Men of the zodiac

  • Oh, man, FLO-

    great (perverted) minds think alike lol!

    That boot*y will eliminate the need for melatonin, sweet dreams will come on their own, yes Ma'm! 😉

  • Hahahaha...believe me I found worse but couldn't risk posting and getting my behind banned!! There was one looking at his viper but you couldn't see it yet I found it way too much of a risk.

    Yeah great (perverted) minds do think alike. LOL Whished sometimes it could stop doing overtime...LOL.

    Will be back later to respond errands to run.

  • i am a scorpio woman married to a scorpio man...we have been married for 25 years and together for 30.

    Cheating is not about the other person but how good your relationship is.

    at least that is what i have observed.

    all the signs have :their stuff".

  • Dlorlivecomscorpio -- welcome to the thread. I agree totally.

  • Hi Im Vectra just wanted to say Im an Aquarius and my late husband was an aquarian and we were very well matched in alot of things.

    BUT gemini men now there's a problem, there lovely guys very friendly flirty good sense of humour BUT moody lives for the moment hates being confined within a relationship likes freedom finds it hard to commit long term if marriage is something that is very important to you these are not the type to go for .Libra men are good guys work hard play hard can fall in love very easily nd commit very quickly these guys like to feel settled and secure with their chosen partner for life,there emotional luvvy-bugs who like lots of attention are very romantic and attention to detail is brill VERY- ROMANTIC

  • good morning...hmmm..well gem just called..he's gonna stop by..shall I attack him then..hahaha....I dreamed of him last nite and it was a very naughty dream...but I woke up with a smile..hahaha so thats how good the dream't know if I should tell him the dream though..hmmm...lately I have been dreaming of him...soooo...don't know what that really means..hahaha...yep jus bidding my time on the which one..then I got all kinds of stuff I gotta dooo...sooo yup...keeps me busy..yeh l/s I know..gotta stay balanced but I need my eye candy fix...and my wanderlust..fix..hahaha...yep I worked on my paper again...soo many things I wanna do..yep hoping to get the job..well I'll apply and then go from there...surprised to hear from looking for long term w/gem..nah prob not...he's got his ways..I mean if it does it would surely surprise the heck outta me...but just something to keep me occupied right now...although it is not out of the question either..

  • Dear Temple of doom cat pack and ancient Egyptian gods

    SS , I know you told me not to bother, but I have nearly finished my ' Learn Croatian in One Day except it's taken me two days, I wanted to thank Dennis for everything he is going to do for me in his own language and thought he might like to read the contract first. I have bought a giant pack of edible man- thongs in assorted flavours ,, obviously banana flavour is my favourite and bananas , of course, also make great smoothies.

    Him-Indoors-Not-Away-That-Often-Anymore, thought the man- thongs were for him and his little eyes lit up for a moment and were filled with hope; I felt so cruel ; I didn't bother to tell him they are for my captives in the basement . ..................................I wish they would stop wailing so!

    Got to and administer some discipline. Don't wait up for me!! I could be gone for some some time.

    SS Could you Fedex me some more lemon- sage Balm. I think I'll be needing it.

  • Vectra,

    well i got a supirse for you lol im a Sag male,and my moon sign is virgo and my rising sign is Gemini, which i have characteristics of all those signs, and my only air sign is Gemini in my whole chart,and also got two scorpios in my chart as well( S&S, sag and scorpio? hmmm LOL) alot of ladies on here would say that sags, and Libras are cheaters, the Libra you talk soo highly about alot of women might beg to differ on this website lol but funny thing is, (the libra guy you described) is the kind of guy i am, so you cant completely base everything just off of the signs, i actually think the libra girl that im interested in is shocked by how much i notice all the details and little things, her eye squints when she smiles, that me and her ex actually have the same birthday of Dec 11th, (i think she didnt even know that one lol) im probably the only guy that has ever been able to understand her and notices all the little hidden things that she trys to pull on me, and then calls her out on it too lol but oh well, and about marriage? im only 22 so theres no rush for that but yeah i could be commited no problem i sure of it, but thats why im so picky on who i could see myself with cause i would have to be able to trust them completely, cause i think i would be cheated on before i would cheat, but then again it depends on how the Relationship is, i could name all the good points i have but there would be too many, so i actually dont think a girl would ever cheat on me cause who wouldnt want to be treated like every woman dreams of? OK i gotta stop, thinking too highly of myself again haha

  • SS

    I like Dead Can Dance, my favorites are still Dan Gibson and Enya

    but the ones you provide they are nice 🙂 Thanks !

    so are they really gothic? I mean they don't sound like some Gothic music I heard before?

