Men of the zodiac

  • censors..or sensors...hahah hi s/s...are you ok? now...tip toeing everybody..happy hump day better get back to work again..

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    OH, S*HIT ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just spent two freaking hours typing your reading and THE WHOLE POST POUFFF! DISAPPEARED ON ME! WTF??????!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is not the first time it happened either. It's because I forgot LEOSCORPION'S advice and didn't type into notepad first as I was supposed to...lesson learned.

    (Note to self: listen to LEO!) Thankfully, I took notes so I'll have to redo the whole thing tomorrow sigh

    I am too tired and cranky to spend another two hours typing tonight.


    (sorry, couldn't help it, lol)

    Tomorrow is the new day...

    SV>>OH NO!! lol...that sucks!! it's ok. you do what you need to. I'll be patient. πŸ™‚ you're awesome for doing this for me. omg 2 hours??? WOW!! horrible! Fuckity fuck for sure!

  • totally resent that boring comment about Taurus men lol. I'm a cusp Aries/Taurus but I consider my self more Taurean. I can tell you I'm am totally studious most times because I'm a biochemistry major and I have to study alot, but I'm super outgoing and love to be around people. May e that's my Aries side. Hmm. Oh well. Unless you're a nuclear astrophysicist, I can keep a preety intelligent convo goin with you lol.

  • Well how are you all ladies and vipers

    having fun, I hope !!

    I am enjoying spring, of course.

    Busy with mundane stuffs and working on my plans for the future as usual

    2009 was a great year, and this year the trend continues

    if it keeps going great like this, I would be paying my debts off this year as planned

    now I'm going to get some funny pics out


    O.K., here goes.

    First, a few things about your Cancer – as much as I can tell you without his birth time. Bear in mind that some of this will be influenced (toned down or reinforced) by his Ascendant (which we can't know without birth time) depending on the manner that he approaches life, people, situations etc.

    There are two very different sides to this guy's personality which are exemplified by his Sun in Cancer and Moon in Gemini. While he possesses basic Cancerian traits of being emotional, a survivor and wishing to succeed in life while helping others in need along the way, there's a side to him that is highly intelligent, charming and seeking pleasures in life, preferably without the pain or too many strenuous responsibilities and involvements with what he regards to be a banal side of life.

    He is a contradictory fellow, a romantic at heart who nonetheless fears surrendering to emotions and the deep commitment they entail.

    He is frank, friendly, versatile and sensitive, but also hesitant, changeable and elusive to a great degree. While he desires material security and the safety of domestic life, the idea of being trapped and losing the fantasy to the mundane scares him as does the thought of being emotionally exposed and vulnerable or becoming dependent (or the other person becoming dependent on him).

    The problem here is that, on the deepest level, he loves fantasy and imagination so much that it becomes impossible for real life and people to measure up.( Oh, how I relate to this one, hahaha!)

    He is a type that loves to love and loves an ideal woman that exists solely in his head and is inevitably let down when fantasy does not correspond to reality (which it rarely does).

    The one who will hold his affections would have to be an intelligent, multi-faceted woman (both his Venus and Moon in Gemini indicate the type he's attracted to) who knows how to play out his fantasies, keep him mentally stimulated and never apply too much pressure of any kind. PHEW, if you feel up to the challenge – full steam ahead, lol!

    Clients with this type of chart, be it men or women, I usually advise them to hold off on the marriage until after their Saturn return (28-30 yrs of age); if they marry young, more likely than not it ends in divorce.

    They ARE capable of commitment, but they absolutely need to sort themselves out first which for complex personalities like his takes a bit longer than the society β€œprescribes”.

    One more thing, which I will say since I'm not keen on beating around the bush when I see something in a chart that I deem important to point out (even when it's far from being the greatest of news):

    Your Cancer has Pluto square Mars and to say that it's a tough one would be a gross understatement. To put it bluntly, whenever I see this particular aspect in a chart I know for certain that there was violence or/and se*xual abuse somewhere along the line (often in childhood or adolescence). I'm NOT saying you should try to discuss this with him, because these are the kind of skeletons that take a lifetime (if ever) to get out of one's closet. Just know that there is something dark and painful there that most likely has to do with your man's deepest issues and be there for him if and when he is ready to deal with it.

