Men of the zodiac

  • scars and stars

    "Now on the subject of mansions - as soon as I purchase one, you can have it (along with half a dozen young male servants, scantily clad and ready to fan you with palm leaves, handfeed you grapes and massage your feet with jasmine oil at your request) ;)"

    oh please et me know when that happens... i could be an attendant, a servant or something of some consort. 😉

    leo scorpian

    rev it up!

    thanks for cheering my day with such... such utter depravity!


  • you're welcome tendrops

    I need a laugh now and then too

  • Highpriestess3 - I love that you're an Aqua with Sag rising - an intelligent and passionate creature, indeed 🙂 It's nice that your Moon is in Taurus, though contradictory (what good is life without a little contradiction LOL), it also grounds you a bit. My Moon is also in an earth sign, Virgo, but I suspect that this only makes me more neurotic! (Then again, it's conjunct Pluto/ Uranus within a degree in my seventh house,so you can imagine what that did for my love-life hahaha) You have a diploma in music, that is awesome! I envy anyone who has enough focus and discipline to learn to play an instrument as music is the form of art I personally put above all others. I love, adore and worship music and wouldn't exist without it, even if this time around I wasn't born to perform, but to simply enjoy. Deep inside of me I know that I was a musician in many of my past lives as I am so powerfully moved by it and, even though I can't read notes, in my youth I used to sing in a choir and memorize all those long classical pieces by ear and perform with the rest of the guys without any problem. I'd say that 90% of all the men I've ever been with were musicians and a lot of my friends are as well. If someday, like Napoleon, I find myself stranded on a deserted island where I'm allowed to take one thing only, in spite of my love for words all I'd want to take with me is my music collection.

    I can't function for more than a few hours without my headphones 🙂 Without music I wouldn't exist and there would be no story or at least it would be a very dry one. Music is so crucial and so intertwined with everything that happens in the book and, I kid you not, as I asked for my guides' assistance, they kept sending me songs, songs and more songs that corresponded with it all in such a profound way that, if and when it's published, people will believe that I first took inspiration from these songs, but in truth - the music came WITH the story. There were and are just so many synchronicities tied with it that would make even the staunchest of skeptics gasp. So it doesn't surprise me at all that you'd know two real-life individuals with the same exact Sun/Ascendant combo ... And yes, Cancer and Pisces Moons are very befitting, but if I told you that I actually didn't plan them out, you wouldn't believe me.

    My characters just came to me complete with every physical detail, psychological M.O. and background. At first I just knew that he was a Taurus and she was a Scorpio. What I DID decide on were their Ascendants, because I wanted them to have that spark of polarity between them. I also decided that he was going to have Pluto square his Moon (ouch!) and her Pluto had to be on a specific degree of a certain sign (very important fort the beginning of the story).Then I just picked their birthdays according to these few requirements and, since you are knowledgeable, you know that, when it comes to astrology, this is the extent of personal control one can have. No chart, if it is to be real and therefore believable, can be fabricated and no one can "fix" things beyond this point. So when their charts popped up, I took a superficial look and then let them be, so I wouldn't try to "fix" the flow of their thoughts, feelings and behavior according to their astro data. And, what do you know - the funniest thing happened. Every time I was done writing a chapter, it would occur to me as I was typing it in the computer (I write in longhand first): "Jesus, this is exactly what a Venus in Pisces would do!" or ""Of course a Mars in the ninth house would say that!". I must say - as excruciating as the process of writing itself can be, I'm having a blast! The best part is - I'm not even remotely interested in seeing where I could take this story (most probably, not very far LOL), I want to see where the story will take ME!

    I can't reveal too many details on a public forum, though I'd like to believe that all the writers frequenting this site are highly evolved beings who know the laws of Karma better than to try to "lift" another's nice and the universe will provide you with your own perfect story 🙂

    (Plus, I've had the seven chapters that I have so far copyrighted "wink")

    Now I need to go back to actual writing, instead of harping on about it ad nauseam... And I need words, the language of beauty, poetry and sensuality so I can describe for the world just how incredibly, mind-blowingly romantic a BJ can be - enter "L'Amour" theme from Biset's "Carmen" (I'm dead serious!)