    Wow that can't be coincidence, the links I gave you and your characters?

    I thought it was just a romance book LOL what's the tree of life is doing there LOL

    and of course, how could you miss The Fountain?? It is perfect!

    the acts, the story line, the soundtracks

    director Darren Aronofsky is an Aqua

    composer Clint Mansell is a Cap

    they're both good friends - no wonder, awesome collaboration 🙂

    yes I've watched The Mummy 1,2, 3

    I like that Nightwish music

    Why would Tuomas say that LOL hubby sometimes snaps without reason too

    and if I remind him, he will deny it LOL

    I don't like Mummy 3 as much, but I do like Jet Li and the Asian actress, she was Bond girl

    How do you like Ed Shearmur's links?

    I love that movie too, Count of Monte Cristo

    By the way, talk about synchronicity

    Sapphire's paper was about egyptian gods I think she said 🙂

    and I didn't know this either LOL I thought it was some kind of paper to get promotion at work etc

    I'll give you another one :

    remember you and hi priestess mention you are anemic?

    well guess what, I am too 🙂

    maybe it's quite normal, just that I'm anemic all my life

    when I was a child it was worse, now it's not troubling me much but not free of it

    About the skeleton, no worries I'm not accusing your adopted son

    My agent just contacted me and apologized for her disappearance

    I was going to lash out, but then she gave me her shoes as offerings

    and so I forgave her

    She is back on duty now, without her shoes

    I warned her that the way to Chevelle is through his guards

    as I am generous, I offered to help if she can't handle them all

    after all, the pool at the mansion can fit a lot...

    So here is my agent, in case you find her sneaking into the security HQ

    don't pull her away OK?

  • Vectra>>Hi Im Vectra just wanted to say Im an Aquarius and my late husband was an aquarian

    Sandran712>>My brother is Aquarius married to an Aquarius.Strongest marriage I've seen so far.

  • lol..l/s...I said I should change my topic to temple of doom and yeh egyption gods..but not seriously....

    hi everybody..oops so you found your agent..huh??? thats weird cuz I am anemic too..sposed to take calcium n iron pills but ughhh I hate taking pills..I avoid em of course probably pay for that later..

    yeh my paper may raise my pay a little if and when i finish it...but not its not for work..specifically..anyways its way boring then this I check in now n then cuz that boring...boring...hey s/s gem man came by today...didn't make my dream come true time..hahaha..too it was sweet being w/him..anyways..I think I saw the other side of him once again..weird..have to keep reminding myself...that there's a dual person there..hahaha..

  • Sapphire

    about power animal, you might already see them

    sometimes they come in dreams, or if you can feel presence, you will hear their voice

    let's say it's a snake, it will hiss and yet you don't have a snake in the house

    not all dreams about animals show you your power animals

    your subconscious can use animals to describe something else

    I see the cobra during meditation

    she is beautiful. her skin glitters with diamond and gold dust.

    I touch her skin, it's velvet smooth. she is standing 5 ft tall which means she is about 10 ft long or more. King Cobra is 18 ft long, maybe a queen ?

    I don't care LOL she is the most beautiful snake I've ever seen

    The cat, I hear him miaw and see him now and then

    he is big, standing as tall as a panther, black like midnight sky

    when he talks he sounds like a man, so he must be an adult cat

    sometimes he appears with a bear, a brown bear

    but this bear never stays long enough, always on the move

    You will know your power animals one day

    if you are curious though, I can give you a link of someone who can find it out for you


    I like wolves 🙂 this is wolf's qualities

    Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage

    Death and rebirth

    Spirit teaching

    Guidance in dreams and meditations

    Instinct linked with intelligence

    Social and familial values

    Outwitting enemies

    Ability to pass unseen


    Skill in protection of self and family

    Taking advantage of change

    Anything familiar?