    Now onto you.

    Well, you are quite a complex character yourself, dear SCORPVIRGO πŸ™‚

    With Sun-Mercury-Saturn conjunct in Scorpio you are a strong representative of your sign and yet Sagittarius rising (there's a slight chance of your rising being Capricorn, only if you were born less than 10 minutes to 11 – please check your birth certificate to verify) and Moon in Libra will give you a decidedly more idealistic & sociable outlook.

    Outwardly you will project intelligence, honesty, courage and a certain flair for adventure, inwardly you are a secretive creature who keeps a lot buried inside. Sag rising would give you both mental and physical agility and you would need to keep your mind busy with interesting conversations & reads (interest in metaphysical and occult subjects and philosophical concepts is likely to develop) and your body busy with sports, dance, get the picture.

    Neptune on the ascendant and Jupiter in the Twelfth house would underline the need for privacy (even occasional withdrawal from the world), spiritual tendencies and capacity for deep sensitivity and compassion, especially for the underdog.

    You dislike hypocrisy and manipulation of any kind and may stand up against it in a very direct and verbally demonstrative way.

    Sun-Mercury.Saturn in the Tenth would give you strength of character and great ambition and certainly enough perseverance and focus, once you set your mind on accomplishing something. With Saturn, there will be delays and obstacles – life lessons will be thrown your way that will ultimately show you what your life mission is about and will teach you how to go about achieving it. (Remember this once you hit your Saturn return in about a year and a half- two years from now: you will be tested in this area.)

    Saturn is likely to have shown you the serious -even burdensome - side of life at an early age. Perhaps you were given heavy responsibilities or given glimpses of the not-so-pretty aspects of reality that challenged your dreams and ideals and forced you to make a sacrifice or two in favor of sheer survival.

    Saturn can also make you doubt your own abilities and paralyze you with fears of failure or ridicule.

    This is the worst side of the planet which could push a Scorpio Sun deep into the prison of its own mind. The key is to use the courage and passion of your Sag rising in these situations. Remind yourself that it is better to fail a 100 times and learn something from it than never try and live a life of regrets for what it could have been (I wish someone told ME this years ago!).

    Success in general will come, probably a little later than desired with Saturn here, but Saturn – on a bright note – will give you the resilience and the patience to push through any difficulty.

    While, as a Scorpio, you are very intense and determined, your Libra Moon will give you a dose of softness, will refine your emotions, giving you great desire to please your partner and place them on a pedestal a bit. It will tend to make you somewhat indecisive and dependent in one-on-one interactions, especially when it comes to love relationships.

    Yet, your Sag rising will crave a good amount of personal freedom while at the same time Libra Moon will feel that it is happiest in a close committed relationship. You see, maybe there is an underlying reason, after all, why you were so attracted to your contradictory Cancer, LOL πŸ˜‰

    Still, while he tries to live in a fantasy, you – deep down just as much of a romantic as he is – have learned that there's no such thing as free lunch; you saw those cruder, crueler aspects of life and love as well.

    There is an innocent childlike quality to you that secretly revels in dreams and believes in kindness, beauty and truth. But often you feel that you had to make hard compromises in order to survive and not be crushed by the harshness of the world. Perhaps you wonder if the inner child is still there or if you lost it?

    This is why you are subconsciously drawn to those (men in particular) in whom you see these qualities in abundance – you long for a man who is a stubborn romantic that refuses to give his ideals up, no matter what, and who will sweep you off your feet, get you out of your head and show you how to surrender without fear and without reserve.

    A few words on your synastry (relationship) aspects.

    First off, this may come as a surprise, but there are many lovely, easy flowing aspects between you two.

    There is genuine affection, instinctual understanding and strong physical attraction.

    You both need a certain degree of freedom and independence and, at the same time, have great potential of making each other feel good and having many adventures together.

    Sextile of Saturn to Mars would point out that not only love, but friendship would be an important part of this relationship and that you both would likely be loyal to one another.

    While Uranus opposite Venus is problematic and sometimes leads to electrifying but brief encounters (of a one-night-stand variety), this would be made unlikely by Saturn-Venus sextile that indicates a lasting & committed relationship.

