Men of the zodiac

  • Hello again, everyone!

    Tellstar - hang in there, darling. Your Gem was honest on the subject of procrastination, it is one of our greatest crimes. At times it stems from our fears and insecurities and other times it's simply that scatterbrained multitasking thing that makes us lose our thread and wonder the endless paths of our inner labyrinth...until the providence saves us. General astrological characteristics work fine for most people of all signs when a relationship is still dancing on the surface. But the deeper you delve into one another, the more those other, very individualistic traits come into play. Plot usually thickens at that point, but isn't that what makes life interesting?

    I hear you on what you say about "uncomfortable patience". My Mars is in earthy Taurus (supposed to be very patient and enduring) and I often get complimented on my "wonderful patience" (mostly in public, not so much at home haha). Meanwhile, everything inside me wants to scream: "BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE PATIENT, DAMMIT!" One of life's great lessons for me to learn...Be strong!

    Sandran712 - pleased to meet you, my name is also Sandra 🙂 Did you know that our name originates in Greek 'Alexandra' and means ' helper of mankind ' ?

    As in -in my case- helping men, one at a time LOL! You see, all my loves were in some ways major screw-ups and, in all honesty, I probably wouldn't have had them any other way.

    Because if they're not messed up, how can I help them LOL?

    Glad you found my post informative, just don't apply it too ilterally as it was meant to poke fun at astrological stereotypes and make you laugh. ( I hope I haven't offended anyone as that was, clearly, not my intention.) Otherwise you might miss out on a whole universe of beautifully complex humans out there.

    And don't give up on Scorpios. It is true that they are very good at being bad and some of them can play the role of the devil better than The Devil himself...but, if they are the one for you, it could turn out to be the most profound, all-encompassing and amazing love of your life. Peace 🙂

    Sapphirediamond - your man's birthday is one day after mine, so I sincerely hope he'll prove to be a good one, the kind that puts "gem" into Gemini 😉

    "...he is sweet..but drives me crazeee..." Wish I had a dollar for every time I heard that one smirk Both Virgos and Geminis are mental signs (and , yeah, we can go "mental" when pushed far enough, lol). Learn to gently release your fears and reveal your feelings, little by little. It can be difficult at times for both our signs to hear the voice of our Heart over all that chatter in our heads.( Well, at least you Virgos hear only one voice at a time, Geminis - oh, boy! If schizophrenia didn't exist, some Gemini would go right ahead and invent it!) Forget all that " not supposed to be compatible" stuff. Intellect is great, but intellect can only take you so far.

    Listen to your intuition and enjoy the ride!

    Highpriestess3 - "Virgos (...) not at all into their partners scorching their bits and pieces with boiling water (unless it's a new kind of fetish)!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for that! I laughed so hard that I freaked out the cats, that was great!

    I did not mean to imply that our Virgo friends are into soaking their (or their partner's) precious 'family jewels' in scorching water, heaven help us, no! I just played with the concept of their infamous obssession with hygiene, taking inspiration from my past. Once I had a Virgo boyfriend whose idea of a proper hand-washing ritual included the act of letting steaming hot water run over them until they were the color of boiled lobsters and using copious amounts of liquid soap that HAD to be the kind that kills 99% of bacteria. Meanwhile, his room was a post-apocalyptic disaster area and he was having pot for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so much that I was afraid that Jerry Garcia and Tommy Chong were going to jump him someday. Go figure!

    To be fair, he was a drummer in a punk-rock band and bipolar to boot. Ahh, memories... 😉

    "You (...) should be a professional writer (perhaps you are?)"

    Highpriestess, if you only knew how you set my heart aflutter with that statement!

    I am just a small, insignificant schmuck from Croatia, Europe, who moved to New York 15 years ago with one suitcase and a head full of dreams. Ever since I was a little girl I loved to tell stories, but never had the seriousness, faith in myself or the confidence needed to give it my all. For years I buried myself in tedious, uninspiring and poorly paid jobs, paralyzed by fear and insecurities until The Universe decided to kindly kick me in the behind at the start of this year when I found myself unemployed, along with so many others. Something happened inside me, a great shift that I still can't grasp, but am deeply grateful for it. I started writing a story that's been in my head for twelve years (that's where the part with Gemini procrastination comes in). In the process of doing it (and it HAS BEEN a very slow and painstaking process, given the fact that I am not a native English speaker) I realized that I had gone completely mad!