    Thanks for Goran's pic ! I've seen him in many movies. He is as cute as Eric Bana

    and many thanks for Americo, it turned out he is Aries, March 21 cusp Pisces


    No worries about Denis Nikolic. I sent him your way.

    didn't get to do much with him but he was nice and cooperative :):)

    I'm good with Americo

    as I found out he is a delicious Ram

    I'm posting more pics of his by Marco Marezza and Giovan Batista

    his full name is Americo Cacciapuoti -- hell I typed that right !!

    yeah he looks narcissistic, but with that look, who can blame him?

  • sapphire

    yeah LOL I remember now, you said your references is from Nile area

    good luck with your Gem

    you know what, you can steal a kiss 🙂

    whoever you want to kiss, of course 🙂

  • of course I can..lets jus say that for right now..I thoroughly am enjoyin the gems kisses..and he did look quite handsome today..even though he was dressed very casually..too casually..but he was lookin have references from that area n then over to europe etc all over the place...hoping to make sense out of it my mind was erratic...unfocused etc etc..just when I get my priorities straight..along comes gem..hahaha...n messes it all

    about the power animals..I did dream of two giant rattlesnakes once..but I think it was a warning..somewhere there is this belief that if you dream of snakes you have enemies? well my friend was in it so I told her and a week or so later she almost got bitten by a rattle snake power animal..right now would probably be a bald eagle..spotted eagle n a red tail hawk..they seem to come and tell me or warn me of things...saw the red tail hawk that one day I spend some time w/the gem guy so maybe it was a good sign there I don't know..I was kinda leery about it..but hmmm...this is weird s/s remember his little dog well guess what I stopped by his house and that little dog was just barking n barking at me..he just laughed of course..hahaha..I don't know why or maybe be cause of the fur on the hood of my jacket I was tempted to scare it but didn't...hahaha..then he was talkin about his other dogs

  • sapphire

    yep that's why I said dream about animals doesn't necessarily show your power animals

    in her case, if the snake bites her, it means someone is planning something not good or maybe they did it already

    if the snake just slithers, this means whoever this person is, he lives close or related or acquainted in a way

    in some cultures snakes represents dishonest / manipulative person

    if that's true then we would be dreaming a lot of snakes all the time LOL

    there are not many honest people left anyway

    sometimes dream about snakes is about our own fear

    if we fear snakes, then subconscious will use snakes to represent someone or a situation we fear about

    fear is negativity, don't fear anything or anyone, it will drain you

    if you fear of not passing an exam, then channel this fear into studying as hard as you can

    if you fear of an animal, then avoid this animal, or if you can not, be prepared for the worst

    that's why it's important to always keep up protection

    your power animal is eagle and hawk? here is hawk quality :


    Being observant


    Messages from spirit


    Recalling past lives




    Seeing the larger picture




    Wise use of opportunities

    Overcoming problems

    here is eagle qualities


    Understands the cycles of the Sun

    All aspects of clear vision

    The Solar Bird

    Spiritual power

    Sees from the highest places



    anything familiar? if they come to you, this means you need their strength

    depending on the period of your life when they come to you

    I dreamed of a snake watching me, when I was new at work. I was of course, watched, being new and all. I dreamed of a snake bite me, when I was stabbed in the back. someone I trusted for business deal, was manipulating me. so those dreams about snakes, were about situations I encountered.

    There was a time in my life I was stubborn and not admitting to mistakes. I dreamt of snakes a lot at this period. I just found out snakes qualities include wisdom and flexibility, two things I desperately needed at the time. To understand a dream, is to understand the person who dreams it: work/family situation, health, psyche ability, hopes and fears among many.

  • I am pretty sure..of the eagle and the red tail hawk..was in relation to my spirituality as well as the golden eagle..sorta like protectors???

    the dream I had about the snakes and my friend the women in the dream was the married man's wife that I mention now and then or anyways she never liked me but I didn't know I stay away from her? when I was reaching into the back of the van two more snakes almost bit me..the other two were in the grass and I almost stepped on them..and yes some one had sent the snakes to bite her but because she listened to the dream I had and was alert it didn't bite her...yeh those sound right...they do bring good news or when am feeling down then they come by...I normally never dream of snakes...I think cobra's are exquisite though..but I wouldn't see one in real watch I'll probably dream of one tonite..hahaha..well cats n toms I am mentally exhausted ...I need some keep the temple of doom in in chaos which ever one you prefer..hahaha..