    You both arouse feelings of warmth and enthusiasm in one another and he has the ability to stir in you the spirit of generosity and the need to be and give your best to this relationship.

    You have the potential to expand each other's horizons and while you would have a way of reaffirming his faith in life, he could eventually strengthen your sense of self-worth.

    Of course, for this wonderful potential to come to fruition – he would first have to work out his commitment issues and you would have to overcome your fears of opening up.

    And have patience, a lot's of it. Remember – no marriage for him until he's 30.

    I wish you both the best of luck.

    I hope that I was coherent enough and that you got some insight out of this.

    Now, I believe I'm coming down with Carpal tunnel syndrome and NOT as a result of too much self-pleasuring HAHAHAHA!

    I'll send you the doctor's bill, SCORPVIRGO...dang πŸ˜‰

  • SS

    LOL I learned it the hard way myself. I was using IE 6 at the time, and when I used Mozilla, I never had that problem. But now I am using both. I don't think it's the pc, it's just some s hitty browsing experience, or bad connection. maybe hackers too, well hopefully not.

    Regardless, I like being safe than sorry. So always save before posting.

    If you use old pc, Notepad is usually faster to open than Word. Plus you are just saving it, not editing it or anything anyway. So it's not necessary to use Word all the time.

    about your squirrel, don't remember talking about them, but I've been preoccupied lately I might have forgotten

    but then again, another coincidence or synchronicity as you and HP said it,

    I do HAVE a pic of squirrel I was going to post but haven't found a good theme for it yet

    guess what, I have this pic for months now LOL

    anyway, now that you mentioned the poor little squirrel, I will show you mine

    YEP, cute little things they are !

  • forgot to say, got it from email

    and the pic too big πŸ™‚

  • SS

    about your book, I'm glad you received the good news

    I had a short story published in 2002, wasn't proud of it, but it was a learning curve.

    I'm sure you will find a publisher, your work in many ways is better than mine LOL

    not surprised your friend likes it

    It's not my favorite, but a popular genre, there must be a market out there for it

    Now in attempt to popularize our Temple, I have decided to use the Internet

    it's popular already, in the animal kingdom and among religious people

    that's how the bombing started LOL

    but I'd like to reach out to the aliens out there in the universe

    not just the green ones, but the transparent and all kinds of colors

    so now I am going to start with 404 page,

    what do you say represent human nature best ?

  • and what about these ones ?


    I will try to be short (er), since my wrist is twisted into a pretzel and I need to conseve what's left of it for when/ if the need for self-pleasuring arises LMAO X-D ... You know how LEO & I don't like "artificials" - the one d*ildo I got as a Christmas present from my late grandmother serves as a stabilizing tool under my tilting coffee table, hahaha, just being off the wall, of course πŸ˜‰

    Hey, you know what they say: 'no one can do me like I can do me'! Jeez...ahem...maybe a shot of Vodka is in order to calm me down a bit...consider this my" April Fool tale" LOL


    Well, I had my cave-time for three days now, didn't even leave the apartment so it is possible that I'm developing Cabin fever, too (on top of Carpal tunnel, yikes!).

    I'm in a good mood because - UPDATE ON SQUIRREL - the baby girl is recovering πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    They picked her up today and took her to an animal sanctuary upstate. The woman said she was probably knocked out by the cold and rain (we had a nasty rainstorm) and it is possible that she fell out of the nest because maybe momma squirrel got hit by a car and never came back? I hope not 😞

    In any case, she told us that the little one is moving around and eating and it was fortunate that husband found her, because she is so small that she would have died in the rain or some cat could have gotten to her. He is a good man, the Crab husband. I told him that when he dies a lot's of little animals will be gratefully waiting for him over the Rainbow Bridge πŸ™‚


    I have read through your emails, ladies and I promise I'll reply to all three of you tomorrow night, after I come back from the tax place. That's right - I'm only filing my taxes tomorrow, LOL.

    Procrastination - Sandra is thy name.


    Glad you liked Tuomas' music - hey, the link is still there, what do you know? So I did get the Admin into Scandinavians haha.

    Tuomas is AWESOME πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    How's the viper situation? Any new species, young or old, lol?