    Here I was, an immigrant, writing a novel -no less- in the language that's not my own and thinking that I could actually pull it off! The story, I have no problem with, I'm lucky in the sense that I can barely keep up with my own imagination. It's the writing skill that troubles me, or, rather, the lack thereof. Still, I know that I'll do whatever I can to master this language sufficiently in order to be able to complete this story, if it's the last thing I'll ever do! I may be unemployed and my marriage may be crumbling into dust as I write, but, as crazy as it sounds, I have never been this happy and alive!

    So, wish me luck, my friends, and please feel free to correct me on grammar, syntax and any other errors you catch me in - I'll be most grateful!

    Highpriestess, thank you again! You have no idea what your comment did for me.

    Everyone, sorry about the the onset of Mercurial verbal diarrhea, hope everyone survived it LOL!

    Live, love, be, believe


  • "tell him to kiss it as you move it out of the way"

    Listen to her, Summer, great advice 😉

    Leoscorpion, that is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  • Can I join in? Was married to a Leo for over 20 yrs and believe me it wasn't an easy ride! Before him dated two Aquarians and they both cheated but our relationship had just about fizzled out when that happened. I'm on the lam right now and very much enjoying it simply b/c I don't have to deal with PERSONALITIES!! Can I get an AMEN!!

  • S&S

    you're welcome

    and by the way everyone is an immigrant at some point of their lives

    good luck with your novel

    The universe is a place of abundant, you can create anything from this place

    P.S. when you become famous, give us a free copy and invite us to your mansion 🙂

    bye now!

  • sigh yeh I tried ignoring the gem's call one day but he is persistent and he shows up whenever he wants...too...never met a virginal virgo??? wow...I don't know..about all that cleanliness stuff..I try not to should see my work never clean always messy I mean..its fairly clean but not superclean...but I can always find things in my mess...I always think people hate my then kids said that the places they went to visit at their friends house..and they come back and tell me that they have messier houses sooo I don't know...probably a goof in that aspect for me anyways..hahaha...he's too sweet I want him to do things for himself..(well this one thing) and yet he was all please and I fell for that is something else I tell ya...he calls and ummm...but he's not clingy yet and that is something that ireally don't care for...go know all of this time I have known him I have yet to see him angry even a little bit once over the phone it wasn't at me though..thank

  • sapphire

    LOL yeah highpriestess could say the funniest thing sometimes

    Virginal virgo


    I agree with the Scorps thingy. sure they may have this Devilish thing going

    but the ones I know are never mean or rude, nothing like mr. stinger

    only 1 bad experience and even that one was not stingy, he was quiet and mysterious

  • leoscorpion>>stingy

    Sandran712>>This word is confusing for the Scorpio.Do you mean sting-yyyy

    Or stingy as in Tightwad...LOL

  • Dear LeoScorpion, only road-tested one, but he was an earthy so- and- so and the funniest guy I've ever met! .....pity we were married, other people! Love to you ,LS

  • sandran

    tightwad 🙂 different degree each one though

    none of the males that I met, but maybe I just don't feel it because of my rising


    OKies! love back

  • Dear Scars and Stars

    I bow to you...that you can write such amazingly accurate grammar and syntax....and you're from Croata!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am an English teacher in England and you wouldnt believe the sloppy rubbish my 17-18 year-olds vomit forth and call it 'writing'. You are a mistress of BATHOS.....have you read Bill Bryson? You could do for astrology what he did for travel writing....lighten it up! He is a master .. and you could too ......we would all buy it, What about, ""How not to relate" or "How to avoid a toxic relationship." as a title?Love and hugs.

  • yeh a what to do with each sign or what not to do..road hazards or hazards of love..hahaha

  • Leoscorpion:

    "P.S. when you become famous, give us a free copy and invite us to your mansion 🙂

    bye now!"