    My highest aspiration for this book is for every man, woman and lecherous fiend in the world, after having read a certain chapter, to close the book, lie down for ten minutes and have a smoke (even the non smokers!) HAHAHA, just joking 😉

    Mucho amor

  • Sapphirediamond - many thanks for your kind words and you are dead-on about us Geminis! It takes an event of cataclysmic proportions and a pint of Krazy Glue to sit us down and make us focus sufficiently to finish whatever we've for your Gem sis and her hel*l raiser grandchild - she better be careful, because soon she will be the one on the receiving end of all that "exuberance" I myself unfortunately have no children (due to a procedure gone awry that has left me infertile), but I know I'd be a bit of a disciplinarian. Few things are worse than a spoiled brat...

    TendrOPs - oh, so you want in now, too? Anybody else planning on crashing the party? 😉

    "The Mansion of Decadence and Debauchery" is now officially the sole property of LeoScorpion. You want in, you'll have to get her permission LOL

    Suddenly, I smell a horde of idle, aroused women of besieging our little den of sin and breaking in, ravaging those pretty boys wearing nothing but baker's aprons, ripples of horror convulsing their perfect glutes covered in powdered sugar. Hell has no fury like a woman horny! Damn!! Now I'll have to mail-order at least another dozen of these servants, seeing how the demand has unexpectedly skyrocketed!

    LOLOL....Nothing like utter depravity to cheer a woman up ")

    LeoScorpion - I regret that my selfish decision to keep the horse has caused your fair leonine brow to frown. On top of that, when I passed the mansion down to you I had no idea that you will be faced with such strife and forced to deal with the possible stampede of females bent on harassing your staff. If you need my help in defending them, I'll be there with a pitchfork in one hand and a life-size cutout of Jonathan Rhys Meyers (sp?) in the other 🙂

    The Ferrari is yours, enjoy it. And, if I may suggest a way of forgetting all these unforeseen complications , take your man, throw him on the back seat and ride him like a pony! That, my friend, beats a thousand horses hahaha 😉

    Sorry if I'm being inappropriate. "raunchy" is my middle name lol (you know us Geminis - all talk, no action...)

    Rock on!

  • Darn, I should proofread before I post (but I type sooo slow as it is, sigh)

    "I had no idea that you' WOULD' be faced with such strife and forced to deal with' A' possible stampede of females"

    Sorry, my Virgo Moon is hiding under the couch, ashamed.

  • now now children, if we are going to play together, we have to learn to share...

    avoid bloodshed, plus this way i don't have to buy another pitchfork

    save money, yes?

    I will make sure I have a taste of each of the male staffs

    then the women here can have them, it's fine with me

    as long as dinner is served, laundry is done, silvers all shiny - all in time

    I will then ride on my hubby, but he might be busy with the female staffs, no?

    equality, of course. I have to learn that one.

    man I can tell you're gorgeous even if it's dark

    are you looking? shouldn't be too long to find a date

  • LOL... you guys are mad!!! LOL

  • LoL...just chanced upon this thread... Keep havin fun gals 😉

  • Dear Lord, LeoScorpion, YOU should be a writer, I swear!

    Everything you say is way better than all the jokes on Letterman, Leno & Conan O'Brien combined LOL!

    "I will make sure I have a taste of each of the male staffs

    then the women here can have them,"

    HAHAHA, you are like the medieval mistress of the fiefdom "the right of the first night" it was called, I believe.

    After you deflower the lads and sample the goodies, all with the noble intention of making sure that no faulty parts make it past the "inspection", then you will - in a good old generous Leo tradition - pass them to your eagerly awaiting maidens in waiting 😉

    AND you will extend the same generosity to your husband ...

    I thank you for your offer, but I think I'll just watch this time"wink", as I am a very weird Gemini and not good at multitasking at all...As Grace Slick nicely put it: "Multitasking is overrated: one man, one car, one house, one child." Amen 🙂

    You know, of my three closest friends - one is a Scorpio, one a Pisces and one a Leo. And, I must say, when I need encouragement and a boost of any kind, I go to Leo.

    Thank you for calling an aging far*t with a million hangups gorgeous. I'm most definitely NOT and maybe it's time for contact lenses for you, my dear Leo, but I thank you anyway. "hug"

    I am married, but things haven't been nowhere near good for quite some time.

    Right now, it's pretty much like being separated (though not legally) and living together still.