  • Dear cats,

    today was a messy day and I didn't have much time to check on our Temple.

    I had to dig up my files from the old computer and transfer them into this one...with me being so "computer savvy", it took forever...

    Then I had a near-screaming argument with my husband, which left me completely drained. He was screaming, for the most part, and I pretty much strived to keep my temper in check. Sometimes suppressing anger can drain a person as much (or more so) as succumbing to it.

    Cancers...yes, they are soft-hearted, but their constant moods can really suck the life out of you after a while. I'm saying this as someone who has moods of her own and is probably more accepting of temperamental outbursts as a result. Still, I need a double dose of iron right now, lol.

    Funny we're a bunch of anemics...I personally take liquid iron for a few months and then give it a rest for a few months (iron accumulates in the body). I like "Floravita" - it's in liquid form and delicious and doesn't cause those unpleasant "bathroom side effects" like pills do.

    You can probably get it at your local organic food store - just don't forget to refrigerate after opening.

    New folks on the thread - welcome 🙂


    Here you go! chucks lemon-shea butter balm in a 30 oz. jar your way

    Happy to hear things are progressing so nicely with my homeboy Denis - now that LEO has stepped away, you only have FLOWSCO to wrestle with for supremacy 🙂

    I'm also throwing in the extra pack of edible man-thongs in Denis' size (extra-large, of course - that's why I fled my native land hahaha). I'm sure you'll know what to do with them.

    God save the Queen!

    On a serious note, I would like to email you that chapter of mine (probably tomorrow night or Sunday), but I'd like to confirm with you that it is, indeed, o.k. to impose upon your time in this manner. Just let me know 🙂


    "There was one looking at his viper" - Oh, I would have so loved to see that one hahaha...I know what you're saying, I also stumble upon very "striking" viper images in my search for Temple bananas, but yeah - I have to talk myself very hard out of it, or the gods of would strike my arse dead lol.

    Dirty minds, indeed, do work overtime and for no compensation. That's what happens when you love your work 😉


    "i actually dont think a girl would ever cheat on me cause who wouldnt want to be treated like every woman dreams of?"

    I think you should have this printed on a t-shirt 🙂

    Famous Sagittarian confidence, lol! I see you got a boost from the night at the dungeon with our secret agent 😉


    A wet dream of the Gem man? Sounds very nice 😉

    I still root for him, not only because he's of my sign, but because it sounds like out of all these pleasant male distractions around you - even in his scattered Gem way- he seems to have the most genuine interest in you. Of course, if you are not exactly sure what you want out of it / him(and you've been saying it in many ways, lol), maybe you should keep it at wet dreams and flirting. Contrary to the popular belief, a Gemini heart can be broken, too. Badly. Take my word for it.

    My funny anecdote I mentioned yesterday - I'll tell you about it tomorrow when I'm more rested.

    Some random dude kind of "hit" on me at the library (of all places!) and I couldn't stop laughing, because I thought of you and how you juggle all these males...still chuckling lol.


    I'm glad that you got your shoes back phew, that was close! I was beginning to fear for my life and Hoighpriestess' after the shennanigans pulled by our adventurous Sag nephew/ god-child...Do you see now why I told you NOT to give away the fly-swatter? Though, the way things are going and with him being 6'5" and all - we might want to start looking for something bigger to discipline him with 🙂

    "Dead can dance " are not gothic, but - because they don't shy away from darker emotions expressed through their songs- some of it fits into gothic sensibility, I suppose. Glad you like them. I'm guessing you would mostly like their channeled stuff sang by their female vocalist Lisa Gerrard.

    I do like the other music you posted the links for (Monte Cristo is a very good adaptation and I like the movie because young Henry Cavill - the English Taurean actor- appears in it as the teenage son and because I find Jim Caviezel stunningly handsome (a Libra - I forgive him haha).

    Clint Mansell blew my mind, though - his music is loaded with emotinal intensity - downright cathartic!

    I'm bidding on "The Fountain" on eBay as we speak.