    Thank you LS 🙂 You have my solemn word that if - or should I think positive for a change and say WHEN - the book is published, you'll all be cordially invited for a wild sleepover at my place where we will discuss tarot, astrology, secrets of the universe, sex, love and Rock'n'Roll, while exchanging thoughts on assorted male specimen in our lives...All this over chocolate & walnut filled crepes (the only pastry I'm any good at making) and a case of California Ravenswood Merlot (if you like red wine, do yourselves a favor and go get a bottle NOW...mmmmmmmmmh) 🙂

    The only thing is, mansion or fame are not required (I'm pretty good at enjoying what little I have). You're right about the universe being a place of abundance, this is why I am able, in spite of doubting myself, to have faith in the story I'm writing - because it is NOT mine. It came TO me and THROUGH me, not FROM me. What puzzles me, though, is why the devil would the universe pick me as a scribe, when there are so many infinitely more gifted and capable pros out there? The only thing I can think of is that I am in the possession of the right kind of psycho-emotional "resume" to bring this thing forth, as I have been putting my whole heart and soul into it. The intention I sent out, when I first set out to do this, was for the story to be published so that it could touch other people in the way that it touched me. To be as healing to some "square peg in a round hole" out there as it has been to myself.

    Now, could you please whisper to the universe on my behalf that I will need all the help I can get in the writing/ technical skill department so that I don't give up.

    Hey, who knows, perhaps in a year from now I'll be toasting you in person with that glass of Ravenswood 🙂 In the immortal words of our combover friend Donald Trump :"As long as you're going to dream - dream BIG!"

    live, love, be, believe

  • Highpriestess3,

    Again, thank you for your wonderful encouragement and generous spirit - you are being too kind! And thank you for continuous laughs, keep them coming, girl:)

    As for my syntax and grammar, they are O.K., I suppose, for a non-native speaker, but if you look closer, I'm sure you'll find that there's a lot that can be improved upon. I do have BA in English literature from my native country, but you'll agree with me that reading your Chaucer and your Steinbeck and reporting on it and trying to write an actual piece of fiction are two different things all together. I envy all of you people on being raised in the language, because when I write down word "snowflake", for example, that's the only word I can think of in the given context. For anyone born and raised into English language, it will automatically come with at least seven other words, nouns, adjectives and verbs, that will describe and put the said snowflake into a rich context. I hope that makes's a tough road for me. But the one I love (that helps).

    I will definitely check out Bill Bryson, thanks for the recommendation.

    Now, when you wrote : "You could do for astrology what he did for travel writing.." I had to chuckle in amazement. What are you - psychic??? (Well, from an Aquarian, that comes as no great surprise!)

    Although the story is not technically about astrology, astrology -along with music- plays a BIG part in it. Infact, I'll go ahead and reveal that it is a supernatural love story where boy meets girl and she gives him a reading.He's a tortured soul, very conflicted ("write what you know") and she- she's something else, to say the least. At some point, demons from her past catch up and what ensues is pandemonium... Since I am a fantasy addict, they both came to me as complete characters with detailed astrological charts.(These characters are very real to me and some part of me sincerely believes that they truly exist in a parallel universe - wait! Don't book me up at Bellevue just yet hahaha - it's a looniebin downtown New York). He is a Taurus/Sag rising/Cancer Moon and she is a Scorpio/Gemini rising/Pisces Moon, two opposites and in more ways that you can imagine. Let's just say that there is love, lust, obssession, Mozart, Scandinavian heavy metal and religious blasphemy (well, at least my very strict relatives will think so and will probably hurl an exorcist on my irreverent ass LOL). In all honesty, I'm hoping that it will not offend anyone, but if it does - that's too bad, because from the start I decided NOT to censor my characters. They may be the only children I'll ever have and I'd like to let them be who they are in truth and freedom as, when I was growing up, I never felt accepted unless I made concessions to everyone's expectations (I'm an Aqua rising, so it comes with the territory, right?). Anyway, underneath it all, it is a story of human heart and its resilience, of love and hurt and the pain of growing and understanding that the pain, as much as love, is what makes us human.

    Phew! That's pretty ambitious for someone so lacking in confidence, what do you think LOL?

    And here I went on a tangent (again). I'm going through my "the blab phase", after which I usually shut up and then you won't hear from me for weeks/ months on end (I can hear a collective sigh of relief) 🙂

    Thanks for listening, HP3, and, yes - completely unrelated - I'll let you know if ever run into that rare creature of myth and legend called The Virginal far, no cigar 😉

    Blessings to all and have a lovely holiday season, everyone!