    I have had some kind of spiritual shift that occured at the beginning of this year and I'm still going through it. I have no idea where it's going to take me, but I think that learning to trust the forces that be and let go of fear is part of my lesson in all of this. I am not in love with my husband, never have been. I love him and care for him very much, but that's not enough.

    Somewhere in my heart I know that we are both destined to be with a more suited partner, but he clings on to this and I feel terrible knowing that this will be the first time in my life where I'll be hurting someone. Someone good. So I wait until he slowly eases into the idea, I guess. I don't want to look until we have a clean slate, because I'm not a cheater by nature and he doesn't deserve it.

    Recently, I met a man at a community event, felt a very strange and powerful connection and we ended up talking for hours. He told me some very deep, personal stuff that I didn't even ask about and I could relate. My own childhood was a VERY dark place, too.

    But talk is all that happened, thank the Lord! I avoid him, because I AM very attracted to him and can't wait for him to go back to his home state (he's just staying in the neighborhood with a friend). I will not cheat on my husband while he is still that, even if on paper only.

    So there - phew - you ask a crazy, immature woman if she's dating and you get her whole life story. Darn!

    I better go to sleep now, it's well past four in the morning where I am.

    Wishing you a wonderful night, LeoScorpion filled with dreamsl of those juicy,delectable male servants hehe


  • you're right about alot of these men krystal i'm also a virgo and date a virgo man besides they're also cheaters!

  • virgo's cheaters..hmm well I dont know bout the men virgos..met one and I think he would ve cheated dont know for sure..well I do virgo moon was hiding under the couch..what was it doing there..jk...well am here early walking but gotta go back n do some stuff and later drool for some hotties...crazee huh??? we are living together but only on paper sad better get a move is too be waiting on someone..and hurting some one cuz their kind..hmm..they are gonna get hurt anyways somewhere down the line if not your life to the fullest..I am single..always lookin...can't u tell..hahaha...but I am happy that Ican say..and no its because I am with because I get to do what I want and when..maybe someday I will meet him..but until then..maybe you can borrow leo's horses and ride up to you when you feel ready you will do what you have to do for you...

  • S&S

    LOL maybe I do need lenses but your pic is big enough to see

    immature? I would second that

    you are in a so so marriage and you stay loyal

    that doesn't sound like immature to me

    I'm too lazy to write, seriously I don't know how you wrote what you wrote on here

    I'm going to just let you and other people do it then, you're good at it

    Letter who? just kidding 🙂

    good to know you have Leo confidence-booster friend

    we all need picking up now and then

    by the way good luck on your book

    I'm off to the gardener's shed 🙂

    can't skip a cute man wearing nothing but leaves, can we?


    S&S is keeping the horse. but we can try sneak in and steal it

    just an idea

  • LeoScorpion did you ever do my reading? Tell me what do you think Gemini and Aqua compatibily or connection? THANKS

  • worthy

    you want birth chart but didn;t give me specific location

    you said Michigan, and I ask for more specific city or town but you never said anything

    so i never made one for you

    if you want compatibility

    just give me your DOB and his DOB

    I will do it in the weekend

  • Happy holidays to everyone

    from me and my dear Cap hubby

    hope only the best for you all in 2010

  • Sapphirediamond,

    your words about life being too short and the sadness of this whole situation are very true. My lack of courage and countless insecurities are what kept me from going for my dreams and that's how I wound up waking up one day to the harsh reality of being 40+, doing what made sense to everyone else but me while secretly being unhappy and disappointed with myself...However, my husband truly is one of the kindest hearted men in existence and none of this is his fault. He did more for me and my emotional healing than any other man ever would have. So he was, without a doubt, meant to enter my life and if I was not to be with "the right Mr. Right" - I couldn't have picked a better "wrong Mr. Right" to share the road with (or a big chunk of it).

    Paradoxically, that makes it even more important that he, too gets all the love and happines that he deserves, because God knows I tried for ten years only to learn that you can't MAKE yourself "get there". It will soon be time to move on, I know, but I feel such guilt and also a very parental kind of responsibility towards him. He's a Cancer, 10 years younger, a musician, slightly dyslexic and has ADHD. With all this he's managed to keep a day job and I give him a lot's of credit. At times I feel bad for all the tough love I gave him, though I do think it helped him gain somee focus and determination. Perhaps I was his child in a past life and now I'm here to return the favor? A normal, level-headed, wise woman would take it, keep it and be grateful for it, but unfortunatelly I am none of those things. I've always been a very black/ white kind of person and , especially when it comes to love, my whole being - soul, heart, body and mind - has to be in it. I know, I am a hopeless idealist and it had caused me some pretty gut-wrenching heartbreak in the past, but it looks like "playing it safe" doesn't work for me either. As you can see,I've tried to walk "the gray area, but there's only so long a person can deceive themselves. My husband knows how I feel as I told him - as gently as I could, but with complete honesty. He swings from self-denial (Cancers tend to cling to bad situations) to terrible outbursts of moodiness, accusations and rage (can you blame him?).