    You're being awfully quiet. Hhhm...could it be??? LOL - expecting to see that Godzilla pic here any day now πŸ˜‰


    Welcome and I'm 100% with you.

    The best lover I've ever had was a Taurus guy (and he was only 22-23 at the time, so I can imagine the big smile his present wife/ girlfriend must be flashing around nowadays hahaha). He was also very bright and a good conversationalist and so romantic.

    We are all guilty of generalizations so don't let that bother you too much. There, I countered the post you disliked with a positive one πŸ™‚


    LMAO@ "South Park" & 404 error thing πŸ™‚

    I am addicted to "South Park" though the little b*astards are totally out of line hahaha.

    Yes, you recently posted a pic of a bunch of cats on a balcony peering at a squirrel.

    Can't blame you for being exhausted, I'm in the same boat.

    You should ALWAYS be proud of your work being published and you don't know that mine is "better" - if yours was no good I doubt it would have been published πŸ™‚

    I am hoping that my story is really NOT a typical representative of the said genre. To be honest with you, it irritaes me that there is a whole sh*itload of it floating around, starting to make people nauseous. The idea came to me over 13 years ago when only one person was majorly famous in the genre, but hey - it's no one's fault it took me this long, right?

    At some point I was so annoyed with the "explosion" that I wanted to change the main premises in my story, but since the story came to me as it is and I didn't really put any concious

    effort into devising it, whichever alternative I thought about felt totally unnanural.

    So I decided to stick with the original line and let's see where it takes me.

    I'm actually being a bit sneaky here: the framework of it may be a popular kind, but what it's really about is something completely I'm kind of trying to coat a bitter pill in sugar glazing...slip a coockoo's egg into the nest, so to speak...hee-hee πŸ™‚

    Hope it works πŸ™‚

    You posted some great funnies, so let me throw a couple of hot guys into the mix πŸ™‚


  • WORTHY will be happy - only the dark ones tonight πŸ™‚

    Both of Italian ancestry.

    Actually, LEO, you might like this one - he kind of has that shy, serious Cap look (and he looks good in a suit) πŸ™‚


  • And a bad boy (at least he looks like one) - NICK ZANETTI.

    S*exy eyes.

  • one more before I go to sleep

    happy April fool's day

    and hope the pics make you smile πŸ™‚

    will read more tomorrow

  • happy april fool's day...hahaha...I am kinda pissed/peeved cuz bossy was talking behind my back to my gem coworker of course gem told me right it to a gem huh??? s/s yeh the gem guy used to be like that too..but would be charming to her too..hahaha....too funny...umm saw the aries passin today..didn't expect to see him but yeh it was good to see him anyways...nothing from gem yet??? hahaha..jus waiting on a fren huh?? not really but yup...the sexy hawt...congrats on your work s/s...working on mine sposed to meet with my commitee on monday..yikes I hope its good news...

    just for that I am going to do a very damned good job..and throw in bossy's face...she thinks the paper work I submitted was always been done that way and the thing is she signed off on it...the reason why I was draggin on this stuff was cuz I can't stand her that b/c she can't control anything else in life so she thinks she can control people???

  • Hey those pictures are FAB..By the way S&S I love South Park, they are to funny. What do you mean your best lover was a Taurus. Come on S&S you know Gemini's are the best lover around, Come On..... S&S what are you talking about?

  • OMG SS thank you SOO much! you are amazing! lol about the dr. bills. I'm so sorry you had to type so much, but wow this was unbelievably helpful!

    just a few things I wanted to comment on...

    1. he said he had s*ex when he was 10....I didn't delve into it...and he said it was a long story and didn't comment further...

    2. we are very physically attracted to eachother...

    3. you explained me almost to a "T", lol.

    4. he can really shut down and turn me away. always asking me what I wanted from him and that he didn't want a relationship. he has hurt me quite a lot and yet I still have strong feelings for him.

    5. you said he's very contradictory wouldn't be ready for any kind of commitment until he's 30...I can see that. he's not going to be ready anytime soon...