  • Sandran712>>I really appreciated this too.Now I know what to look for.And,I for sure don't want anything to do with a Scorpio.I get so attracted to the Saggitarius.But,I wished I found one that doesn't cheat.Finding one with water in the chart would be perfect...LOL

    are Sags really that much of cheaters?? i for one believe that i wouldnt cheat but alot of the things i do here on tarot, kinda hint that i "might" do something, but i cant have things on here run my life, i cant imagine hurting someone i love like that, about the whole "having water in there chart" thing , what? water signs dont cheat or something? i got 3 water signs total i got 2 scorpios and 1 pisces in my chart, also 5 fire, 3 earth, and only one 1 air sign which is my rising sign Gemini.

    and this is quite a funny thread going on here lol

  • Chevelleman71,

    no, not all Sags are cheaters. My only brother whom I love (and butt heads with 😉 ) is a double Sag with a stellium in Scorpio and he's been very faithfully and devotedly married for 16 years to his wife, who is a Gemini. They've been together since they were 21 or 22.

    I always had the feeling that there was The One somewhere with a lot's of Sagittarius in his chart that was destined for me, but alas, I haven't found him. Now I'm 40+ and married to the one that was not destined for me (not his fault, I should have looked harder and had more faith).

    Anyway, please stay the way you are and carry that bright torch for all the loyal, shining Sag men!


  • S&S

    the universe knows us to the core. YOU are the right one for this task.

    All knowledge, wisdom, etc come from the universe. We should always acknowledge this.

    I myself am chosen for a task I have not known yet. I only know I am in preparation state.

    I am told I will know more in fall 2010.

    The universe is aleady helping you LOL

    English is not your mother language and yet it doesn't seem hard for you to write here.

    The progress will be rapid. Just go with the flow and trust.

    About the mansion, if you don't need it, I'll take it 🙂

    and the horse too, if you don't mind.

  • Leoscorpion, you are a riot LMAO!

    And you are also very right in what you say, the Universe IS helping - big time - otherwise I would never have even had it in me to take the first step. Communicating with you, guys, does help a lot and, aside from offering me such great advice and encouragement, it IS a great exercise in writing. My heartfelt thanks to all of you!

    Now on the subject of mansions - as soon as I purchase one, you can have it (along with half a dozen young male servants, scantily clad and ready to fan you with palm leaves, handfeed you grapes and massage your feet with jasmine oil at your request) 😉

    However, I'm keeping the horse...just in case the right Mr. Right shows up someday before I'm ready for the nursing we can ride on it into the sunset haha!

    You can have the Ferrari parked in the driveway, though, if that's okay with you 🙂

    Nighty night

  • jus wanna encourage you on your writing..I know you can do it..I think gems are smart but if and when they put their mind to the task...the gem I know is like that he is capable...but if he wants to and can focus...otherwise let someone it...oh yeh did I mention I have a sis that is a gem..never really thought of it..but she acts just she don't get it??? I don't know...we used to get along really well and now we just kinda drifted apart...over her naughty naughty grandchild she is raising but she won't discipline him and she won't allow us to either so that has caused alot of trouble...right now we just ignore him..completely..he is one hell raiser though..

  • Dear Stars and Stars

    Well the coincidences are even stranger....I have a Music Teacher's Diploma (flute) and adore Beethoven (a Sag),Mozart (Aquarian) and (fancy that) I am a Sun Aquarius, Sag. Ascendant conjunct Chiron and a Taurean Moon. Also strange is that I know 2 real young people who fit your characters, except for their Moons...the male has a Libran Moon (throws a wobbly at the full

    Moon) and the female has a Capricorn Moon (she's a very successful solicitor, while he is a wheeler dealer ) They are with other people, but would make a really toxic couple, as they are both 'control freaks. Your characters have a 'softer' side with Water Moons, which is better for a love story...or .is it about 'obsession? This is really exciting! Love and hugs.

  • S&S

    can't wait for the mansion

    a bit of frown about the horse, but I suppose I can sell the ferrari for a pony

    or thousands, since that car runs on some 1000 horse power doesn't it?

    I should get a good deal for it!

    good luck!

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