    As for the stranger I met, I don't know if this is someone whom I will again see in the future or he might be just a short sweet note from the universe that portains to something else...?

    All I know is that the timing is all wrong and I have too much on my plate to take care of right now. The book, for one. If there is one thing I am certain of, it's that the universe wants me to learn to focus on doing something crucial for my own growth first, before I can even think of some future relationship. This book is my task, something I must do for myself.

    Once I accomplish my part of the bargain, then the universe will deliver its own, according to the plan and with the good of all involved in mind.

    "when you feel ready you will do what you have to do for you" - you couldn't have said it better.

    Sapphire, I admire your zest for life and adventurous spirit - sprinkle some on me, please 🙂

    Keep living life to the fullest, it's why you're here for!


  • S&S

    live your life in the truth and balance

    nothing without balance can go far

    nurture yourself, your physical and your psyche

    because you have guides now, you can ask them how to do this they will guide you

    living in denial and lies is not living

    denial and lies are negativities, the universe will return what we send out

    and so you will get it back, as if you don't have enough already

    you are doing right by telling him the truth of how you feel

    how he deals with it, you have to leave it to him

    about the other guy, leave it to the universe

    if he is yours, he will be

    without letting go of expectation, your life will be stagnant

    life has to move forward or it's not living at all

    follow your guides' guidance

    they are here for you

  • Now to you, Miss Scorpionic Lioness!

    " I don't know how you wrote what you wrote on here" - it's easy, really. All it takes is a Gemini riding on the wave of verbal diarrhea lol...but, worry not, knowing my own pattern, I shall soon disappear into my cave again and you might get lucky and not hear from me in weeks or months even...I'm either George Costanza on crack or Howard Hughes (minus the foot long nails and the pissing in pots and pans part haha).

    Anyway, what I want to say (scream) to you is:


    Because of you, all night long I was plagued by nightmares of crazed females in heat, the mob swarming the mansion like a cloud of blood and sex thirsty flies, breaking into the staff quarters, violating everything in sight and rumaging through their underwear drawers and devouring edible man-thongs! Oh, the horror! Leaving unspeakable chaos and devastation in their wake, they stormed out as violently as they had descended upon us and I regret to inform you that many of your fine shiny silver pieces were left sticking out the rosy ass cheeks of the unfortunate staff (what's with me and asse*s?! hmmm...could it be the overdose of Pluto in my chart hehe...)! I'm lucky that the pitchfork didn't go up mine!

    In the end, I fled - miraculously unschated - I believe it was my Jonathan Rhys Meyers cutout that saved my miserable life. Only now it lies before me in a hundred torn up pieces that I am desperately trying to put back together as I weep and mourn over it. I will NEED to look at something beautiful in order to be able to regain my sanity and forget the ordeal that I was put through...Otherwise I shall need some serious therapy (what else is new!)

    Oh, and don't you dare try and sneak with Sapphirediamond behind my sagging butt to steal my horses or both of you are in for a nasty surprise!! I feed my stallions carrots and beans and they will not hesitate to far*t your heads off and blow them through the stable roof!

    On a friendlier note, LS, I hope it was nice & windy in your gardener's shed last night, scattering the leaves to the left and right hehe 😉


  • Hehe, we were posting simultaneously.

    Thank you kindly for your wise advice - it's what my own heart has been whispering to me as well 🙂

  • will be here for your therapy

    and sapphire too, will shout for her help

    but my silvers... how could they?? horrible s ex maniacs

    not enough they did my staffs, now they did the spoons too?

    shame on them... my precious silvers are now tainted, abused beyond belief...

    but life has to go on, I will get plastics this time, cheaper

    plus less painful, in case I want to try it ...

    kinky - the gardener I mean (cough)

    take care.

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