    I just went over all of our old text messages and got kind of sad...I don't know if we'll work out...he can be really hurtful at times...and then at other times he sounds like he genuinely cares....I guess I'll just have to wait and see...he's still not talking to me so there isn't much that I can do. I'm sure there's another girl in his life and he really doesn't want to deal with me...I don't even know if he's the one that I want anymore...maybe I'm just down because I went over all our text...

    anyway, thanks for your help. you are absolutely wonderful and I totally owe you one, altough I'm not sure what I can give you. I don't have any gifts like you do. πŸ™‚

  • S&S,

    hahaha, im still here, could it be? nope still virginal lol for the time being i mean, yesterday i was in a goofy mood and we were texting and she said she was watching spider man and how she wanted a super hero boyfriend, and i asked " and you dont have one? :)" and she said "lol no i dont, the boyfriend i have is more like a knight in shining armor πŸ™‚ hahaha" and i said " but i have powers too!!" and she asked like what? and (i was being cute and said) "i have the powers to make you smile, laugh, be happy and feel Beautiful :)" and she said that i do all those except the last one, and i said " a ha!! i knew it!! hmm your one tough cookie to crack you know? hmm that one will take some time but im confident i will succeed!!" (by the way the superhero thing got me to use my imagination and i was in full superhero character mode, thats why i talked like that LMAO) and she was even playing along with it the whole time! LOL like i thought she would haha. and then i forgot what was said and i turned into a dirty superhero haha but i kept saying that i had to protect people because lives were at stake and i didnt have time to be messing with her, OMG it was funny as -h-e-ll i was cracking up so bad,

    and then 10 mins later i get a text from her saying "hmmm" i asked what? and she said " that she is in the mood, i asked what kinda of mood? she said "the ahem kind of mood lol" you should know what ahem means right S&S? lol i was like really?? i was talking like a nerd just now having fun! and that put you in the mood" she says "yep come here my little nerd lol" i said " your parents are home and awake!" she says "lol afraid to take a risk?" i said " hmmm.........dammit" and she just laughed lol then i said " damn i need to go to the store then and buy some things lol" she just laughed again, and i went over there like 30 min later cause my sister brought home some things for her step dad, (my sister and her step been friends for like 16 years) i go hang out and later we watching a movie in her room and she thinks i bought "some things" lol when i didnt have time too, and then i tell her that i didnt, and at first she kinda like wtf lol i thought you went to buy some, BUT oh did i pay the price for not buying "things" i was already ahem at this time but she made it worse with her hand on the outside of my pants, when her parents are awake watching t.v!! she tortured me pretty much, but i wasnt complaining.........that much lol i was like "if you dont stop your gonna be in trouble cause im like this close to turning you on and you know that i can!" and she just kept doing it even more!!!! UGH!!! and shes just looking at me smiling and she says "regret not buying any yet?" im like " weelllllll yeah!!" lol but i kept control of myself lol ive always been very good at that. funny thing she said also is that she has good control of herself also but not around me she said, i was like " oh really?? cause i turn you on alot?" and she says" he-l-l yeah you do" and she had a facial expression kinda like " DUH of course" haha

    i left about 11:00, funny night lol, AND what is this godzilla pic that you want?? do tell haha

  • Hello to all the Cats (& our still virginal Tom) πŸ˜‰


    Your bossy boss sounds like a royal pain in the ass. The reason people go into control-freak mode is because they feel insecure about the amount of control they have over themselves/ their lives. That's where they try to control everything and everyone around. Maybe someone needs to clunk her in the head with a remote control, LOL. Or buy her a remote-control operated dildo (haha, what's with me and d*ildos??) so she can lock herself in the office and have fun with that instead of busting employee's cojo^nes πŸ˜‰

    "Leave it to a Gem?"

    Oh, come now - not all of us are gossip-y and two-faced, LOL. There are "lower" and "higher" types in every sign...for myself- gossip, manipulation, head-games - I have neither the talent nor the patience for that shit, get it the fuck away from me before I point a shotgun at someone's a^ss, hahaha (and, as you can tell - I'm kinda half-way between "lower" & "higher") LOL

    Seen Aries viper, very good...get the prongued stick and nail him down πŸ˜‰

    Good luck with your paper.


    OR should we re-christen you "ScorpLibra" or "ScorpSag"? (Oh, wait, ScorpSag is someone else) πŸ™‚

    I am glad that you gained some understanding from the reading, that's the whole purpose of astrology. Your Cancer's comment about having had s*ex when he was 10 gave me goosebumps...all I will say that I myself was molested when I was a child and, maybe because of it, I often encounter people with indications of similar stuff in their charts. It takes a long time to heal from these kind of wounds.