    Tuomas is a freakin' Cap perfectionist, as I said. He writes amazing music (and lyrics and he's not an English native speaker either). Do you know that on their last album he wrote entire orchestral scores (performed by 2 or 3 different orchestras and several choirs) on top of all the "regular" band music? One of these days I'll post a link to one of his more orchestral works.

    The last album features their new singer, whom I don't have much preference for, but the music itself is awesome. Those Caps - workaholics and never 100% satisfied with the result, right? 😉

    "I thought it was just a romance book LOL what's the tree of life is doing there LOL"

    There is a snake in the book, too LOL LOL (I see you've been discussing snakes with SAPPHIRE) - all the synchronicities are now getting ridiculous!

    A love story is more than just a love story - there are two characters involved that have personal history, likes and dislikes, interests, demons etc.

    Let's just say the Tree of life is part of T. (no, it's not growing out of his a*ss, lol) When I email HP I'll get your email from her (with your permission, of course) and I'll email you the explanation for this 🙂

    T. is a Sag rising, so he's a well-read guy, interested in metaphysics and the whole spiel.

    Of course he needs to be able to carry some engaging conversations with A. - his good looks alone would not get him very far with a Scorpio woman who is also a Gemini rising.

    So, yeah - he's handsome, he's smart and he has a big viper - every woman's dream, as CHEV would say hahaha.

    Americo is an Aries, huh? Should have known - didn't I say those "villain" eyebrows were an Aries/Scorpio trademark?

    Have him and enjoy him, I'll stick with my Scorp-Sag-Bull trio 😉


    Good to know you're into dreams. Just before my meltdown of a few weeks ago I had a really weird one and am interested to see what your opinion would be. Will tell you about it tomorrow (or Sunday - I'm having some friends over tomorrow night).

    Good night, kitties. I'll go look for a banana pic or two for you 🙂

  • By the way, LEO- thanks for the wolf meaning. Death and rebirth certainly sound familiar...would like to learn to take advantage of change.

    Here's my beautiful animal guardian 🙂

    And, speaking of Jim Caviezel - here's his beautiful Libra mug...

  • And for those who love crab cakes - LEO had him a few pages back. I think he's worth the encore 🙂

    David Gandy, model, Crab.

  • Sapphire

    enjoy a restful weekend

    send this song to your Gem

    "don't break my heart, my achy breaky heart.."

    hahaha don't remember what song and singer though 😞

    yeah I think you got the meaning of the dreams right

    you know your friend and your situation better than I do


    my type of romance story, is more like The Fountain

    romance, but with deep spiritual involvement, devotion and intensity

    if it's only physical, I might as well go lust or raw passion

    not much into flowers and flowery language

    don't mind it now and then, but not rooting for it

    so I'm glad to know, your novel has more than just that

    in my younger days I loved Cinderella type of romance

    but now if it's only physical attraction I might as well go with lust

    I like DCD music without lyrics too, not bad

    yeah Clint Mansell is definitely something, hubby was surprised he is a Cap

    I know, perfectionist never feels satisfaction 🙂

    BTW you can have first bite on anything but Rams and Caps vipers

    don't worry you won't be partially disabled

    you might be exhausted though 🙂 mind and body

    it's too bad, your arguments with hubby

    I can understand you feel drained, negativity can do that easily and he sent it to you

    when I was younger, I used to send negativity back

    if they hurt me, I will hurt them back

    but now, knowing what I know, I only keep up protection and cleansing

    it's easy. just visualize a white/blue light around you at all times

    it will return all negativity back to sender

    about cleansing, you know more about gems than I do 🙂

    controlling emotion has nothing to do with supressing emotions

    it can mean that way but not necessarily the only way

    you can tell him your piece, or say anything to end the fight

    then you can channel your emotions to something more beneficial

    whenever I am restless or stressed out

    I spend more time thinking and planning for my future and my home shop

    I will do research for my spiritual path and for the shop

    it's not easy to 'channel' a restless energy, but you can, by practice

    I didn't grow up in peaceful environment either

    but when I was younger I like reading pretty much anything

    so that was how I passed my time

    I hope this helps Cupcake !

    enjoy your weekend with friends and hope your pc stops messing with you 🙂

    I'll probably won't be much on here in the weekend either

    but will connect through email 🙂

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