They just have a hard time, sometimes..... S&S you are a very sexy Gemini.

  • S&S, sorry for some of my msspelled words. Hope you get the point.

  • Dear Worth

    Forgive me but I was going to do yuur horoscope, on another threads, but can't locate it and got 'all behind' as they say. I am now up-to-date and would be pleased to do it if you woud like me to;? (I'll throw in one of S & S's 'edible man-thongs' if you like) I'll post it on "Advice on any topic " , or here, if you remind me of date/time/place. Aologies fo the foul-up. Peace and lovel.

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