    Astrologically speaking, you two have a real nice compatibility.

    But potential is just that - potential and it's sad when it's wasted. I'm not saying that this is what will happen with you, sometimes people are right for each other but the timing is all wrong. I can't tell you how long your Cancer may take to realize this or what to do. Live your life and if it's meant to be it will be at the exact time when it is supposed to. I am a stubborn believer in Fate and quite a fatalist.

    You don't owe me anything, it's enough to know that the reading helped and that you're appreciative. Oh, wait - you do owe me for that DR's bill πŸ˜‰

    And I'm not buying that "I don't have any gifts" comment coming from someone with Neptune on the ascendant - you have more than one, whether you already know about them or not πŸ™‚


    You have been skipping my posts to you, haven't you? wags a finger at him

    Well, no wonder your brain is faltering with all that blood flowing away from it and down south hahaha πŸ™‚

    I said: post a pic of Godzilla on its back once the fat lady has sung (lol) and we'll understand πŸ˜‰

    God almighty - how you can stay in control of yourself next to that Sag firecracker and how you didn't run to the drugstore barefoot with your pants around your ankles is completely beyond me!

    Well, I guess we'll be hearing from you soon πŸ˜‰


    Yeah, "South Park" rocks. I think I am Stan (kind of, though I do have my Butters days, haha)...which character are you?

    Sorry. I don't do my own kind and I am happy in the knowledge that the rest of the womankind enjoys Gemini men πŸ™‚

    Taurus boy was" the shit" and I stick to my story, LOL. That song "I drove all night", he did that once. He was Italian from Bologna (city in Italy, not the cold cuts, lol) and he drove overnight for eight hours straight (not speaking Croatian and practically not knowing where the hell he was going). Once he arrived, he sent a flower delivery to my door and then phoned me asking to meet him in 15 minutes. I thought he was joking and when I arrived to the hotel room, he sure was there, I almost fainted. He hopped into the shower (without even taking a nap) and the next thing he hopped on was me hahaha. He was GOOD, dang! I remember everything about him even after 20 years πŸ™‚ He used to tell me (in Italian, which was even more of a turn-on, lol) how much he loved my body and that he was going to kiss every inch of it...which he did until my impatient Venus in Aries would go nuts and threaten to kill him if he didn't cut through all the "appetizers" and get to the main course hahaha!

    Wouldn't you have fond Taurus memories, too? πŸ˜‰


    Still laughing at the "South Park" thing LOL.

    I hope you're getting some much deserved rest and that you're enjoying the spring weather.

    It's supposed to get really nice this weekend, up to 70* F. I know you love warm weather, you'll be a happy little camper πŸ™‚

    Some funnies...

    No. 1 - yep, that's what happens when you stay in L.A. for more than a couple of days...

    No. 2 - speaking of Tauruses, pardon me - bulls...LMAO πŸ™‚

  • hi there ladies and vipers

    hope you all enjoying start of spring and hopefully nobody's playing cruel april fool joke on you

    the fun jokes, of course, we all get those now and then

    today the weather is very nice, I had a good time outside

    although it was mostly sorting out junks in the back yard and the shed

    I know I said this before, but that's what happens when you marry a hoarder

    hubby keeps coming up with things, not using them and then buy new ones

    so it IS continuous work, sorting out his stuffs (none of those are mine, believe it or not)

    only because I can't stand clutters and I have dust allergy, the less clutter the better !

    but there is a bright side to this boring mundane activity

    today he actually helped YAYYY

    and so the backyard is in better 'shape', we will be ready to work on the garden soon

    now enough talking about myself and my life

    let's go back to those pages I couldn't find online

    I'm glad somehow those 404 pages made some of you smile

    ironic , I know, that those are the pages we were not looking for

    if we were to find the actual pages we were looking for, we might not be smiling ...

    oh well, I got more for you all - from the same website as the others

    SS -- about the sword

    well this ninja apparently knows what to do

    and speaking of metal, the Ripper of course has the best of its kind

    no wonder some pages are lost in cyber space...

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